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  1. Possibly https://calypsoinstruments.com/ https://www.yachtingworld.com/yachts-and-gear/gear-calypso-portable-ultrasonic-wind-sensor-134146 can be connected to NEMA 2000 network No personal experience but intrigued
  2. Software updates seems to be limited to 5 years, I have been quite happy with my Zeus2, some of the SW updates have been great, e.g. inclusion of Autopilot control, which came after a few years, but the latest Zeus updates do not include Zeus2 which is 2016 vintage.
  3. Hi I use a "cig" adapter like https://www.netonnet.se/art/hem-hushall/elartiklar/spanningsomvandlare/nedis-power-socket-car-adapter/1006593.13730/?gclid=CjwKCAiAiML-BRAAEiwAuWVggjlKQ0OyB8PHxuFmdYbQwkqkeoo5CsPC1uKejjONUn_dyx4-QI7cdRoCwG0QAvD_BwE but I had to buy Navico's expensive original cable because I could not find the connector for the Zeus end anywhere.
  4. You seem to need https://www.cyclopsmarine.com/products/smartlink/ ;-)
  5. Well the V60 has built-in AIS transmitter. which I miss in my V90. I know AIS requires a dedicated GPS receiver, but it is pretty annoying since the V90 reads the GPS position from Zeus in order to send DSC singal thus it is perfectly capable to be an AIS transmitter, with a SW update,..
  6. have a look at http://www.seldenmast.com/se/products/rigging_hardware/shackles/snap_shackles.html
  7. Thanks for the suggestion https://www.marineelement.com/product-page/unreel-revolution-kit Kind of what I am looking for, but a bit pricey for my taste, and I can not think of where to fit them on my boat. I would need a bunch!
  8. line retriever system, All modern dinghies have retrievers for almost all lines, while keelboats end up with spaghetti in the cockpit You should see my cockpit when we peel the gennaker and brings up the code zero, the 2:1 halyard for code 0 is 34meter of line, the gennaker sheets still around and new code zero sheets, plus some main sheet,.. /HW
  9. I can not find any calibration settings in the Zeus2 :-(
  10. Hi I have problems getting my Zeus 2 and trition calibrated correctly ( TWD is way off ) Motoring to my summer dock yesterday, I tried to calibrate on some fairly calm water, no tide, no current low wind,... On the Trition I used auto-calibrate, and it seems to work OK, it shows 6,6 kn for both SOG and boat speed(STW) occasionally differing one decimal as van be seen on the attached photo, however on the Zeus display at the same time I have SOG=6.6 but STW= 6,3, It seems like the Zeus is not using the calibration factor set by the Triton, I suspect this is the cause for
  11. See https://www.yrvind.com/bris-sextant-for-sale/ for some our of the box thinking
  12. I think the race mode display which includes the start line, require that You set mode to sailboat
  13. I have seen Simple Plastic funnels being used for this purpose.
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