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  1. Well maybe they wouldn't need their prescription to Rule 46?
  2. Standing headroom in an Adams? Don't think so - unless you are the same size Joe was! Definitely faster than an Etchells
  3. Okay, last flog of the horse from me. If the port tack boat acknowledged the incident at the time, called "we owe you one" yet did nothing - as a Protest Chair I would definitely be DSQ and most likely DNE. That is bad sportsmanship, and the PC condoned it by their actions. Very poor all round.
  4. Good description, and my reading of Appendix T is the same - that option of alternative penalty disappears if it goes to Protest. Your response to me I agree with, but when the facts found say that B347 tacked within a boat length of 9930, then they were close and should have been more aware of their responsibilities.
  5. Again that is the whole point of the RRS - if a yacht breaks a rule they take a penalty. If the protestee had done their turns then 9930 could have asked for their protest to be withdrawn, and it probably would have been. Yes, if B347 had taken an appropriate penalty, which in this case would have only been a "one-turn" penalty, then she could not be further penalised, again that's why the RRS are written the way they are - to encourage yachts to do the right thing.
  6. If a yacht is found that they blatantly broke Rule 10 - heard the hail, saw the other change direction, and then didn't take a penalty, then it is not drawing a long bow to consider rule 2, as they are also breaking RRS 44.1. Th attitude of the protestee would come in to it. As far as "This was not the Etchells Worlds or Olympics qualifier. It was a regional fun regatta under handicap just after long COVID "pauses" -so you are saying, then unless it is a major regatta then the rules don't matter? Look at how many entrants there were, and what trophies were awarded - far more than a "fun
  7. I would appeal. An appeal is only considered on the basis of the Facts found - and this case they are very straight ahead that B347 broke Rule 10. It sets an awful precedent if upheld as a fair result. I totally disagree with any posters above who seem to think that it's only a little nuisance. This is a major, if not THE major rule in the RRS. If we say, oh that one doesn't matter, then where do we draw the line? If it was as blatant as it seems, B347 is lucky they weren't score DNE, as they broke Rule 2 by not taking a penalty. Unfortunately however the time for an appea
  8. Thanks for your kind offer. Maybe I can make a video about it?
  9. A boat is never worth what the owner has spent! There are also a lot of repairs to be made, so he's probably out by $10K or more. Great boats though - huge fleets when I was growing up.
  10. Yes it is a shame that people remain anonymous - I know he can't hurt me, so my name is there. I have met MA a few times, and I liked him a lot - a few years ago though.
  11. If this is true - AS cannot take any action based on information supplied by Matt Allen. It is NOT permitted in the RRS, as he is an interested party. I really feel this story needs to be front page on every sailing website worldwide. The CYCA and Matt Allen need to be called out for this. In the meantime it only goes to prove that AS and the CYCA have no interest whatsoever in shorthanded sailing. Maybe Mark should go to ACA, or The Project and get the story on primetime TV.
  12. Just to be clear - you are accusing the GBR team of collusion to have the Spanish team win? What was in it for them? Is that what you feel the Netherlands team should protest? What Rule - Rule 2, Rule 41? If there was collusion and the Race Committee learned about it through a third party they would be able to call for a hearing. Just as long as whomever informed them had no conflict of interest. In the end though, does the Netherlands team feel cheated?
  13. Early 2000's, Sydney to Lord Howe Island, 400 nm or so, two-handed on a 43 footer. Race starts in 20-25, soon up to 30 plus, from the north east, so a beat to windward. Up to 4 knots southerly current, so reasonable sea state. First night owner decides to leave cockpit hatch open, allowing water to short out battery management system. I go down and hard wire alternator to battery bank so we have power for autopilot and nav gear. Owner refuse to go down below. Next day or so, reaching into LHI about 100nm away, I decide to hand steer for a while, turn off pilot, boat crash tacks as wheel s
  14. What I have mostly done after reaching a decision is to inform both parties of the decision, and then close the hearing. I then buy both parties a drink (if they are happy to stay) and I can answer any questions, or explain our reasoning. This has worked very well.
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