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  1. I know right. Truth is I pushed really hard to get it in the water so I had to cut a few corners and am now I bit burned out on it. I'll probably spend winter getting it all sorted then get after it in the summer series. Just ordered an A5 though.
  2. You may have forgotten Lion and Steinlager 2. Both restored and sailer regularly.
  3. Thanks guys. Been out a couple of times but there's still quite a bit to do, and to be honest I've got a lot on at the moment so I'm feeling a bit burnt out. Went away with wifey and 2 youngest, was a complete disaster, not enough prep, she cried, I yelled (at myself) kids had the best day ever (literally their words). Rum race coming Friday, then measure up for new main, a5 and a2.
  4. I run a little d class 4ch amp to 2 cockpit speakers and a little sub. Input is a fusion Bluetooth to rca thingy, connect it like a Bluetooth speaker but it actually sounds good.
  5. Bamboo undies and an old pair of bamboo Harken shorts are my favourite. Hard wearing as well.
  6. Redid the topmast backstay purchase after I sent no2 kid up the mast to fit the flicker. Connected the instruments up, now have to take the laptop down to configure it all. Getting closer.
  7. Yep, just sprayed it with 2k (2pack car paint although I've used many 2pack marine paints) mixed in before spraying. Keep swirling the gun around. Used the same tip as normal. The grit starts fine and expands as the paint sets. Comes out mint.
  8. I sprayed mine with the international additive, put in 3 times as much as it said. For the cockpit and coaming sand side decks aft where there is heaps of traffic, I used hydro turf. It's super grippy, nice to walk on and nice to sit on.
  9. Yeah, exactally. Well said.
  10. It's going to be epic. Just the battle between the 35'ers will be tight as shit, although the 50s will all be close as well. The crews in the smaller boats are brave motherfuckers, the west coast on a shitty day is no joke.
  11. one side of the downhaulers has an adjustment so they can be tweaked so they are exactly the same.
  12. put the main on and the cover on it, pulled up the ap no3 and set up the down haulers, both operate together. going for a little sail on monday hopefully and will work out the range of the inhaulers. down haulers are 8:1 and through a clutch so they can go to a winch. inhaulers will be 8:1 to a cam cleat.
  13. I think that offensive gangster rap at an appropriate volume would work in this situation. It's worked for me before with people anchoring on top of us, kinda saying something without saying something. Start with some 3six mafia "slob on my knob" and go from there.
  14. getting the rigging done slowly. My boy Evan from Fineline Marine fashioned me up a custom pink and black mainsheet and ran some of the cover so i could make some custom pink and black sail ties. these little details make me happy.
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