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  1. It is a bit like what is the most important beer of the day. Same answer as what is the most important race. The next one.
  2. It has been snowing for several days here. We are not allowed to go anywhere. We had a wedding date in Croydon in May. This thread is about Brexit. I have been following the sailing in Auckland, however too many US folks, get the virus issue mixed up with sailing. Just as you have got sailing mixed up with Brexit. We do have this years summer cruise planned, but it will be in accordance with travel restrictions. The places we go, have none or minimum medical facilities, so visitors are banned. The bottom needs cleaning and painting, from sitting to long. Hopefully we can do that in May. If n
  3. If Princess Anne is the one who competed in Three Day Events, then I think it would be worthwhile learning a bit about this sport. They are very brave, the folks that compete at the advanced level. It is not for the faint of heart. She has my respect, as I have competed at a lower level. I could care less about the royal aspect. I read that the US economy dropped 3.5% last year, and the UK 9.5%. But I suppose it could be blamed on Brexit, or not named blamed on Brexit, depending which way you swing. I watched a video of defense lawyer for Trump, where he revealed a bunch of video doctoring,
  4. Cadbury or Nestle, forgotten which, shut down their plant in NZ when we were there. So I had to boycott them. With the travel restrictions and the chaos in England, it seems les likely the Admiral and I will be visiting in May. The two London Bobbies will have to get married without us. We were then going to putter around Scotland.
  5. Captain Cook got his port starboard entry in to a bay mixed up. But probably did not know. He did it right the first time.
  6. Post 12630 does not accurately describe the Tutukaka Yacht Club. In the early days, and currently they have fishing boats. However years ago they had one sail boat. Bobby Magee, owned by my brother, and one other sailing member, me. Later many more sail boats arrived. I am not sure if they left when the pub burned down. Tag Heuer as described in post 12654 did very well and darn near became the challenger. It also did a bit of damage to the TYC financials. Thank you for the link. A bit further back in time, the Tiddly Cove Yacht Club near Vancouver BC challenged. Worth looking them up for more
  7. I am generally of the opinion the boat did not pick up speed quick enough to match the wind. Even happens on slow boats. But what I am wondering, is what caused the hole. Batteries must withstand a 90 pound side pressure on most boats. I do not think that is applicable here. I would also think batteries would be stored down low. But good evidence would be to determine what is missing, or what has moved from its normal position. I wondered if a support arm for the foil was attached to the broken part. But pics show a fairly clean surface on the inside. There are major cracks emanating from the
  8. Up wind in light air, I use a drifter on my Viking 33. Same size as the 150 mylar. It loses shape quickly as the breeze picks up. Downwind or reaching, on a previous boat I used the heavy spinnaker, and had the halyard a couple of feet, maybe 3 feet, down from the mast head, and flew it inside the forestay. Back to the Viking. I use an asymmetric chute flown outside the forestay when short handed. Admiral Shirley and me. A problem arises when the wind picks up. We had the wind shift from behind starboard, to behind port, and jibed. The wind kept going forward and increased in strength, until w
  9. I am taking a break from building a house on my Island. Boat is tied up and the bottom is getting some long growth. No Sydney Hobart race to watch. BUT. The world darts thing is on in England. Has been interesting to watch, especially if you have ever played darts. Final on Sunday 1930 Greenwich time. Definitely more interesting than watching an English boat, go a bit faster than my Viking 33 in light air. Folks in NZ seem to show a lot more interest in out door things of all kinds. I will have red socks in my back pack, when I return to my Island on Monday, on my motorcycle.
  10. From the guy that says En Zee, instead of En Zed, comes this drivel. Best to ignore it. The US and Canada, are about 150 years behind the times when compared to NZ. I have lived in England, NZ, US and Canada. That is the vibe I get. Many sports are under represented by race. Who cares. Lettuce not get our tits in the wringer.
  11. I have a Viking 33. But for a slightly quicker boat with more beam and room, the Thomas 35 looks nice. 8800 and 9800 pounds.
  12. My first thought was / That has to be Dangerous Darren's boat from Victoria BC.
  13. Post 8113, about the borders. In March of this year, I knew many folk who were away from BC, and in other countries. This is common, as it is winter here in March. They do not go to England, as it is winter there in March. They go to Ozz, NZ, South America. They go by the thousands, and they do not go to England. Tell me again about the border differences for the UK, Ozz and NZ. The first sentence of an economics book, starts with something like " If there is to be trade " and goes on to explain the movement / trade of goods between countries. BC has 114 dead from the virus, NZ 17. Both have a
  14. Some smart lady who seemed to know what she was talking about, said loss of smell is an early sign of having the virus. She suggested sniffing peanut butter. I do not have any, but the coffee beans work well for sniffing. Banana peels too. I do not have a thermometer, but it is on the list to purchase. I want one of those aim and click jobs. I can use it to measure exhaust pipe temperature. Wayne's hate on for the Scots, his lack of understanding or caring about folks in other countries, his general insecurity, causes me to think he is hiding a lot, and fabricating stuff to cover it. I do n
  15. And why the hate for Scotland? Hate may be too strong a word, but he has had many negative things to say. Also he challenges the would is a nice place idea. There are nasty folk everywhere, but generally folks are just the same all over. The great motivators of beer sex food shelter apply to all. Admiral Shirley has been to more countries than Wayne can name. She got lucky and flew out of Peru the day before they shut things down. I am born British with a Cockney father and a Geordie mother. That is why I started a bit confused. Ms Grundy in school was a great help. Since leaving England I hav
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