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  1. Sounds like a blast. Doublehanded or fully crewed.
  2. I have one for ya. Cost ya a beer at the Pony or Horns if i see ya. I'll be sailing Wed.,Thurs., and Friday out of Dusable F dock if u want to sail or give me ur address and I'll mail it to ya.
  3. I haven't raced my boat in a one design section in Chicago for nine years before this years J Day and Mac race and I must say it was really fun. It is nice to see the class is still alive and kickin and I thank Jon Weglarz for volunteering his time and energy as fleet captain.
  4. If said "code zero" is made from a laminate instead of nylon then it is a violation of class rules. If it is just a tight reaching chicken chute then it is perfectly legal and I applaud them for trying to optimize the performance of their boat, I just wish they wouldnt call it a code zero as I have a true code zero with furler and bobstay and was bummed I couldnt use it.
  5. Ask Weglarz how many 105s flew code zeros during the Mac when class rules dont allow them. I know at least Rocking Horse did as their story in the national newsletter explained in detail how they were passing boats using their "secret weapon" a brand new Ullman code zero. Ours was in my attic. WTF.
  6. Hit Pleasant House bakery, Bridgeport Coffee House and Marias Community Bar at 31st and Morgan. 2 blocks west of Halsted. Also John and Bernices and Skylark if ur hangin in da hood after dark.
  7. U tryin to race with five or six on Sat?
  8. A midnight visit from the Ether Bunny sounds appropriate.
  9. I'll vouch for Patrick as well. Sailed against him in the doublehanded Mac.
  10. Learned everything I know from Abe Froman.
  11. Sailin tomorrow. Weather looks good, maybe a Louie sighting.
  12. W/L weekends jumped the shark around 2005.
  13. ALL three tigers sounds better. For next year's write-up. Only two showed.
  14. Saw you talking about upgrading. Do u want to sell?

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