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  1. You said the same thing about Slingsby joining American Magic. Just shut up, you're so useless here.
  2. Lol I always like when DG tries to talk like they know something then claims Alinghi need exposure to sponsor... Alinghi is nothing but a sailing team.
  3. Besides the fact the roof is covered, the cockpit is nothing like Hugo Boss. HB is pushed as low down and forward as possible, it’s just behind the mast and nearly flush with the deck. 11.2’s cockpit is in the same place as every other imoca they’ve just build a giant coachroof to fit multiple people which is much higher than anything on HB. In the design images they released it looked a lot more like HB and had that little stairway to get on deck, but it looks like they retreated from such a radical deck layout.
  4. AC37... what is the other event Ineos/Nick didn't have a competitive boat in? ACWS 2020? Lol
  5. Still an American rocket company... rocketlabUSA.com
  6. TP52, are events on other continents that frequent or the multiple stops on one? 18 footers are usually one design (so don’t always have to travel with yours) and easy to transport. F1 is easy to transport, also utilizes resources built at each track making their event less to move. Also what is the market for sailing events? They will never race 36 weekends a year even if they could. Doesn’t have that kind of audience.
  7. Is there any other international sailing series that has events closer together?
  8. There is no second and there is no last. It’s all or nothing
  9. I don’t think SailGP prevents these sailors from competing in other events the way Super League took them out of their other leagues. Otherwise most of the skippers wouldn’t be there. Also this is different than the super league because this is what would have existed if anyone else won in Bermuda, the Cup itself has great change built in, can’t cry tradition like with soccer. SailGP is closer to if all the teams stayed in their league but also decided to play super league teams during the off season for fun and their own little side trophy which didn’t mean anything and didn’t
  10. Over the Cup, but not our hearts.
  11. Coming from someone who joined after Larry’s reign, lol.
  12. That’s a fleet racing thing, match racing reaching starts in the 34th and 35th cups were better than the starts we just got in Auckland.
  13. So which is it? Do you have sources for either (or any) of the shit you spew here?
  14. @dg_sailingfan where’s Jim’s money?
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