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  1. Are their signs for Blue Rings, Whites or Salties?
  2. After Penguins folded like tired pros, I was rooting for the Canucks. Their keeper was fierce and Canucks played some entertaining hockey. As did Montreal I might add.
  3. My yard if full of locus casing, what comes next?
  4. Whipped thru Hampton Roads pretty quickly. Tornado warning track swept right over me but I slept thru it. 60+ mph wind gusts. Scattered power outages. I'm sitting here having second coffee, sun out. Did quick yard clean up, lots of small stuff. Tidewater dodged another one.
  5. I agree with you that in order to create change you have to listen to and understand others' pov. However some one planting themselves in a waiting room with out face protection is either an idiot or a self-rightious twat and deserves to be picked up by his/her collar and heaved out the door by one of those well armed swat guys! No one in the western world, this many months into a global pandemmic is unaware of how rude, selfish, and outright dangerous doing that is! If someone doesn't want to wear a mask near others, stay home!
  6. I agree not wearing a mask around others within 10 feet is selfish and ignorant. I have a lot of friends who won't wear them because they think they dont work which is true if they are thinking in selfish terms. Masks are ineffective for self protection unless they are medical grade AND you are protecting your eyes. Some of my friends are still throwing bbq and huddling together for photos with out face protection. It's only a matter of time before 1, then most catch it. These are "intelligent", educated people that don't see the big picture and don't think any of what's going on around them a
  7. I'm routing for Penguins who play poorly against scrappy teams so will be interesting to see what happens against Canadians.
  8. I saw Tkachuk's clip on Scheifele's leg. I thought he hit his tendon and was shocked noone else noticed it at the time. 19 is a piece of shit.
  9. I'd love an old school manual BMW M3. A subaru WRX would be fun too.
  10. From Adelaide, probably not that bright.
  11. THE HILLS HAVE EYES THE DEEP The moray eel scene I went water skiing at Lake Elsenor the next day and pretty much walked on water when I jumped in with the ski. I was screaming Go Go!!! for them to pull me up. CROWHAVEN FARMS https://images.app.goo.gl/iR9Dqt3qRpDm3mVW7 Until now I never knew the film's name that traumatized me as a kid. The scene where the woman is trapped under a loose door and the witches are piling stones on her was terrifying. Looking at the movies link, apparently I wasn't the only one. We were living in Victoria, BC wh
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