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  1. What kind of vacation are you looking for? There are lots of places to go from the East coast, with minimal changes . You just have to be open to new ideas. Frankly, this is not the time for Fiji and Bali, and they are just not "bucket list" or "off the beaten track" anymore. Beautiful but "jumped the shark" and not somewhere I want to go during the pandemic. If you want winter adventure and something special, how about a trip to Antarctica with Lindblad Expeditions. Its a one or two stop commercial flight to Ushuaia on the Southern point of Chile. But if there is a Covid surge, Lindbl
  2. You are partially correct. The Federal Government (and subsequently the CDC) have enormous and broad powers of quarantine for infectious disease which go back over a hundred years. They can quarantine an entire flight or all arrivals from a certain destination. That is not quite the same as banning entry. The powers of the CDC to enforce an executive order to ban entry are contained in US Code Title 42 The Public Health and Welfare. Chapter 1 Part 71.40. ยง 71.40 Suspension of the right to introduce and prohibition of the introduction of persons into the United States from desi
  3. I also feel bad for Billy. I enjoyed his raw talented and unconventional "seat of the pants" style in an increasingly instrument and technology package. BUT.... It is inevitable that skippers will be cut. Firstly because they are trying to create a spectator, newsworthy sport and rumors and speculation about a "driver market" and "driver line up" all add to the gossip. https://www.motorsportweek.com/2021/09/16/how-is-the-2022-formula-1-driver-line-up-shaping-up/ Secondly, because if this is going to be taken as a seriously competitive endeavor, then teams that are los
  4. There are many countries where the leader can be replaced by the ruling party. Most of them are not democracies. In the USA only the people or the legislature can remove a President. For all its flaws we prefer a democracy where our chosen executive is accountable to the electorate . We get some great ones and we get some bum ones but we choose them. The concept of a ruling political class able to replace or choose the President behind closed doors would never stand in the US. "That this nation,..... government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the
  5. First of all, I hope you have not caught Covid 19 , and that if you have you avoid a serious case. On your post, I would only point out that Israel hardly qualifies as a nation with rigid border control. The borders of Israel and the Palestinian Authority are a mass of small pockets strewn throughout the state with settlers in parts of Palestine and Palestinian workers commuting to Israel. Im pretty sure the vaccination program is available for Israeli citizens. So it is not a good benchmark for a closed border state. Iceland and NZ yes. But we always knew that it could only tak
  6. Owner: "So this is your quick and easy way to install a new mast head windex without climbing the mast?" Crew : "Ayuh"
  7. I just call it COW 2019 for short or its fill name COW-PLOB 2019 Coronavirus Originated in Wuhan - Possibly Lab Or Bat
  8. The impact on economic activity of a lock down is fairly obvious. So,sadly, is the impact on economic activity of a renewed spike in covid cases without a lock down.. The beneficial effect on activity of the vaccine roll out is also noticeable.
  9. Facts? Come on Wess I have yet to hear you tell one single truth. So go ahead. Here is your chance... * Does Astra Zeneca pay user fees to the FDA ? * Has the Astra Zeneca vaccine been approved yet? * Is there any credible evidence suggesting any member of the team at the FDA responsible for analyzing the data and producing the recommendations on covid vaccines received a kickback for approving the vaccines
  10. I 100% agree with you Simon. 1. Money did not buy the UK success in sailing, it was the catalyst ingredient that added the final ingredient to a brew that was already fertile and capable of success. 2. The US problem is a pipeline of sailors. However the devil is in the detail. US youth sailors place on the podium and even win in the youth worlds time after time and yet they dont show up again in Olympic programs . In 2015 , Will Logue and Bram Brakman won gold in the 420 youth worlds (the largest class) In 2016, Wiley Rogers and Jack Parkin (runners up to Logue and
  11. Whoaa.........Wess has gone bleeding heart liberal on us. He thinks the tax payer should pay the costs for the thousands of hours that go into reviewing a drug application. If a pharmaceutical company is going to make millions off a successful drug then they should absolutely pay the user fees that the FDA charges . In my opinion the fees do two useful tings . 1. They pay for staff and resources to review new drugs and new devices. If a pharma company has a novel therapy, they absolutely should pay a fee for the application and the fee is not dependent on the outcome. The fee is t
  12. Terry, you are right. For one thing what Trump did or didnt do is now irrelevant. The US has to stop looking backwards. We are where we are and we have to be inclusive to get everyone vaccinated. Just under half the population voted Republican and the blame game just alienates that half of the population when we should be puling together. The original vaccine skepticism originated from the left when distrust of the FDA was seeded with suggestions from Democrats that the FDA was under pressure from Trump to rush vaccine approval. Take the politics out of medicine, it has no pla
  13. I agree with this. Nobody remembers who came 2nd in most world championships (except Howie Hamlin because he turned it into an art form) but a bronze medal on the mantel piece is major kudos. Going to the Olympics is still important. I think the Olympics has temporarily jumped the shark, but strong management could bring it back
  14. Florida is the Covid epicenter. Cases hit at an all time high of 28,000 today. Deaths rose back up to a daily rate of 120. The previous high was the so-called peak on January 1st of 21,000.
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