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  1. That is another rule that should not be in the protocol. The DoG makes no mention about where boats can train. Boats should be able to train in whatever location they find that is comparable to the location of the cup. I think the nationality rule should require a minimum number of the crew from country of challenge (maybe 50%) and leave it at that. When Dean got deselected from TNZ, he was entitled to seek a ride elsewhere first Team Japan and then AM USA. He would not have been my first choice for AM but I find it unfair that he would not be able to ply his trade because one em
  2. The Americas Cup was sitting on a shelf for a couple of decades after WW2 and the NYYC decided to resuscitate it by hosting challenges in 12 meters. It started as friendly competition between wealthy private members of YCs and over time evolved into the pinnacle of professional sailing. Since sailing is not really a large revenue generating spectator sport it depends on patrons who relish the challenge. I sense the AC is at a cross roads with these nationality rules . Option #1 Its a competition between strictly national teams. The event becomes restricted to those few
  3. Yes it was TFE who started this absurd theory that RYSR ltd was not a valid challenge. Apologies to Scooter @Editor.
  4. In 11 races in the Prada Cup , Ineos vs LR : BA won 6 starts. Of those 6, they "owned" two. JS won 4 starts (of these owned 2) one of those was a light air start where Ineos simply could not get on foils and LR was foiling. 1 start was a draw because both boats were OCS. Jimmy was in a dominant position but made an error by being ocs. The evidence does not support Ben being inferior in the starts. RR1 Race 2 Ben owned the start , Took LR low in the box, tacked to port and led by over a boat length at start BA RR 2 Race 2 Jimmy started to leeward, bow out
  5. I think he underestimates the importance of time spent in combat in the AC75s and the next closest thing is the GP50s and no swiss sailors have been involved in either of those classes. The GC32 is next after that and Allingi had a reasonably succesful GC 32 team which included a swiss podium finisher from the Moth worlds back in 2009. The other two team members are French. I think they would have a lot of wokr to do to field a competitive all swiss team. But swiss taxation is attractive for any sailor wanting to relocate
  6. I think GB has a deeper bench than we (USA) have. Its good for Ineos that its crew members not selected for Ineos get rides on other boats...its all experience. I wonder what the paychecks are like for SailGP crew. The world match racing tour was zero on the budget gigs, they had to hope for prize money
  7. Spithill will have thought about each position carefully , restricted as he is to only choosing one non-US crew member. Rome has benefit of having spent one season on the GP50s and he was a reserve team member for Oracle on the AC50s in Bermuda so presumably got some time in boat then. Flight control is something he will be familiar with , and as helm last year he will have been coordinating with flight control. As I recall they tried various flight controllers in 2019 including Taylor canfield but it was never a strength. Not sure why Campbell is grinding vs flight controller. W
  8. I have always considered that the nationality rule would exclude Allinghi. However if he found a yacht club in an emerging nation......that actually hosts an annual regatta , then he could challenge from that club with no intention of ever hosting a defense there. It would make a nonsense of the nationality rule.... There is no way that switzerland can provide experienced bench strength fo a credible team ...and nor does it qualify as an emerging nation. Its a shame because a multinational team under a swiss flag would actually be pretty cool.
  9. Sadly I have not been high for about 3 years. Its a long story. As I tried to clarify.....and others have as well......a challenger can be an incorporated yacht club, so the challenge from Royal Yacht Squadron Racing Ltd.....or Royal Yacht Squadron Ltd is a valid challenge . Somewhere on SA there was a thread or article suggesting that RYSR Ltd might not meet DoG definition of a properly qualified challenger. Sorry if I attributed it to you....I think you highlighted it as a controversial topic to discuss without either giving it credit or discredit. Anyway...hope you are well and
  10. I really have no idea what interaction you are suggesting between Jim and Matteo. Jim will approve his AC leadership team and delegate the drafting of the protocol and is most unlikely to get involved. If there is friction during the drafting of the protocol, Ben would not necessarily be your first choice as a a mediator.
  11. Is Matteo hard to get along with? By all accounts Jim is easy to get along with .
  12. Good spot Renny. You gotta love the historic language when clubs could be established by "Letters patent" . I believe that not for profit organizations in Canada can still be established this way (but not sure ). I expect RYS was probably established under letters patent when it first became a "Royal" club. But it is now certainly an incorporated entity.
  13. ? I merely meant that Scooter started a thread somewhere where someone suggested that the limited liability structure was not valid as a challenger. As I recall (on an unreliable memory) it wasnt scoot's own thesis but he republished it. Bottom line is that most clubs of repute in the US and elsewhere are incorporated entities.
  14. What would be the basis of the challenge? I do not think there is one. A club can have limited liability and be an incorporated organization (Most of them are) This was all started by @Editor as a diversion. Dont believe everything you read
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