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  1. Indeed. Here are four examples of fear mongering
  2. Agreed again. Dont let it be a political issue or about freedom ......keep it strictly medical
  3. Agreed. Australia is exposed. They need to beg steal and borrow as many vaccine doses as they can.
  4. The USA reported 1,861 deaths in the preceding 7 days ......about flat with the prior week. Cases increased 46% to 260,984. Deaths lag cases by a considerable amount as discussed in another thread. The UK with a higher overall vaccination rate has a mortality/case rate currently running at 7x the UK. This does not allow for lag .
  5. May I ask 1. Have you actually turned away a qualified candidate that you may have otherwise hired because they were not vaccinated? Or is this a policy you havent had to apply yet. 2. If you do turn someone away, will you explain why or just tell them they didnt get the job? Do you expect any repercussions?
  6. A good friend works for the company that runs the National Geographic expedition cruises. They have 10 ships that goes to places like Antarctica , Alaska and Galapagos and reopened in June. They have a strict vaccination policy. All crew members must be vaccinated. All passengers over the age of 12 must be vaccinated. All passengers must take a covid test 4-5 days prior and on the day of boarding. They want to create a safe experience where you can feel safe on the ship and travel to adventurous places in a secure covid free ship. It is working and they are busy accepting boo
  7. Looks like Nepartak is going to dominate Olympic Sailing today and tomorrow
  8. The Olympics will be fine. It has been getting too expensive for decades. Starting after Rio, there has been a growing impetus to reduce cost and complexity. The number of events and number of competitors in Tokyo is less than Rio and will be down again in Paris. The Covid Olympics will hasten this impetus. Sailing will bear some of this burden. The number of sailing events is down from a peak of 12 classes in Sydney to 10 classes today. It will likely be reduced after Paris. There were only 7 classes at LA/Long Beach. Other sports will see similar reductions. On the revenue side of
  9. You posed the question not Clew. Plagiarism is Tess Lawrie's forte, but perhaps you subconsciously mimic her style.
  10. So then you accept that the premise is absurd, which you effectively do anyway by posing the question in that context. Which either means you fully understand the answer or dont understand it all.
  11. which stream are you using? I cannot get streaming at all.
  12. We really do not need to hear about the missus and your misfires! Enjoyed the Hilda Rumpole reference. I hope she is kind to you and tolerates your nonsense. Regarding your prior question, the premise is absurd. The answer is obvious.
  13. Yup. So you are not in favor of Her body Her Choice? Freedom is vested in the Master of the Household
  14. Erm.....those fat fingers of yours again Wess? Permission to redirect? Brings back memories of Gantt who was or was not a member of ILCA depending on what side of bed he got out of on the morning.
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