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  1. It is silly, some us go away for a while to go on with our life. We come back to see if there is any news about the Cup and you are still here just blabbering away like some crazy man in a straight jacket.... nothing new, just the same old shit.
  2. Yes, they were the only holdout with the 2 stroke engines. It looks like they have shifted over to making boats and other recreation vehicles and contracted with Mercury to supply the motors for their boats. Many of the companies are headquartered up in my neck of the woods here in Minnesota, USA.
  3. There are many materials that will give the same hydrophobic properties. The insulation properties come from the porosity and all the entrapped air. What these guys are doing is not that unique to scientists in the industry, but it does look like magic to people who are not familiar with it.
  4. Yes. Hydrophobic and Super Hydrophobic coatings are commonly available. It is interesting in how super hydrophobic coatings rely on ribbed tip surfaces like the drag reduction surfaces. Check out the Lotus Petal effect (and the rose petal effect). It has to do with very low surface tensions and a series of peaks that keeps the water on top of the mountain tops and not letting it wet out the valleys. Also check out ice-prove coatings that are used on wind turbine blade (they repel water before it freezes). I spend my career formulating adhesives and coatings. I had numerous discussions a
  5. I agree that they need more training and time on the water, but that was a big excuse from Nathan. It was very obvious for quite a while that he needed to change course, he can't blame that on lack of training. He did not need more training to prevent the collision. If he is trying to claim they didn't know what they were doing (lack of training) then he should have played it safe instead of cutting it so close.
  6. YES. And what really sucks is that NO fck'd up and took out the USA boat from both races. So the they dropped from third down to last place through absolutely no fault of their own.
  7. Interesting read, but the article doesn't really reveal any new details about the capsize. All of those stories have been told in the days after the capsize. How TH had to be cut out of the safety strap in order to free from the boat and reach air. AM had said they were reviewing the design of the safety straps and procedures right after the capsize.
  8. Give him a congrats from us. Look at the bright side, at least my bellyaching got a few people to give us some good stories about how much these events mean to everyone.... I know it sounds real petty, but I suspect that placing in the top three and winning some stuff would mean a lot more to him then one of the AC pros who have boxes of that stuff. Of course, the memories of competing with those guys will last a lifetime.
  9. I get it, it sounds like a great time and I understand what you are saying.
  10. Just imagine, if the pros didn't place and just sailed for fun, Jake would have took 3rd and got a prize...
  11. My son has run the Oceanside Ironman 70.3 several times. Sure, I have a pictures of him swimming in the water with the professionals like Lionel Sanders and Jan Frodeno (he going out while they are coming in). That is a huge race with thousands of participants and you are not competing with the pros for one of the first three places and a regatta hat! I guess we can disagree, but I just do not think it is right for a professional to drop in and take a hat away from some kid. Like I said, let them race, but do not have them eligible to place in the race.
  12. All that is great. Let them sail, let them mingle, but give the fricking t-shirts, hats and place recognition to the other sailors.
  13. Exactly. ETNZ had the luxury of having a large sponsor for several years that didn't interfere with the details. They should have know that the gravy train does not last forever. Go out and find other sponsors, very simple.
  14. But celebrating the accomplishments of sailors like Mattias is just my point. The only reason that Mattias got a jacket was because Burling, Splithill, etc didn't sail the race. You have another kid, Jake Pye that took 5th. He would have finished 3rd if the two AC pros would have been exhibition. Let the kid win the hat. You can let the pros sail alongside the others, just do not have their results count in the race.
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