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  1. Could explain why they wanted Defiant that would follow along their design schemes. It was a very fast boat, just didn't have the lower sail area and volume of NZ and some possible foils control issues. NZ did lead the ultimate package design, but Defiant lead the way on many performance advantages (foil tip breaking the surface, extreme inverted bow, bat wing, sharp pointed keel line, etc...).
  2. Why would you blindly trust GD and not question his motives for moving the cup away from NZ. GD has done a great job in the past in association with the Sailing team, but he raised some serious questions with the organization of the last cup (in-breading of the hosting organization and the sailing team, money flow, use of government funding, unpaid debt, not having the approval to use the primary courses, etc... GD's management of the cup activities was not top notch.
  3. Do your homework instead of just making shit up. Dunphy has been involved with the NZ AC efforts since the beginning and he was asked by the RNZYC to solicit local funding for hosting the cup.
  4. He should have been. The prick was playing Rambo and wonders why people are trying to disarm him. If he doesn't bring the gun to the area it never happens.
  5. If GD is so brilliant and Dunphy is such an idiot. Why doesn't GD just put on his big boy pants, talk with Dunphy and and fleece him of his $40 million?
  6. If his sponsors want more exposure than give the team more money. The irony that is lost on many is that the team that is complaining about the excessive costs is the team that created the cost structure! Be honest, the more we find out the more it looks like GD never really tired to get the funding in NZ. Yes, he may have had a few discussions with his old networks, but you have to constantly think outside the box. Where was his "throw the ball farther" approach to getting NZ funding to host the cup? He already had the search firm and material to shop the cup all ready to go before h
  7. Are you are against making sure it is held in NZ? You are against the members having a say in where the cup is held? What actual part of Farmer's agenda are you against? Dalton created this shit storm by deciding to move the cup away from NZ and blaming it upon a lack of funding that he never actually checked to see if it existed! He threw out a cost estimate and when NZ sources came up with the money, he will not talk to them because they "hurt his feelings". Dalton has lost all credibility because he has not making a genuine effort to keep the cup at home. The leadership o
  8. Do not be silly. If you have not submitted a challenge they have no restrictions over what you do. Wait as long as possible and then make them reject your challenge.
  9. That in lies a major part of the problem. No other team is funded by hosting money. Also Dalts gets a personal cut of the money. And x% of the Hosting & Team costs is much greater than x% of just the Team costs. Follow the money.
  10. You neglected to mention that he only spent one year as Canterbury University and that his education at CalTech gave him the expertise in the field that the poster was claiming credit for?
  11. The encyclopedia Britania begs to differ, they label him as an American Engineer: William Hayward Pickering, (born December 24, 1910, Wellington, New Zealand—died March 15, 2004, La Cañada Flintridge, California, U.S.), New Zealand-born American engineer, physicist, and head of the team that developed Explorer 1, the first U.S. satellite. He played a leading role in the development of the U.S. space program. Pickering attended Canterbury University in New Zealand before moving to the United States in 1929; he became a U.S. citizen in 1941. He studied at the California Institute of Te
  12. The fact that the leadership has added a watered down second motion seems to indicate that they are getting a lot of push back from the membership. Looks like they felt they had to give an option for members to vote their desire to hold it at home, but make it just symbolic with no actual requirement to keep it home.
  13. Interesting how the new AC40 looks a lot like the American Magic B2. The curved shape of the exaggerated inverted bow (that NZ also used on B2) and the sleekly smooth deck that tappers down at the stern. A very smooth and more elegant design then one with the boxy sharp edges.
  14. Again, have to admire your objectivity, lol… Very seldom do all freely minded members of any organization agree to anything. It is in the rules for a reason. If enough members decide they want to have a discussion or re-evaluate the situation then they can petition to have it addressed. You should respect their ability to voice their opinions instead of just verbally abusing those with whom you disagree.
  15. Classic example of the intolerance and ignorance that is so pervasive in our society. Not all members have to agree and they are perfectly in their right to bring up the discussion. It can be discussed, voted upon and then move on with what the major determine the outcome. This automatic, knee-jerk reaction to hang whomever disagrees with you is so immature. The strength in our democracies is the differences in our view points and our ability to compromise and harness the commonly agreed upon points out of all ideas.
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