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  1. Does anyone out there sail these waters in a Windrider 17? FOrgot to mention that one...
  2. I'm interested in hearing from folks that have either the ePropulsion or the Torqeedo outboards. I have a 3000 pound keelboat. How is the performance, reliability etc? What kind of maintenance is required with these electric motors? Is it easy to find someone to repair them?
  3. I’m interested in either going (mostly) engineless with my current boat (24 foot keelboat) or changing boats to something smaller and more minimalist. I’m trying to connect with former participants in the R2AK that may still have their peddle drives, rowing arrangements or entire boats sitting around unused.
  4. Yes. Exactly. I encountered huge breaking waves there on two occasions over the last seven years. If I hadn't gotten my bow into them it would have been really bad. I think we made some sternway and stuff was ejected from the cockpit. Hate to think what would happen to any kind of unballasted or open boat (power or sail). Hence my original question. The Norseboat and Lugger are super cool. Do they have positive flotation and how easy are they to right?
  5. I've thought about parking something on the dinghy dock. I think I've seen a Gig Harbor Whitehall down there. The Lugger and the Noresboat are each over 500 lbs I believe, so getting them out of the water may be an issue. If anyone has experience with this that would be great. If I kept a boat up in the dry storage yard, what is access to the crane like? 24-7 or just certain hours? Are tenants allowed to use it by themselves and single handed?
  6. Yes, I've found that to be the case with my old dirtbag racer cruiser as well. Having a slip is golden but comes at a premium. Another reason for the boat change would be the avoidance of haul-outs and less maintenance. For my purposes, what I have is more than I need.
  7. I may change boats just to avoid the moorage expense. But you're right, I just use the motor to get into and out of the marina.
  8. Good point. I only use my outboard to get in and out of the marina. Mostly concerned about prospects of being out there in an open boat like a lugger if it were to be knocked down or swamped.
  9. Yes it's usually a rolling wake but on two occasions I can recall really big (I think 8-10 ft) breaking waves off container ships that I had to turn my bow into. If I'd taken them on my beam I may have been rolled. Both near West Point off Seattle.
  10. I have a 1975 Kent Ranger 24 which is 3100 lb displacement, about 1300 ballast and 4 foot draft. Had it for 7 years and like it. Got it in hopes that my family would enjoy sailing and we would eventually upgrade and go cruising. That hasn’t worked out, so re-assessing. I mostly day sail single handed. I like the size and I feel safe in even pretty lumpy conditions in the Puget Sound. I am glad to have the keel when Ii encounter freighter wake.. I don't like the gasoline, the outboard, messing with the dinghy, the moorage fee, and although i enjoy doing some maintenance I don't have enough time
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