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  1. The have a small following in the UK, I think they even had nationals for a few years. (2007 - 2014?) https://www.sail-world.com/class/Rooster-8.1/
  2. They didn't. Love this statement: "After more than four hours trying to get a start away on the third day, the race team had to contend with 120 degree shifts, huge waves, waterspouts, hail storms, and wind ranging from 3-33 knots. However with a deadline to be back in the harbour before the ebb tide kicked in, the fleet was sent ashore with no more races on the board." https://www.sail-world.com/news/237466/Finn-Gold-Cup-Day-3-No-racing-possible
  3. Here's the World Sailing's Events committee meeting earlier today. Olympic events start being discussed at 22:00, previous are procedural, including conflicts and abstentions from voting. Splitting the 470 by gender won out over splitting the kite by gender: 7 votes to 6.
  4. Yes, my bad for leaving out that the meeting was World Sailing's Events committee. Olympic events start being discussed at 22:00, previous are procedural, including conflicts and abstentions from voting. Here's the meeting:
  5. Seems like the least discussed option: splitting the mixed 470 into men's and women's event narrowly defeated splitting the kite. (Voting was 7 to 6)
  6. Pretty sure you mean Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club.
  7. It is my direct observation that already occurs. In fact it has already begun for the Tokyo Olympics, though outside the IOC income generating sphere. Agreed. While the viewership of sailing is a fraction of athletics and swimming, its quality is high, viewership is loyal and they spend a longer time viewing the racing. A big issue is that sailing is different, and does not fit the same model as for other sports. Coverage has improved in recent years - 2012 showed some innovations that helped.
  8. UPWIND 1. Body pumping Normally seen off the starting line or on the beat to windward in conditions between 7-8 knots or above 8 knots when flag Oscar is not displayed and refers mainly to body pumping by the crew on the trapeze. Permitted actions: • Moving the body fore and aft in order to change the trim of the boat in phase with the waves – OOCH 1 Prohibited actions: • Body pumping causing repeated flicks on the leach by flexing the crew‘s legs on the trapeze or excessively torquing upper part of the body – PUMP 6 Gathering evidence: Are there waves? • Is the sa
  9. We don't agree. Again, because of polysemy, sailing offers excellent opportunities. Being complex is not necessarily your enemy in media. https://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/13282867.pdf
  10. Agreed. It is little wonder that after an herculean Olympic effort, depression often follows for athletes. That includes some who are medal winners. I think it is unfair to say that World Sailing doesn't care about grassroots sailing - though their actions imply that they don't know how to inspire grassroots growth. Being too busy with high performance racing and not caring about grass roots growth are two different things.
  11. Therefore, a viewer watching the 100 m final won't bother watching the 200 m? And frankly the 400 m, 800 m, 1500 m, 5000 m, 10000 m and marathon are all the same - athletes running. No, in my view, those who have a national interest in one event often hang around for other events - and enjoy them! You really think watching the Finn alienates half the audience? Actually, significant numbers of female viewers of male sports are watch because of the sex appeal! Weightlifting, which has weight categories, attract a viewership. None of the sports above are in risk of being canned, th
  12. I do. It's in a box, with a broken wristband, unused since 2013.
  13. In my view, there wasn't enough politics... ...hear me out. The 'politics' of pitching one class against another is because of the way the sport of sailing is - we are a bunch of classes pretty much doing our own thing. Effective politics is about setting the playing field, rather than playing the game. When the field is not set properly, the unintended consequence is rabid lobbying. The first step might be to set disciplines then allocate the number of events per discipline. Boards Centreboards Multihull Keel boats Frankly, I can't see a way of p
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