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  1. up up up!!! Beauty woodies jojojojo
  2. Hey guys, thanks for all the comments...!!! I Spain Gary Mull is only know by only a small group of people. I learn a lot with these post! Do you have more comments...????
  3. Thanks for all the coments....!!!! And if you have more, say me...!!! Cheers from Cadiz Bay ( probably, the best spot for sailing in Europe... ) www.questionsailing.com
  4. I will turboing for doublehanded, racing Huelva-Gomera Island (750 miles) and the Spanish Doublehanded Championship. What do you think? It's cheaper and with good equipment... www.questionsailing.com
  5. Hey guys i'm searching for info about Gary W Mull... I only know one good link: http://www.members.dca.net/pwink/ranger/garymull.htm What do you think about his designs... Probably, i will bought one: Dione 82, built in 1981 near Barcelona (Spain)
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