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  1. LB has posted enough details here in the past that I was able to work out which Sailing School in Qld to avoid with a quick google search His boats look nice enough I have no need to remember his name but I do enjoy his sense of humour
  2. Some of the extended family fitted out a bus and went for a drive. After 5 years they made it to Darwin and checked into a caravan park for a couple of years. They noticed a pattern with some of the vans/station wagons (some had been repaired with panels from the wreckers, matching the paint was not a priority) These cars were undergoing a “deep clean” and polish before their next trip around Australia with the new “owners” (there were doubts that paperwork was ever transferred) Repeated every 12 months
  3. The true story on how the Suez was cleared
  4. I need to join up but my Google fu hasn’t found where to sign up Do you have a link?
  5. did the pros take the prizes home with them? yes they have the prizes for the photo but what happened after?
  6. And it ran aground last Wednesday March 24th
  7. Did the pros take home the prizes? Perhaps they distributed the t-shirts, hats etc to other competitors after the presentation
  8. Nathan and Tom are trying to work out the winner in the traditional way... Rock, Scissors, Paper ... loser buys the next round
  9. Did NO compete in Perth when Tom Slingsby won?
  10. Thanks Team swapping strongly discouraged
  11. Does this mean that if the Cup is held in 2024, any foreign member of the sailing crew needs to be signed up and living in country by the end of 2022?
  12. If he doesn’t have a passport already, someone in Wellington should print one overnight and deliver it the morning (no application required) For a photo they can use one where he is holding the Cup
  13. Stops bids being placed by bots.. I used EBay years ago, I think it was called sniping
  14. If so, I think Trade Me will extend the auction
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