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  1. Rushman


    My view from the armchair is similar to yours I was thinking the motor was engaged to help with whatever problem they had, perhaps to maintain position
  2. Rushman


    Maybe they engaged the iron headsail and did the honourable thing and retired
  3. All boats on starboard, Spain tried to barge the pin and was penalised accordingly
  4. After 2 bullets… Did the Australian boat get told to have a shocker? RC to TS… “Back of the fleet next race, we need the leaderboard to be closer, you can’t be so far ahead”
  5. Thanks Might watch it tomorrow at 2x speed to make it exciting
  6. The front fell off How far did the rest of the truck make it?
  7. Water… you can see it so you can fix it. Electricity or Gas… if you can’t see it, don’t fuck with it.. Call a licensed tradie I find this works in 99% of situations
  8. This seems like an option to try, easy enough to test at deck level.
  9. Batten top and bottom 100mm from the Masonite, cut strips of plywood and install vertically with screws, join the strips where the pipes are. Easy to take out if the plumber needs access.
  10. Cement in half a brick, add more cement to fill the balance. Make sure cat isn’t trapped
  11. I think it started out at 80’ and was extended to 100’
  12. In Aus it is televised at 9.30, so that would be 11.30pm NZ. No idea if that is live, don’t really care, as I will watch it tomorrow so I can fast forward most of it.
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