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  1. Any more details? Had the payment cleared?
  2. It is only money and you can’t take it with you Get both
  3. If you find him…ask him about the cookies eaten after the capsize.
  4. No, the picture which I can’t find is in multiple parts… a comic strip Years ago I had a t-shirt with this picture, it disappeared when I moved home briefly after college, it wasn’t the sort of thing mother’s approve of
  5. Eats… Roots… Shoots… And Leaves Which bit don’t you understand? (I will see if I can find a picture for you)
  6. I saw this system on a NZ boat at Hamilton Island in the early 90’s, the crew said the system was a trickle down from the AC The boat might have been called Icefire but it was awhile ago so I may be wrong Fun morning watching their crew on the boom/bosun chairs trying to get out of the pen, we just raised the keel and motored away (Scavenger, Inglis 48)
  7. I have one question…. With some much hi vis on display in these protests How do these “real” tradies keep their hi vis so clean?
  8. Translation… an area where the crew could lie around drinking beer
  9. Thanks… that was the yarn… give it a few more years and it will be 25 knots gusting 35
  10. Perhaps I am mixing up my memories… was there a story of you (by yourself) out in the 49er and the breeze picked up?
  11. What is the intended purpose? A drawing would help (yellow lines please)
  12. The tail of the fine tune between the cleat and the boom block doesn’t count towards purchase, it is just a redirection on the tail. Happy to be educated but that is how I was taught back when Adam was a boy Ver 2.1… If you play the traveller a lot be careful the leech doesn’t over tighten, unless you have a curved traveller
  13. In version 2 is the fine tune actually 4:1? Looks like 3:1 to me but perhaps I need another coffee
  14. Rewind… the board broke before they reached the mark
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