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  1. No argument from me, it was just to clarify that the tracker reporting had changed
  2. Comanche is 1st monohull still but the tracker is showing line honours with all boats in the one category.
  3. To place a call, one told the operator and they connected you
  4. Apart from needing a lead of 200+ to enforce the follow on, the rest looks plausible
  5. Thanks for the sore knees, making tape drive sails was painful
  6. All over before lunch on day 3
  7. Whatever happened to the Frisco? The YMCASC had them in the 80’s (they were really good at wave jumping… so I heard)
  8. https://www.amazon.com/Horse-Tape/s?k=Horse+Tape This stuff is good for animals, wrap tightly and the tape sticks to itself
  9. I haven’t been able to find it on the ABC in Melbourne
  10. Mute button works for me 4/332 at the moment, declaration after the second session of play is my guess
  11. Looks like his left arm to me
  12. The app shows a race starting NOW
  13. Any more details? Had the payment cleared?
  14. It is only money and you can’t take it with you Get both
  15. If you find him…ask him about the cookies eaten after the capsize.
  16. No, the picture which I can’t find is in multiple parts… a comic strip Years ago I had a t-shirt with this picture, it disappeared when I moved home briefly after college, it wasn’t the sort of thing mother’s approve of
  17. Eats… Roots… Shoots… And Leaves Which bit don’t you understand? (I will see if I can find a picture for you)
  18. I saw this system on a NZ boat at Hamilton Island in the early 90’s, the crew said the system was a trickle down from the AC The boat might have been called Icefire but it was awhile ago so I may be wrong Fun morning watching their crew on the boom/bosun chairs trying to get out of the pen, we just raised the keel and motored away (Scavenger, Inglis 48)
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