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  1. Slug is actually a bot
  2. Come to NZ, we have our share of nutters but the beaches are nice and its summer
  3. I dont have the experience to make any comments on big boats but I do know that people struggle with the loads solo above 40 as you mention. If the conditions are benign then you could sail anything you can raise a sail on. People also cross oceans in 6 foot boats and row around Cape Horn on a nice day. Slocums boat was 36 feet, mines just under 35, the production 2 handers are mostly around there or smaller, and we are not even discussing real power. Hoisting extras of any sort becomes high risk very rapidly in breeze if you dont know what you are doing or have a fuck up, just the sheer amou
  4. SSolo what previous experience led to being comfortable at this level, most competant sailors can handle simply rigged 30 -40 foot cruiser/racers but once you get into real power and serious loads its another world
  5. Life is very fair if youre a billionaire and drugs are awesome.
  6. Its the Slug we know and have come to expect, we'd be shocked if he actually made a normal comment
  7. is he a Homo with packing a big shotgun?
  8. Spot? more like a full on glaring searchlight in the face with brass band accompaniment, that chick has removed the word subtle from a million dictionaries within a 100 mile radius of her being by merely existing.
  9. that friends is a stepped tacking demountable hydrofoil currently deployed at the bow to provide vital lift for a port start in the Tuesday ladies race
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