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  1. 1220's are deluxe barges, much better liveaboard. The 38 can have keel issues, dont buy one with a steel frame in the stub.
  2. Yeah.....I'd just go sailing and leave the diy for when you are either totally bored or actually have work to do.
  3. Interiors are complicated and expensive to paint after the fact, what's on it now? The order goes from 2 pot to single pack polyurethane like toplac which btw is excellent interior paint. Prep is massive, but again all this depends on budget. Flick someone 20-30k and come back to job done or a month pecking away on the hard diy style? There is no insulating paint that's worth it for your requirements, better to use actual foam
  4. If it spins too fast just press harder
  5. Just use teak, a small amount is inexpensive and better than the fake alternatives, oil it if you want but varnished interior timber lasts a long time
  6. At some point you realise it's a cult
  7. The level of detail is nice but yachty, not workboaty...
  8. the classics never get old
  9. a 250 to a million bwahahaaaa!! is the canuck govt on drugs, thats only a few sets of sails and a season on a tp52 what can you buy new under 250, a laser?
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