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  1. Still raving on about Chyna? Chill out One World they are junk sailors
  2. Drill and tap the epoxy plug full depth, no need for an embedded nut. Plenty strong enough, it will rip the deck out before letting go. Most people dont realise that in a typical machine screw of the same metal for example you only need 3 threads engaged to get full strength. Obviously with epoxy its very different but if you have ever tried to extract a machine screw tapped into a solid glass deck without undoing it you will understand.
  3. everyone knows 42 is the answer
  4. Longer is better but you run out of space, dont have to get too anal about it. The key is to have the appropriate tangs attached to your boom and mast. Its job is just to hold the boom up when there is no topper and support the weight of crew leaning on it. Unsure? go and measure a few boats on the marina.
  5. Sand the strut until you see bright metal, is it pinkish? if so do the preventative maintenance thing and replace it- its not hard. After 30 years and especially if manganese bronze rather than ali bronze, it will be weakened. Up to you if you just cruise out to the start line and back fine , carry on and bog it up but if youre considering a lot more motoring and there is any doubt just replace it.
  6. Ok so they lost a few bucks carrying bone saws for free to Istanbul but fuck them. You seem to miss the point while making the point- the AC is a business so quit whining
  7. Blah Blah blah, money talks bullshit walks especially in the AC. Remember kiddies it's EMIRATES team New Zealand Emirates gets what Emirates wants, they simply called in their marker.
  8. Phenolic and rubber cutlass bearing, plus its painted with durepox. Cant really see a problem
  9. In sideways world they look like this, literally 10 bucks in epoxy and random db and uni offcuts
  10. For a low hp yacht just make one in carbon, same size as your original. 50 bucks is about right.
  11. Sound likes this will be built to rigorous maritime engineering standards
  12. Fuck me what a shitshow, this thread would be improved if the entire chinese army crapped in porta potties then turned them upside on top of it. Barnabarna, you can fuck right off for a start, you aint building that vapourware abortion and as sure as all that chinese creamy crap flowing all over SA, you aint ever going to sail in it. To the rest of you inmates, cant you recognise another case of munchausen boat building by proxy?
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