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  1. Does it scream at you when you put it on?
  2. I think TNZ have a contract with the RNZYS, the club has had its balls removed
  3. Will someone please take this cursed chalice from our shores
  4. There is a huge and I mean huge difference for someone who is disturbed to the point of attempting suicide being able to access a gun or not. If the trigger is pulled, a very spur of the moment easy act- the result is permanent. Bridge jumpers who are talked down often go one to have lives and are grateful that they had help at the time. Some are going to do it no matter what, easy access to guns doesnt help and the stats bear that out.
  5. Thats sounds really expensive, its not a hard job diy especially a sail drive.
  6. A friend of mine removed his head with shotgun, and set it up in such a way that his wife and daughter found him in his business workshop the next day when he didnt come home. All I can say is that it was incredibly sad that he could not get the help to manage his demons and that he was a total asshole shitstain for doing it the way he did. Good fucking riddance, and he was a mate.
  7. AOC is very attractive and smart, something the Trumpers cannot handle. They like meaty old slappers like MTG for a bit of domination or the blonde barbie look
  8. Perfect for some fat middle aged dude who likes to be called captain
  9. this is all over conservative media now, for maximum protection you have to take ivermectin anally, best method is to smear it on a big strap on and get your GF to administer a solid pegging. If you're down on the farm you can get ivermectin directly from the horse but without needing your GF, although I suppose she could hold the reins?
  10. You know, I do believe this is the very first time this question has come up
  11. Shit yes, its the one I always use, it's the best password although I did consider covfefe which is really the best word folks
  12. Sailors who haven't drunk the new/carbon/speed is everything Kool aid use the equipment to do what it has always done, play nautical chess. The soccer ball makes it the most widely played and highest value sport on the planet, a kid in a dusty barrio can play it and have as much fun as a guy at the top level. The more the gear gets in the way of the sport the more rarified and bullshit it becomes with the pinnacle of fucked up weirdness being the AC. Old boats are cool and if you sail a boat a thousand times you will surely understand it.
  13. More out of touch corporate virtue signaling
  14. Such prose, it bought a tear to my eye
  15. There used to one in Auckland, I'll have to admit I never actually saw it in 4th mode but if a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, does it make a sound?
  16. Ill second the self amalgamating tape, stopped all my collar leaks. Don't over stretch it and use plenty
  17. I dont think its a 69 offence, but what are the public health orders for your state? If you did that in Oz youre paying a huge fine and looking at time in the can.
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