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  1. If he gets long haul COVID symptoms, I think doing the hips will become lower priority unless he has significant pain at rest or with minimal activity. COVID recovery itself is very limiting on physical exertion when it hurts to breathe and your heart is doing crazy shit. Hopefully he can avoid that, but it sounds like he's already been to hell and back.
  2. Gravity wins in the end; time passes inexorably even if you manage to bend it; it gets dark earlier in the northern winter. Does that sum it up?
  3. If you voluntarily choose to attend a ticketed admission event, you are already agreeing to let them broadcast your image. If you attend with your GF and your wife sees you on TV that's your problem to sort it out with them. Your height and weight are part of your health records. So are your skin and eye color, which tell me your risk of skin cancer. When you stand next to the "you must be at least this tall" sign for the ride you are disclosing personal health information. Or "guess your weight or your age" for a prize. If you fly on small regional planes they can use your weight to
  4. Anticoagulation is a nuanced and evolving clinical topic, as there are several biochemical pathways that result in clot formation. Platelets and anti platelet drugs are yet another aspect of the story. Young women are more likely to have certain conditions that raise the risk of clots even without vaccine exposure. It's a rabbit hole once you start reading. https://www.hopkinslupus.org/lupus-treatment/common-medications-conditions/anticoagulants/ https://www.pharmacytimes.com/view/bridging-to-warfarin-with-heparin-in-atrial-fibrillation-isnt-necessary-may-be-harmful
  5. https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/conditions-and-diseases/cerebral-venous-sinus-thrombosis
  6. A much tinier percentage of the population died on 9/11. We got a whole Department of Homeland Security from that. Tiny percentage are killed by drunk drivers but we have DUI laws. COVID is a bigger deal than most of the other shit people worry about, like getting cancer from insecticides, power lines, etc.
  7. What great secret personal info would we really be disclosing? Gee I had a COVID vaccine just like a hundred million other Americans. Seems much ado about pretty much nothing compared to all the other more uniquely personal data that gets routinely disclosed daily through shopping loyalty programs. People will share all sorts of shit to get a discount. Hmmm, half price discount air fares for anyone with a COVID passport. Capitalism at work. Choose to fly, or drive yourself.
  8. In theory any entity could create a voluntary vaccine passport system, or the WHO could do it, etc. Does not have to be the US government. Health care facilities are accredited by outside entities like the Joint Commission or DNV, not the government but the government recognizes these accreditations as valid. Ditto for university accreditations. You can share your health info with anyone you like; some people even share it on the internet to unknown entities when they fill out surveys, questionnaires, etc. on line. If you ever requested a special meal or some other accommodation on
  9. It is amazing that some rich folks game the system and pay lots of $$ to get a vaccine when they are not eligible, while others who are eligible to get it free invent some conspiracy theory based reason not to get it. Maybe the governments should have banned masks in order to get people to protest by wearing one. It is amazing this place has lasted almost 250 years. Unfortunately not confident we will get to 500 at this rate.
  10. Canadians have a saying that goes something like this. With our historical heritage we could have had French cuisine, English culture, and American efficiency. But we ended up with English cuisine, American culture, and French efficiency. As to the British (or any other) monarchy...I personally don't see much value in it beyond tourism to some extent. But at least the Brits don't jail you for speaking ill of the sovereign, unlike some other places.
  11. That would create super spreader conditions in the "camps" and ironically at some point the survivors would have likely developed natural immunity, assuming they all stayed for the duration. Basically a leper colony model. In think vaccination is preferable to that.
  12. Having visited Britain many times for work and tourism with family and friends, just my 2 cents as an American. Given the costs and hassles of travel it's not just about what is in Britain (or anywhere else) but what is uniquely interesting about the British experience of it as opposed to anywhere else. Speaking English (even with some twists) makes Britain an easy first international destination for Americans. But English is very common in Iceland, Netherlands, Singapore, Italy, etc. And even in Germany it's easy to get by with a mix of basic German and basic English. The mon
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