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  1. Mammography has risks, aside from the radiation exposure. False positives remain a problem as anesthesia and biopsy have adverse effects. Hopefully we will have a better breast cancer screening paradigm in a few years with blood based testing.
  2. This is not a calculation by Medicare. Mammography guidelines come from the US Preventative Services Task Force. The science is nuanced.
  3. Shortage of OB engines across brands. Hard to sell the old one if you can't get a new one.
  4. I suspect in 1964 if you had to bet on the Beatles or the Stones still going almost 60 years later...most people (or their parents) would have bet on the Beatles (half dead) rather than those bad boy Rolling Stones.
  5. Looks like photoshop. Shadows are incompatible, among other things.
  6. While I appreciate that Janis had a particular style that worked for her, I think of her more of a screech/rasp sound rather than a really great voice.
  7. My criteria for 'best" include vocal range and the ability to sing rock anthems (e.g. Stairway to Heaven) and rock ballads with equal ease without screeching/breaking/rasping. Ann Wilson gets my vote for the win.
  8. Ann Wilson Christine Perfect (McVie) Linda Ronstadt
  9. https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/15/us/major-interstate-closed-in-georgia-after-truck-strikes-bridge-trnd/index.html Truck knocks overpass 6 ft off its supports.
  10. Actually, Singapore put out a pamphlet some years ago "Socialism that Works"
  11. Same for Singapore, socialist, healthy and crazy wealthy.
  12. Someone has to sling the luggage on/off carts, conveyors etc.
  13. Didn't Travis Pastrana recently jump chute less to rendezvous with another jumper with a chute?
  14. NaptimeAgain


    So it would be pronounced LayMunition, oui?
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