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  1. Just for laughs, I entered flyin hawaiian in the eBay search box. Not a thing about the boat, just some stuff about a baseball player. There ought to be a model from Revell or some other toy company by now. At least a book or TV show... Come on HR ! You could be getting royalties by now ! http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=flyin%20hawaiian&clk_rvr_id=918668585489&mfe=search WTF ?
  2. When I saw this, my first thought was, A metal, higher class version of the Flyin' Hawaiian... http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/boa/5217659868.html
  3. It's been over a month without a post. I think the thread's officially dead.
  4. What ever happened with the FOIA request? Will HR have a book / movie deal? Enquiring minds want to know...
  5. Interior pic from the FH? HR's mom?, been in the "entertainment business" since 1960, still only $2.00
  6. Great poetry. Other possibilities, "Chain of Fools", and, "A Change is Gonna Come". Go Aretha !
  7. From the dealings we had with HR when he was posting I think this was more of a 'Fuck y'all, I will learn ya' departure rather than any belief that he could actually sail that widow maker to the sandwich islands. Rod doesn't think that far ahead. So he rounded up a crew of acolytes even more ignorant than his good self and shoved off...err..undid the knot. He was no doubt telling them ' I will show them armchair salers on that saleing anicky place. They will be shitin' thumselves when they see me coolin may heals in Haw-wa-he.' 'After all I am a master craftsman, meteorologist, pilot and engi
  8. Even if you could find it, it's a 240 mile round trip, drift notwithstanding. Imho, it would be a gigantic waste of time to look at some 2 x 4's and soggy CDX.
  9. We also don't know if the voyage was intentional. It could have come loose from its moorings in a big nighttime ebb while unknowing partiers slept it off.
  10. Helo chop aside, anyone want to offer opinions on sea conditions seen in the rescue vid?
  11. Maybe HR will write a book, get rich from selling the story, and buy a REAL catamaran and sail it to Hawaii. Or maybe he'll come back to SA and post. Or maybe elephants will fly out of my butt.
  12. Desbris (sic) aside, our Seahawks are going to kick butt like we have done numerous times to the SF 49ers.
  13. If he went to the Delta, we'll eventually find him with Google Earth. We just have to wait for the next round of photos.
  14. I've heard about California Lowriders, but I thought they were referring to cars, or women's pants.
  15. This might do it ankers or not. http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2014/12/09/hurricane-force-80-mile-per-hour-winds-torrential-rain-forecast-for-what-could-be-storm-of-the-decade/ from noaa: High Wind WatchURGENT - WEATHER MESSAGENATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA340 AM PST TUE DEC 9 2014CAZ006-505>513-516>518-528>530-100500-/O.EXT.KMTR.HW.A.0002.141211T0600Z-141212T0600Z/SAN FRANCISCO-COASTAL NORTH BAY...INCLUDING POINT REYES NATIONAL SEASHORE-NORTH BAY INTERIOR VALLEYS-NORTH BAY MOUNTAINS-SAN FRANCISCO BAY SHORELINE-SAN FRANCISCO PENINSULA COAST-EAST BAY INTE
  16. I don't know about the FH, but hose buns in your avatar are floating nicely.
  17. Ya gotta admit, at least the FH didn't do this on launch !! (Anacortes WA on May 20th)
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