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  1. Now, now, James, easy big feller... ain't no way that thing ever gets with hailing distance of the WA/OR border, much less the CA/OR border.
  2. Will wonders never cease. The name should be changed to El Gato, because this thing evidently has nine lives.
  3. I doubt he has an Exit sign on the FH, so this was ashore, no? If he was so broke, you'd think he'd be chomping down Ramen noodles on board FH instead of a restaurant somewhere - unless Meuritt spoted him the grub.
  4. Can't afford a tow off the mooring? It's supposed to be a sailboat, what? No one was killed, thankfully, and no one injured, exept for the marina master. This whole mis-adventure is and was truly pathetic, as in the classical Greek definition of being full of pathos. Or even Shakespearean: it is a tale told by an idiot full of the sound and the fury signifying nothing
  5. This thread has gotten boring. Sink, sail, but do SOMETHING, fer crissakes. Meanwhile, in other catamaran news, it looks like Larry Ellison has his work cut out for him.
  6. " 'Tis strange, but true; and truth is stranger than fiction".
  7. HR is learning the truth of the famous David Crosby observation that you can't bullshit the sea. Reading HR's posts brings to mind HP Lovecraft's The Mountains of Madness.
  8. Now imagine when he actually hoists sail and tries sailing. Winter IS Coming, and HR is no Tywin Lannister.
  9. " 'Tis strange but true; and truth is stranger than fiction." Note that it is floating in a dead flat mill pond calm. Also note that although it is floating very close to it's DWL, they lightened the hell out of it to launch. What happens when they load it back up with stores, gear, etc? I will give the guy an 'A' for gumption, however. I still don't think it will end well.
  10. God's teeth, this just keeps getting worse and worser... You'd think the marina would be quite concerned about this. If by some chance it manages to get to the ramp and then breaks down there solidly, it will really impact their operations, i.e. cash flow.
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