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  1. Lots of press saying the nationality rule is anti-Swiss. I wouldn’t have thought so at all, highly skilled bunch of Swiss nationals who would be very capable. it’s more bad news for the large numbers of Aussie and NZ nationals on other teams as they can’t change.
  2. Where does Jimmy Spithill live? Is he locked into Italy or Australia?
  3. Love Sail Die believes the U.K. event would be a RTI hype race between defender and CoR which sounds more likely.
  4. The UK Times as the source of the DoG-style RTI rumour was Brad Butterworth. So you can make of that what you will...
  5. He could do them at 15% of the price of the Ineos gear and still make enormous profits.
  6. https://i.stuff.co.nz/sport/americas-cup/124315584/the-needs-americas-cup-needs-sir-ben-ainslie
  7. GS is always good in interview. It was more interesting to see Ben now he has calmed down a bit also. GS comments on 6 months from knowing class rule to build sign-off on B1 were quite mad and their being behind in simulation systems. Draining resources into going to Sardinia, realising how far behind they were and then being hit with COVID so that the next thing they did was touch down in NZ. They must have been bricking themselves throughout 2020 basically knowing they were behind and couldn't do much to improve the situation.
  8. They are quite good at sailing 14s tho: https://www.britishyachtingawards.com/amateur-sailor/#:~:text=In association with Andy %26 Tom Partington This,from 62 other boats representing seven different nations.
  9. Álgebra has rarely been more colourful.
  10. It’s a really bizarre project built by French people in France and given a French name.l by a tax exile Brit living in Monaco. i think it’s more for fun than a serious quest at making money. But you are right: a really strange project. It was supposed to be a patriotic rebirth of the land rover which made it quite fun for Brits as a symbolic gesture. But now it’s Le Land Rover it rather loses any point as you may as well just buy a Land Rover.
  11. Yes true... was alluding to his seven failed attempts to become a UK MP. Grr - not sure what I did as was just quoting from the text above, apologies.
  12. Plenty of Prada shame over the years including this in 2020 FFS: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/02/05/prada-blackface-settlement/ and perhaps given Matteo Salvini's prominence who makes our never-elected rightwing nut job Nigel Farage look like Noddy it would be wise to clean out your own stable a little. Ineos weren't very good at fracking - a comment which leads itself to obvious comeback about their performance elsewhere. The big supporters of fracking like rabbits are the DeVos family which funded America Magic and Donald Trump and of course the daughter-kidnapping owner
  13. Yes although think there were probs two races where they could have lived with the conditions OK and we’re overly aggressive. But the final race showed how much they needed when it was below 10kts.
  14. .... are they still taking Rita out then? I was wondering if the knocked out teams that had plans to continue would do so. I guess they are unrestricted in their sailing and would useful to get some more data in similar conditions to the others.
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