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  1. Curiously that Tacoma boat is $93,000 rather than $39,000 for the Seattle one that is indeed gone now. (As an aside, $93K seems more reasonable for a well equipped boat of this sort though I have to admit everything I know about estimating used boat values I got from reading this thread.)
  2. Bullitt the 1968 Steve McQueen cop-noire film has one iconic car chase but is otherwise strikingly tedious. This boat seems highly unlikely to be tedious.
  3. Having seen an Instagram post that Team Moisture-Is-The-Essence-of-Wetness was back in Concarneau after a 48 hour training sail, I was randomly looking at Concarneau on google Maps. It turns out, if you look at the marina at Port La Foret, which is just north of Concarneau, you can see this ultime. I think this is BPIX? NB You can also currently see Sodebo at La Basse in Lorient with a bunch of IMOCAs but you'd expect that. (Vaguely related, another cool google satellite thing I discovered is if you look just off Kephui Beach on the western end of Moloka'i Hawaii. You can see the surf s
  4. This will be fascinating. Experience tells us that teams take time to come together for complex engineering projects and this is a most dangerous situation were America's Cup seems like F1 but might totally not be. This is likely to cause a culture clash, because it always does, but you have to think that Ben Ainslie vs the F1 leadership is going to be the big wildcard here. My feeling is that in the end a Mercedes F1 AC team would be extremely strong, but it might take more than one cup cycle to get there, and definitely will involve a proper leadership structure where the helm is not also t
  5. I was struck by @robtoujours critique as I had come to a similar conclusion, specifically about how the camera's field of view in KTL videos often seems weirdly narrow. This gives a sort of claustrophobic feeling where you want the camera to pan around more. It's clearly not easy to film on a small boat as you don't have a lot of angles, which is why drones help so much for the likes of Eric Aanderaa, but KTL seems tighter than lots of others. The series' languid style lends itself to lingering shots of passing scenery and not too much camera movement but somehow this doesn't work as well wit
  6. An interesting thing about Erik's next videos, per his Instagram, he apparently caught Covid in the Faroe Islands, eg had a positive test and started feeling sick, while he was out between Faroe and Iceland. So he had to turn around and this made everything so late in the season that he bailed back to Haugesund. Scary stuff, but should be a good series. ps. Did you know that Haugesund is also the name of a mattress from Ikea? The internet is a remarkable thing.
  7. I guess if you insured it for what you thought a salvage would cost, on the assumption it was at high risk for tipping over on launch, that might be low hundreds of thousands of dollars, so even more expensive than figuring out up front if it was at risk of instability.
  8. I can't translate it for non-kiwis since I'm Canadian and don't speak Kiwi. It boils down to the fact that a mountain bike event, in fact, a freestyle themed mountain bike event that isn't even a UCI World Cup so is not important from a world sport perspective, got 80 spots for international athletes in the New Zealand "Managed Isolation Quarantine" system or whatever they call it, where Sail GP which is a multimillion dollar single entity business, failed to do so.
  9. I posted in one of the SGP threads about how the Crankworks mountain bike event in Rotorua got 80 MIQ spots and SailGP not getting them. I'm starting to think the government phoned Forourselves himself and asked how important SGP was and he replied that it was considerably less important than the MacGregor 26 World Championships.
  10. I don't think this has been posted yet and I can't help but describe it as a mashup of "Girl with Patreon Account Doesn't Go Anywhere on a Mud Flat" and "Mocking Ads on Craigslist: What happened after we bought an 85% complete restoration project" These guys have a channel but this video is actually made by David Johns, the Cruising the Cut narrow boat guy. Johns is a retired TV professional so his videos are really good and he gets the most views of YT the narrow boat channels, of which there are several. He's very kind to the owners of this boat in this mini documentary but he's not a conve
  11. Leo addresses the U-shaped kitchen issue and indeed it won't work because the floor is has to be low because of the lack of a raised cabin roof. I suppose it's a slippery slope from needing a bit more width to ending up in a Bayliner. He also says there will be access hatches for the port side of the engine.
  12. Can anyone comment on which if any of these venues are likely to have reliable winds?
  13. Leo and company have managed to get through some pretty tedious parts of the project, eg the hull and deck beam fairing, as well as the move, and progress should be pretty good from here, at least in terms of the variety of sections they will be building. Assuming the remarkable funding continues, they'll also be able to continue to acquire the subsystems they need like engines and tanks etc, so it should move briskly.
  14. The problem with that is you end up not being able to stage a proper event in a lot of venues. However this would support holding the AC in Halifax Nova Scotia, which I believe is generally windy, close to major American markets, and we can make everyone learn to sing Barratt's Privateers and Northwest Passage while they're there.
  15. Since the AC foil arms are one design (I'm correct about this right?) the structural requirements on the foil itself shouldn't be as stringent as on foils for F50s, Ultimes and Imocas. So you'd think they shouldn't be so expensive, but who knows.
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