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  1. Because the Editor is being driven mad with jealousy that the Riley and Elayna are making this work and are going to be global cruising on a freaking trimaran. And it's very hard to admit that they might have got to actually be pretty good sailors who know what they're doing, despite having bangs.
  2. There's certainly lots of little things to improve, and if the series is able to continue and develop as it has been, they will be readily solved. The CatSailing News guy has a great post making the central point which is the F50 is emerging as an excellent platform that can foil in a wide range of wind conditions and in particular, works fine in displacement mode so boats can get back foiling and light wind races don't fall apart as bad as we saw in the AC. Mozzy Sails just has a video up with some other points they need to fix up, like start camera angles, but then goes on the explain how he
  3. While there's a lot of conventional wisdom in the youtube comments, Riley goes into a bunch of reasons why they think it's more family friendly, notably that he can single hand it, leaving Elena to fully focus on boat life. Second, they can sail fast with less sail area so fast and safer and easier short handed. Also, they need to deliver what people actually want to watch, so making for quicker passages means they can show more passages and more islands. Note that he's talking about making a few changes to the boat to make filming easier. They are talking about going with a race boat carbon b
  4. This Anarchist David business is just bizarre. No one by that name has been actively on the boards arguing any of this right? And he was complaining about America's Cup earlier so it can't be a nom de guerre of our favorite ultra-Kiwi. The fact is, through the Covid problems the unevenness in boat time, the uncertainty around the Olympics with the resultant team changes, they have managed to deliver the most successful foiling race series over a range of conditions that we have ever seen. Yes they went to three man crews but they pulled it off. Anarchist David's criticisms will be a like a se
  5. Turning right around Britain feels like the offset companionway of British navigation.
  6. There's a YouTube channel called Yachts for Sale where a very smooth fellow presents various superyachts you might want to buy. He's very good at it in a super yacht sales guy kind of way. Anyway, I think if I was going to attempt to sell a Westerly Centaur for $35,000 I might see if I could hire him to make a video. I wonder if the original owner was planning to retire to the BC Coast. Is the Centaur's chief claim to fame the ability to stay upright at low tide? There's not much call for that in Calgary, or really around here either, come to think about it.
  7. Excited for Gabart and team. IDEC is back in Europe, having set the Hong Kong-London record in February, so perhaps there will be six Ultimes for the Transat Jacques Vabre. I have to say though, trimaransvrlazartigue doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.
  8. it's interesting that the FIA is very much the governing body in the sense that it sets the rules, but, like FIFA, it does this for various professional leagues, notably Formula 1, which provides the operating money. But I don't think the FIA sends much to national federations though. FIFA is probably a more relevant example, where it's both the rule generating body for professional leagues but also owns a fantastically valuable property in the World Cup, and there, plenty of money gets shipped to national federations and there is lots of argument about how it's spent since, for example in Can
  9. This isn't really true. Most autosport clubs and sanctioning bodies worldwide, including Paris-Dakar, Indycar, even NASCAR are affiliated with the FIA, and the FIA, at least symbolically, has a relationship with the IOC: https://www.fia.com/news/fia-collaborates-international-olympic-committee-launch-inaugural-olympic-virtual-series. But you are right that there probably aren't very strong financial dependencies and no one is too concerned about funding youth development, so none of this is likely to cause much stress. The challenge in sailing is more likely to be that for would-be professio
  10. I'm sure I've seen ferro dinghies but more in the context of UBC engineering week contests. Can you recall any other sub-30' ferro cruisers?
  11. This is a tremendous find Sloop, and it's good to see the mid-Island continuing to deliver on world class eccentricity. Didn't someone say ferro boats only start to make sense over 50 feet? I think 27' is about the smallest ferro we've seen on these pages. Amazing that he got the Soviet submarine style dodger on there in that length. The lack of cabin windows is a pro-touch too.
  12. Just to clarify, do we know anything past his last video, which I just re-watched? In that post from October 2020, he gave up on the idea of sailing from Bellingham to BC and Alaska for now, as the border continues to be closed, so was planning to drive around the US in his new-to-him VW camper. He never said he was abandoning the project, and I do think his tenacity, like his ability to move heavy things solo, is not to be underestimated. I'm not surprised he hasn't made any camping videos as editing on the road is hard, but that doesn't mean he's given up, so when the border does open, I w
  13. Tragedy indeed. Why did Roger cut up the centaur?
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