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  1. How long before they either have to go back cap in hand to Plymouth or finish in Cowes ? Customs rules, Closed borders, Testing, Self Isolation.
  2. Great piece of work I did it on basis of av VMC not so accurate but CORRECTED DTL Boris Herrmann 0 Charlie Dalin 10 Louis Burton 29 Yannick Bestaven 30 Thomas Ruyant 116 Jean Le Cam 145 Damien Seguin 158 Assuming Av VMC for compensation for Boris,Yanic,Jean
  3. Designer of one of fastest 12’s .....not
  4. It does look like that These boats and the Volvo boats have suffered a lot from slamming loads causing delamination in the bow but this looks scarcely almost like a rig load issue to break a full height longitudinal in the bow . The structure looks beautiful but if they have not hit anything .... a bit scary. Good luck and I am not grinding carbon in the bow in that heat.
  5. That was politer than I was going to be
  6. Or possibly the fastest This AC like all is very much a design game and I suspect it is unlikely to be won with a conservative option, Luna Rossa and Patriot may be found to be a little conservative as good looking as they are. I do not think the NZ boat will be conservative. Of course Rita could be a dog, but i think it is a very good design team this time I feel good ......for now
  7. There is probably 4m^2 of Sail area underneath Rita ! so possibly a bit of a difference for the wind
  8. or they just need the space for b2 they can then modify/repair/service b1 at boatbuilders rather than get carbon dust all over b2 and bring back to dock in January so no I do not agree she is 'unusable'
  9. yes but the hull shape determines the various key points which then determine other positions its not the IOR but it does look a little like they have tweeked the shape to gain an advantage in positioning of other items/apendages not just to improve aero/endplate effects
  10. correct but the hull shapes , which are very different determine the positioning of the foil arms etc etc which deternmines the way the boat will be able to fly.
  11. sorry i do not think so patriot rita are very different hull shapes
  12. removable section of deck for access to bot bearing/tilt
  13. the matrix/resin is the key high temperature cured pre-pregs are massively tougher and more flexible . you will be able to achieve the similar bend characteristics with different fibers but within reason you just need less of the high modulus stuff -- lighter
  14. Build new bow section at your leisure bodge the bow it’s only to keep water out no more code zero till new bow go yachting
  15. The delay in the arms was Not a bad result for Southern Hemisphere or Italian based teams Shame the Italians have not got there act together
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