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  1. What bike is this? I don't recognize the dual shock monocross setup. I remember, fondly, the monocross of my 77 YZ125, my first bike. And the Uni-Link, Full-Floater and Uni-Trak.
  2. Yes. Seven races, half-dozen or so family day-sails and three single handed, usually get half-dozen single in the post labor day season along with a fall race season.
  3. https://www.pizzatoday.com/our-experts/tom-lehmann/ https://youtu.be/j76hK-lNUWA
  4. And I really wish I could justify spending $3000 on this https://motoped.com/pro/
  5. As a former Draftsman I love this. I also like seeing Bob's drawings. Kinda thirsty right now.
  6. Hobot, I have the entire print of this in my office...
  7. Screenshot. What device? Droid? Apple? Pc?
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