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  1. The Osprey were way cool and buzzed me heading back to Richmond. Nice weather for sure. Southampton rounding was a complete shit show- just nowhere to go. The first time I was unhappy catching the bulk of the fleet after starting near the bottom in singlehanded sportboat.
  2. Ditto on the Nicholson 32 we had on Lake Erie in the early eighties. The old crank pulled us out of a number of jams when the Volvo needed a nudge. Weird, I had just mentioned this on the SSS sight.
  3. My first ev ram on an Express 27 is still going strong after 3000+ miles (East coast racing/trekking and Hawaii/coastal/SF bay shorthanding). We keep it covered with a shower curtain slip over thingy my wife made and rinse it after every use - I guess it's ok to pull the rod out manually? If it fails there's another one below ready to go. A Pelagic drive is on the list to quiet things down and maybe press a bit more? During 2018 Pac Cup the ev drove 3/4 of the trip. The first few days were fairly gnarly and sloppy with 25 -35kts. Very few if any issues that I remember. All that said I
  4. Excellent points and love the glass half full approach!
  5. Time to start tracking the % of days lost sailing due to shit air quality in the bay area. When even an ocean race (Drakes Bay this weekend) looks much less enjoyable, even unhealthy, it gets discouraging.
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