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  1. I miss you, dammit.

    1. hobot


      Her open frankness is dearly missed....or....there's a lot of assholes on SA that could sure use a good MSG butt kicking!

  2. Sending some extra good vibes your way today.

    Just because.

  3. why are you up there??

  4. Your link sucks more than Void Ho. I didn't think that was possible.
  5. Try this: http://www.onlineconversion.com/dogyears.htm
  6. That you didn't include elle's bewbs in your post?
  7. This is still totally fucking reidiculous.
  8. well........ you know, was just easier, you know, to keep track. edit: just for comparison, i have an entire laptop devoted to msg bewbs.
  9. I happen to have a file called 'ellebewbs'.
  10. I hear it's going to have lots of colorful pictures, and the pages will be made of very thick, non-absorbent/non-toxic cardboard. It will come with a 'Grow Your Own Barnacle Kit'.
  11. Special discount for the kids whose parents don't pay child support.
  12. He is still out there. He shits on his artwork.
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