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  1. Cat2Fold was a very unique one off 36' folding catamaran. It will fit in a slip (I think) and is trailerable. It was for sale in Mexico with the trailer at $75,000 which is cheaper than most Gems. https://www.cruisersforum.com/forums/f152/cat2fold-is-for-sale-36-x-24-folding-trailerable-biplane-rigged-sailing-catamar-217761.html
  2. Yep Zonk it fails those categories you listed but the Lagoon 380 does fit the comfy category for the wife and small kids and the price range of the OP. So, is there standing headroom under the boom with bimini of a TRT?
  3. Is there standing headroom under the boom on a TRT? I see some with biminis so I was wondering about that. It doesn't fit all of your criteria but a Lagoon 380 is worth looking at, especially an owners version. Your wife would love it.
  4. My Crowther tri was cold molded with West epoxy. I got a real nasty gash to the core from a windstorm while at the dock. 5 months later I hauled it out and the wetness had barely expanded and this was in one of the wettest winters in the PNW. It was double diagonal planked with cedar. I don't now if it was saturated to the core. but it sure made the patch job easier.
  5. The OP said it was for interior shutters so everyone can relax. Any wood will do for those.
  6. I'm a retired contractor. I doubt aspen because it doesn't do well in the elements. We are talking exterior shutters, right? Shutters are typically cedar or pine btw. Sugar pine used to be real popular as an exterior wood and it's more of a whitish blond color. But it's really hard to beat vinyl. They look fine from a distance and no one really looks at shutters anyway. Use Krylon Fusion if you want to change the color. It is absolutely amazing on most plastics
  7. The French also built the Yapluka alu cats. I think Garcia is doing one now.
  8. Going back in this thread a bit, what was wrong with the Wormwood?
  9. I don't see the comparison. Rimas couldn't sail, and the boat needed work and it was a poor choice for the "adventure" but at least the boat could theoretically sail. The FH on the other hand................
  10. I would think so. The existing vid is edited so we know there are some missing pieces there.
  11. Frayed, that's why we were hoping Jarcher's FOI request turns up something better that that vid. We want to see the carnage.
  12. Yup, the rescue was January 31. https://www.dvidshub.net/video/389708/coast-guard-rescues-5-people-sinking-sail-boat-off-coast-monterey#.VRRO1_nF-ct
  13. They called the boat the Flying Hawaiin. Maybe that's the problem.
  14. Frayed, go to page 115. The CG vids are there but they are disappointing.
  15. The sagging deck issue was noticed just about immediately after launch. It was discussed here (too) much. Ditto on the splayed out hulls.
  16. HR posted his number here and invited anyone to call him. I did and posted the results of that conversation and was immediately accused of being a tool. I put up a pic of my phone that showed I had called HR and everybody quieted down. This was about 2 years ago. I didn't save his number but if you want to call him then you need to go waaaaay back in this thread to get it. BTW He told me then that he used 1000 gallons of epoxy so that's where we got that.
  17. That is Anne Hathaway from the movie "Love and Other Drugs". Not Michael Jackson.
  18. Cleveland Steamer: HR'FH was his user name. His son posted too. Was it Viking or Red Viking?
  19. Sparau, that was a 1000 "gallons" of epoxy. I actually talked to HR on the phone and was given this fact which I reported here. It was long ago and far away in another life where men were men and women were not men.
  20. There was rigging attached to the porch roof so maybe that's what we see. Hard to say for sure. Someone posted that the Aqualeader was heading out. We will probably have to wait until it gets to it's destination for pics or vids.
  21. It looks like the roof of the back porch in the vid to me. It's the right size.
  22. That Batman tri does exist. It was for sale a while back. Craigslist maybe?
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