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  1. Of course you want the bottom of the wheels touching the deck.
  2. My next (and last) trip is this next week to get hauled. While 2021 sucked as a year at least I have some good sailing memories to go into the winter with.
  3. Smoked fish: smoked fish.mp4
  4. Revolution? Well, it does look revolting.
  5. I half expect to see the Road Runner and Wyle E Coyote to go running through that.
  6. If it's good enough for the richest man in the world........
  7. I had an old beetle that had the floor rusted out. So I had a shop weld in some angle irons and I cut some wood planks to fit.
  8. Ajax - Congrats on breaking the 100 "barrier"!
  9. How do you think they get really fresh sushi?
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