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  1. I've had Geico/Boat US on my boat for the last four years. Their rates have tripled even though I have made no claims and no significant disaster has occurred in my sailing area (Chesapeake Bay). So goodbye Geico!
  2. D/L C&C 61: 205 D/L J/133: 153 D/L Pogo 12.5: 78
  3. I've been trying to convince my wife to let me have a pet lizard. Like this one:
  4. It's always cheaper to rent than own........
  5. My bilge would be almost dry except for the keel stepped mast. It lets in far, far more water than my prop shaft does.
  6. I'd prefer shaft drive over sail drive on a used boat that I would keep for many years. But I might take a sail drive over a shaft drive that has an almost unreachable stuffing box.
  7. My guess is that by the fall it will no longer be a sellers market. Then it will take time for the sellers to accept that it shifting back to a buyers market - that may take a couple of years.
  8. Now the engineers have to balance performance and driveability along with fuel economy and emissions.
  9. No kind genetics fairy. I exercise quite a bit, walk a lot, and watch what I eat. The big problem with alcohol isn't so much the calories in the drink, it is the calories in the snacks you eat along with it.
  10. My big problem (especially during the warmer months) is keeping weight on so I'll buy beer when my weight drops too low. A few nights of a couple of beers and corresponding snacks gets things back to normal.
  11. Over in the US there were two boats that were nearly identical to the Hood 38 - the Bristol 38.8 and the Little Harbor 38. The main differences from the Hood 38 were a rudder with a skeg, and a little less freeboard but taller cabin trunk.
  12. But think of the alternative...
  13. This might be a better choice: https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1989/sabre-38-3717815/ Sabre 38 Mk II centerboard.
  14. From the link: "The yacht was, according to the Crown Prosecution Service, not seaworthy for an ocean passage, as several bolts of the keel were corroded or broken even before the voyage: "A number of keel bolts had broken, causing it to detach from the hull. Many were broken and it had been like that for months. The yacht was therefore unsound, broken, and unsafe before the men left from Antigua.""
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