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  1. If it's easy to swap the batteries, it will be easy to steal the batteries.
  2. I've got a Tides track, full length battens and the Dutchman system on my J/32. Even when the main was new the sail stays reasonably organized on the boom and it's a fairly easy one person job to put the sail ties and cover on.
  3. Florida man trailers. The rear trailer is missing a tire, and it is attached to the front trailer by a rope.
  4. Years ago I hit a deer when I was driving 70mph. The deer hit the front of the car and then was thrown up and over it. Because the front and hood of the car was smashed up I figured that if I opened the hood it might never latch shut. So I looked for leaks (cooling system) and listened for noises (radiator fan) but saw and heard nothing wrong. So we continued on home, a mere 650 miles away.
  5. Mac26X. Doesn't come stock with a shower but supposedly some owners have modified the head to include a shower. It's not often a boat hits so many of a buyers requirements.
  6. Not always true. I'm fitter now (strength and weight) than I was when I retired 7 1/2 years ago - but it takes work and discipline.
  7. He has great memories from racing his boats. She has memories of going out while wearing her jewelry.
  8. A catamaran for the Q-Anon crowd.
  9. Think about the poor python. Calmly sitting in a pool of water, and a man's naked butt starts coming down on top of it. Snake is probably scarred for life........
  10. Geeze Ish, it should be something lighthearted and not like that.
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