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  1. Right wing crazies: Calls those who disagree "Socialists" Left wing crazies: Calls those who disagree "National Socialists"
  2. So........... When are they planning to cruise off the coasts of the aspiring nuclear powers, Iran and North Korea?
  3. But who wants a vehicle with only four horsepower?
  4. See this recent thread:
  5. Bull got Ish all the way up to $40.
  6. Curiosity uses the same power system as Perseverance. Older rovers used solar power but they are no longer in operation - even cleaning their panels would probably not fix them since the components would have been exposed to the extreme cold due to the heaters not functioning any more.
  7. Perseverance uses a radioisotope power system - no solar panels.
  8. I'm 66 years old. I still enjoy driving my Miata with the top down - as long as it's over 50F. It makes the drive to the boat part of the fun of going sailing. A slip neighbor drives his Jag convertible to the marina - he's 89 years old.
  9. A cheap convertible that's fairly reliable and cheap to fix? Miata.
  10. https://bringatrailer.com/ Bring A Trailer
  11. I've had Geico/Boat US on my boat for the last four years. Their rates have tripled even though I have made no claims and no significant disaster has occurred in my sailing area (Chesapeake Bay). So goodbye Geico!
  12. D/L C&C 61: 205 D/L J/133: 153 D/L Pogo 12.5: 78
  13. I've been trying to convince my wife to let me have a pet lizard. Like this one:
  14. It's always cheaper to rent than own........
  15. My bilge would be almost dry except for the keel stepped mast. It lets in far, far more water than my prop shaft does.
  16. I'd prefer shaft drive over sail drive on a used boat that I would keep for many years. But I might take a sail drive over a shaft drive that has an almost unreachable stuffing box.
  17. My guess is that by the fall it will no longer be a sellers market. Then it will take time for the sellers to accept that it shifting back to a buyers market - that may take a couple of years.
  18. Now the engineers have to balance performance and driveability along with fuel economy and emissions.
  19. No kind genetics fairy. I exercise quite a bit, walk a lot, and watch what I eat. The big problem with alcohol isn't so much the calories in the drink, it is the calories in the snacks you eat along with it.
  20. My big problem (especially during the warmer months) is keeping weight on so I'll buy beer when my weight drops too low. A few nights of a couple of beers and corresponding snacks gets things back to normal.
  21. Over in the US there were two boats that were nearly identical to the Hood 38 - the Bristol 38.8 and the Little Harbor 38. The main differences from the Hood 38 were a rudder with a skeg, and a little less freeboard but taller cabin trunk.
  22. But think of the alternative...
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