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  1. Recently we started to have the tack being wrap around the bowsprit (see the picture). Any idea why and how to avoid it?
  2. Indeed, one can see what happens if you don't have enough wraps. The furling line pulls these two halves apart.
  3. Yes indeed, Rick was very helpful. I ordered the replacement part. Him and our rigger both said "This happened probably due to not enough wraps of line on the drum". "...not enough raps on the furling drum when furling. So, the furling line pulls the drum apart. We see this all the time."
  4. Got the Harken furler drum broken. Only two years old. Any ideas it can be fixed or need to get the new one? Separate question, why did it get broken at the first place, doesn't seem to have much load here?
  5. What a timing, lost my balls as well on similar boat, similar traveler on Sunday race. Too many gybes I guess. Ordered these balls on West Marine site: https://www.westmarine.com/buy/harken--replacement-torlon-balls-25-pack--176463 Will follow the shaving cream technique from this article: https://www.chicagoyachtrigging.com/2013/09/?v=7516fd43adaa
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