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  1. Why don't people aka Politician's think before they open their mouths, their apologizes are just plan BULLSHIT, They got every ones attention ( MEDIA) so then they say I'm sorry, Fuck'em Say What You Mean; Mean What You Say Seven steps to being a more authentic communicator.
  2. Why are gun owners afraid for their lives against unarmed person, watching the video the shooter was 10-15 feet away from the victim, so how was he afraid from is life, another coward gun owner becomes a killer.
  3. Why do used tri's cost so much?
  4. Rich pay no taxes , so I guess nothing supporting the top rung? Think Elites Are SCAMMING You? WATCH THIS!!! - YouTube
  5. wanted to keep the math simple so there wouldn't be any decimals or fractions
  6. I know 2 and only 1 works , so if you do the math , 50% of illegals don't work
  7. The problem is the top rung wants to own the whole ladder ,their the ones that have to put their money into the ladder If they don't fix the ladder the results might not be very pretty. How much did mr Amazon pay in taxes last year ? 000000000000.00
  8. agree and disagree, your right about doctors prescribing , but The bad product "Oxy" was made by the Big Pharma, which did all the lobbing to push it thru, then all they Product all the phony ads , and gave the doctors kick backs for prescribing it. I think the Schackle family and the company I believe Perdue Pharm had to pay massive fines , When my 2nd wife died from it as she was addicted to it, They gave me a big $15,000 dollar check for wrongful death. So I know little more then most on the subject first hand. I love the TV ads with all the side effects ,and the last one "including d
  9. I don't watch TV news left or right, They all seem to have to put a spin on the news, How about just the facts, I guess that what happens when their on 24/7. Remember the old days . Local news twice a day for 1/2hour and the same for national news and you only had 3 channels to watch ,ABC,NBC & CBS, Glad you like the post , have a good T-day, My good friend is from up your way , we spent the last couples weeks Kayaking down my way
  10. addiction we let big Pharma control our lives, watch TV and see all the addiction ads , or if it's "illegal" drugs your saying, why we can't stop it? Too many rich selling them, Remember (Oxycodone), killed some people I knew and loved Mental health ;Vet rans coming home with PTSD and other war related Trauma, Where's all the mental health hospitals ? how about free health care , works in other free world countries Laziness , can be fixed with a good education system , good paying jobs for the workers not just the CEO's and stock holders, Who could buy a house or rent for minimum wag
  11. If this country is the greatest country in the world why are there Homeless? Oh I thought the 45th had MAGA, to fix this problem? Oh him and his current/past family had that fixed , as SLUM lords, apartments with no heat , A/c, running water. Are these people homeless? I think today's homeless is way different today then in the past. for one affordable housing doesn't exist, Price a house lately? lack of good paying jobs wait staff restaurant workers make 3-4 dollars an hour with no benefits Health care doesn't exist for mid and low paying jobs , both physical & mental, Single moms
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