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  1. either a Syderco or a Byrd, serrated , I always had my crew carry one , especially for distance night races, cut a few jammed up Kevlar halyards, cheaper then a new chute. 3-4" blades . one hand opening, with a clip Try amazon, Walmart and of course west Marine
  2. can't wait till south of PGA Blvd .and east of Ditch is under water, moon wobble every 18.6 years 18.6 Year Lunar Cycle May Dramatically Increase Floods On Earth - YouTube surfside condo only the being as predicted 7 years ago South Florida's Rising Seas - Sea Level Rise Documentary - YouTube
  3. there's a lot of INSIGHT here, But I wore glasses from the time I was 5, Well I got that cats things in my eyes and had the operation , wow , at 60+ I realized that there were other cars on the road and the constant Honking noise stopped , . so it fixed my eyes and ears, the wonders of modern medicine
  4. He's kind a right there should be more Politician's in jail , starting with the orange one then follow by most of the GOP
  5. but if was a DOG , their would be calling 911 or the EMT"s
  6. There's a great Bar in Jax beach , I believe the end of Atlantic ave. called Ragtime Tavern , Troy would make me great Mt.Gay rum drinks, in my drinking days
  7. That's the best place in FLORIDA I could come up with, but then again many call that area south Georgia. but haven't been there in years, Sober
  8. I got my JJ shot yesterday , the shot didn't hurt but the chip implant and tattoo ID did, thanks to FAUX news for changing my mind on the Vaccine
  9. St. Augustine one good reason to move to Florida, Ghosts from the Haunted, cemetery ,the fort, and pictures I took at the lighthouse had Orbs , care taker lost his family there. Bars a great and the zz Top style band playing at the "Trade Winds" Matanzas Tradewinds St. Augustine 2011.mov - YouTube
  10. There use to be an saying " If you wear a tie , you probably lie" so There's plenty of blame to go around on all the sides We spent 6 times more in defense then all the top 10 countries, 8 of which are our allies, it's the only bipartisan issue the get full approval !
  11. No one makes money on building schools, but war makes the 1%ers rich, ask Haliburton /D .Cheney here's the end of Charlie's Wilson war encase you haven't seen it (1) a famous scene from Charlie Wilson's war - YouTube
  12. A president say the disease is no big deal and only 15 will die , and 600,000 die and he becomes a cult leader, think we're going to need more Kool-aid
  13. True story, Yesterday Kayaking in the mangroves st lucie inlet ditch, I stop and waited for friends , grab a tree branch , then I felt something crawling on my arm, It was a pretty big tarantula spider, I jumped and it flew into the water, scared the shit out of me. Remember we're just guests here
  14. I was the one hailing for water , but that was a long time ago , as we were heading north with a west wind and windward boat and the reef was off our port side, of our keel ( that's how close we were), they had plenty of water to their leeward , so water wasn't an issue for them, or it wasn't an issue until they headed up , behind us and ran aground , hope that makes sense , wish I could draw a picture to make it clearer
  15. 15' that might as well been a mile, I was doing ALIR (Olson 30) and we were to windward of a 34' something , they wanted us to come up , I refused , They were yelling and screaming and throw up the red flag once we passed them they came up passing my stern by inches and ran aground hard on Shag Wong reef off of Montauk , I happen to running the reef within feet, local knowledge? They drop the protest flag So they are may factors one being navigable water
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