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  1. under the x guy yes divide , under the new president lets make the united states great again
  2. Not for nothing


    A socialist gives a coat to some one freezing in Texas, a Capitalist/republican takes it away
  3. Not for nothing

    Rush Limbaugh DTL

    lets hope so for all the suffering he put us thru
  4. Not for nothing

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    RIP another Trump death Watch the Trump Era in Atlantic City End With 3,000 Sticks of Dynamite - The New York Times (
  5. Not for nothing


    GIVE IT BACK If the X guy wasn't so busy building a wall they could head south to warm Mexico LOL Good to see the elected officials care about it's citizens/taxpayers , Always easy to blame or point fingers at others then do you job Oh they were too busy reelecting It, I wonder how many of these Texas asshole were at Washington on 1/6. Maybe God will save them, ? Just ask X mayor Tim Boyd , doing a great job Ted , how's Cuba these days
  6. Not for nothing

    The Senate Impeachment Trial of DJT

    even more reason to get rid of the titles During the CNN town hall, Biden refers to Trump as "the former guy."
  7. Not for nothing

    The Senate Impeachment Trial of DJT

    Kind of agree , But in this case the Juror was probably rigged, I find it sick that that mostly all elected almost always vote on party lines, It should have been a secret vote, with no party mentioned, As a matter of fact once a person is elected their party affiliation should be drop from their title and all government policies/laws voted should be yes or no, then elected officials could vote their conscience for the good of Americans , not the PARTY
  8. Not for nothing

    Trump Fatigue

    I once was a Goper , ( voted for GWB) Right now if I was one I would , I would be totally embarrassed , their can't seem to get head out of his ass. Their the one that's keep giving the power to control the "PARTY" Oh their worry about his following , which is nothing more then a bunch of gun loving morons. Their should worry about bringing the GOP back it's greatness, not who voted to impeach it. They should get back to running the country and problems Americans are facing , not the some overweigh liar , woman abuser ,pedophilia. and he cheats at golf In 4 years when it is either in jail , on the lamb or dead , people will be saying "WHO"
  9. Not for nothing

    Trump’s heaping list of legal problems post-impeachment

    POLITICS 02/15/2021 05:36 pm ET Here Are The Criminal, Civil Investigations Trump Faces After Senate Acquittal Legal troubles in New York and Georgia mount for the former president with his second impeachment trial having gone dark.
  10. Not for nothing

    Trump’s heaping list of legal problems post-impeachment

    Interesting, As a X NYer , and having been always been hearing about It , He and his father have always been crooks and Grifts, Having to walk down the streets his father ran slums, To me now in Florida , he's like the Medicine man coming to town , and stupid people just gobble his shit up, or drink his Kool-aid. I just think it;s funny how the morons on 1/6 stormed the Capital as he was saying follow me, then gets in his Limo and watches it beating off in the WH, Did he Pardon any of them? So there is not just punishment that could fit all the crimes he's committed against Americans, The world , the planet , How many people has he killed here and aboard?
  11. Not for nothing

    The Senate Impeachment Trial of DJT

    Why are republicans such cowards? To bad he was a draft dodger , someone would have fracted his tent ,
  12. Not for nothing

    What's a fair price for this boat?

    The fair price is what anyone is willing to pay , and that goes for anything, boats ,cars, houses ,sex bitcoins.......................................
  13. Also in this part of Florida if you sail = liberal
  14. I guess everything is relative, on where you are and what your looking at, down here GWB was a liberal, 2024 AOC
  15. lets do , the 2 party system sucks, puts every one in a box the Electoral college RIP,
  16. Not for nothing

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    not sick to as far as I know , it's been hanging around the ditch from jupiter ( not the planet)to Stuart for about a week or so. I saw a 15'ft hammerhead feeding on a ray, in 3' of water in the Bahama's years ago, we were going to go snorkeling , it changed our plans real quick
  17. Not for nothing

    Random PicThread

    2 quick stories Doing subs ops off of San Diego , on a tin can, A sub undetected ( hiding in a thermal ) surfaces and says "gothcha" she was right under us. Fast forward sailing/motoring from Block on my J-boat ,using autohelm ,the boat starts turning in circles , so I turn it off , just then a Boomer surfaces about 1/2 a mile in front of us, When she pass under us it screw up the flux compass.
  18. Not for nothing

    Vice President Jezebel

    I thought , Christ/ Christians were taught to love all people? I guess these PASTORS missed that part of the Bible,
  19. Not for nothing

    The Senate Impeachment Trial of DJT

    The Dems are giving trump what he loves , people talking about him good & bad. If they were smart , never mention his name and he would really go...........................
  20. Not for nothing

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    Martin County man captures up-close video of 14-foot great hammerhead shark while on paddleboard (
  21. Not for nothing

    Massive short squeeze

    You got to love CNBC , all the stocks to buy ,sell, short puts ,calls............................... after the fact!
  22. Not for nothing

    Massive short squeeze

    MARKETS GameStop mania may not have been the retail trader rebellion it was perceived to be, data shows PUBLISHED FRI, FEB 5 20217:01 AM ESTUPDATED FRI, FEB 5 20212:56 PM EST
  23. Not for nothing

    Massive short squeeze

    All the brokers , managers of hedge funds , talking heads on CNBC are crooks! even W. Buffet! watch this 10 min video , whether you like him or not, says it like it is Here’s How Wall Street Has Always Manipulated the Markets | The Daily Social Distancing Show - YouTube
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    Don't MoveTo Florida

    how about some Florida women arrested now that's scary
  25. Not for nothing

    What Are You Afraid Of Lindsey?

    doesn't trump live in florida , may djt & lg were playing golf FBI Agents shot in Florida while serving a warrant