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  1. Not for nothing

    Competent Women

    Dawn Riley
  2. Not for nothing

    The Patriot Party

    "Republicans Are Mad Joe Biden Isn’t Uniting The Nation Around The GOP Agenda" This is too funny, Never heard a Republican mention unity in the last four years, This is why we voted for Joe, cause the GOP agenda sucks
  3. Not for nothing

    The Patriot Party

    The man been in office for a couple of days and he's suppose to fix the fuck up of 4 years of a clown running the show, Trump fucked this country it will probably take a decade to un do but you want it done in a week, what drugs are you do?
  4. Not for nothing

    The Patriot Party

    Trump WHO!
  5. Not for nothing

    The Patriot Party

    If his followers were intelligent people it's fine to use semantics , but most of them aren't, look at how many drank bleach not to get sick when he told them and some died, or follow me to the capital building , as he get in his limo and drives to the WH, So as any great cult leader , do as I say not as I do!
  6. Not for nothing

    The Patriot Party

    good to see the Patriot party is alive and well; wanted to be part of the Patriot Party, join supporters of Trump, y’know?” Mark Leggiero told NBC News. “I find myself kind of by myself out here.” AP PHOTO/HANS PENNINK Trump supporter Mark Leggiero, of Florida, N.Y., holds a banner outside the New York state Capitol objecting to the inauguration of President Joe Biden on Wednesday.
  7. Not for nothing

    phrf boats

    keep leaning to the corsair 27 /31 there's a few down here, Then again from the cover page Angry Red Planet, looks hot!
  8. Not for nothing

    The Patriot Party

    Think they would look like this
  9. Not for nothing

    phrf boats

    we'll do, but haven't seen any down here?
  10. Not for nothing

    phrf boats

    The days of sailing out of Mt Sinai harbor on j-22, j30, j 37 are gone, The water down is shallow to say the least, so the 2 choices are to sail on the st Lucie river , a swing keel for where I'll dock it is a better choice , also easier to put on a trailer for a hurricane. Also looking at some 24 ft Tri's
  11. Not for nothing

    TRUMP is a Moron (Try Not To Laugh Challenge)

    Botox queen ? look at the skin on the neck, talk about the Lizard cult! are those the bodies of the butterflies she had for dinner?
  12. Not for nothing

    come on trumpy boy .... hurry up and publish the pardon list

    wonder if Epstein's girl Maxine will get one
  13. Not for nothing

    Trump's farewell party.

    underage hookers and KFP, where's Epstein when you need him the most, now that man could throw a party
  14. Not for nothing

    Fire Extinguisher Guy Arrested

    bodies or paper?
  15. Not for nothing

    Trump’s legacy

    THE WALL glad it's good for something, good job donnie, Bet the X first lady wishes she would have thought of it
  16. Melania Trump's disappointing break with tradition tour of the WH with Jill Biden here's her tits not the x rated ones Google it for the good X-rated ones Naked pictures of Donald Trump’s wife Melania Trump revealed by New York Post go viral on internet!
  17. Not for nothing

    A message for our righty elk

    only cause they want to be,
  18. Not for nothing

    Impeachment: Why Now?

    So for the last 4 years pretty much the Republicans were in power the president and senate, The president ran under MAGA, well he and the senate failed .He could have been the greatest president ever if only he fulfilled his/their promises So take the economy , The only thing that's keeping it going is the feds keep printing money or debt for our children , the market is up a little , but that only helps the rich ( market double under Clinton and O) failed Health care , needs a major overhaul and we're still under Obama care , failed Our environment many of our waterways and polluted and unsuitable to even swim in, . And most of our forests are burning down Failed Infrastructure, our roads and bridges are falling apart, how about some High speed trains like China or Japan Failed Corruption in the Government FAILED! Equity for all Americans , we returned to the 1950's Failed Oh and the WALL, well most illegals /drugs come here under it ( tunnels) over it (planes)or around it (ships)failed I'm sure there's more , so if you can tell me what good the Republicans have done in the last 4 years I'm all ears, The last GOPer I voted for Bush then McCain ,
  19. Not for nothing

    Impeachment: Why Now?

    with 2 impeachments he'll go out with some bradding rights as the only president to get impeached twice, says something, for the history books
  20. Not for nothing

    Fire Extinguisher Guy Arrested

    I wonder how florida's law of "stand your ground " would fit in,? Had in been a BLM march they would still be picking up the bodies BLM DC march body count 0 civilian's 0 cops Trump/Rally body count 4 civilian's 2 cops 100's arrested but who's counting ?
  21. Not for nothing

    Fire Extinguisher Guy Arrested

    interesting that these Nazi's were tough and brave , till they got caught , Now in the true spirit of the coward GOP way , blaming their miss deeds on some one else, "He made me do it" sounds like a rich kid in school, I wonder where they got it from?
  22. Not for nothing

    Retro Boat - Olson 30?

    probably the best fun boat to sail , once you get use to the knock downs, one race we were doing 16+ knots
  23. Not for nothing

    Lizard People

    I printed the article to read later, my wife saw it and said I was a lizard cultist? so an argument started, she a Christian me an atheist, I try not to believe in any cult groups She said there's not such thing as Lizard people, so I stop and thought , so I picked up her bible and said, wasn't it a snake that made Adam & Eve eat the apple, and didn't Moses make his cane a snake, I'm sure there's many other stories in the Comic book about lizards and the type ? Shit even one Lizard from the bible is selling car insurance "Gecko" Leviticus 11:30 The Gecko, the monitor lizard, the lizard, the sand lizard, and the chameleon. So the worlds largest cult had been using lizards for a long time to control people
  24. FAUX NEWS, shouldn't be allowed to broadcast in the USA, talk about fake news ,
  25. Not for nothing

    How Serious were the events of Jan 6, 2021

    This was a failed coup meant to take over the USA, and ALL persons involved should be treated with treason , from the piece of shit on down, had they won we'd be all giving it the Nazi salute to donnie as that's what he wanted