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  1. All the brokers , managers of hedge funds , talking heads on CNBC are crooks! even W. Buffet! watch this 10 min video , whether you like him or not, says it like it is Here’s How Wall Street Has Always Manipulated the Markets | The Daily Social Distancing Show - YouTube
  2. how about some Florida women arrested now that's scary
  3. doesn't trump live in florida , may djt & lg were playing golf FBI Agents shot in Florida while serving a warrant
  4. where the HOA when you need them?
  5. very well put, You see these guys ( Koch) that die with billions, well there still dead, I see down here keeping up with the Jones's? doesn't any one think for themselves anymore?
  6. Lindsey Graham warns he'll “call in the FBI” if one witness is questioned in Trump impeachment trial
  7. First it was a 9 year old girl, which granted could be a hand full, that all she wanted was her father ( as most 9 yr girls want) and it was 3 adult male cops, at on point :Three officers suspended after police pepper spray 9-year-old girl in Rochester, N.Y. (nbcnews.com) “You’re acting like a child,” one of the officers says at one point. “I am a child,” she can be heard responding. so I agree that the police were in this case under trained, which is my point, I wonder if any of the officers had children, and how they would handle it at home? So my ordinal statement d
  8. I think it should be refunded, and cops/police should use their minds not there battle gear. It seems today police are too afraid to do their job , it's much easier to kill some one then to talk to them. The latest a 9 year old handcuffed is pepper sprayed so 2 adult cops could get her in a car, as the were afraid for their life, WTF My suggestion to them is look for a new career.
  9. I guess I don't understand what he and others are thinking? They all want to be the likes of " Hermann Göring The funny thing to me is all dtrump's friends /allies/assc, /lawyers he's thrown all them under the bus. He only cares about one thing , himself If these people want to be the new leaders of the GOP, I'd move on and rebuild the party to it's greatness, and hang their wannabe fascist leader . The gop is dying a little more each day
  10. Silver next , that's not what the talking heads are saying? It's interesting that this Boomer has heard/learn new terms about $$ this year, Repro market ,QE, shadow banking , dark pools, Fiat money,..................... It's funny talking to people here, there broker is always doing good for them when the market goes up, , Now a 10year old can out do the big brokers A 10-year-old investor made big bucks on the GameStop shares
  11. The scariest part of her is that she got enough stupid people to vote for her If there was a Karen of the year award, think we have a winner
  12. just ran across this video that says it all billionaires don't want to pay their "fair share" Sad Billionaire Whines Over Paying 'Fair Share' - YouTube
  13. Over my years in and out of the market, I've seen somethings, Work for a company and "rumors from the boss" floating around the company being brought out , stock goes up 5X in a week , Insider trading? CNBC " Cramer" constantly manipulates the market, on a daily basis. So about Buffet uses all the tools /info available to him , things the average investor doesn't have, He probably talks to CEO regularly. Insider trading? Is he a Madoff or Milken , I hope not. If the Banks/hedge funds lose big there bailed out or rules put in place by the SEC to protect them , but if SloopJonB lose
  14. the stock market is one big Ponzi scheme , ask Madoff or Miklen go back 2000yrs, Christ knew it then'; Jesus entered the temple courts and drove out all who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those ... The old saying:
  15. The QAnon Shaman says he's wiling to testify at Trump's impeachment trial - against the president
  16. If millennials were smart they be buying Telsa or NIO, iiiif
  17. Have my idea's , but if you know, I'll listen
  18. $400M yacht owned by billionaire Putin ally docks in Florida days before Trump’s arrival - New York Daily News (nydailynews.com)
  19. Lets stop supporting the middle east war machines, I wonder how much $$ we really spent directly or indirectly ( our navy) to support the Sheiks of the area and of course Exxon , I think this why the GOP doesn't believe in global warming,
  20. this says it all about Ted Lincoln Project Vows To Take Down Ted Cruz Next - YouTube
  21. Fuck Unity , for the last 4 years the Nazi GOP has been stealing from Americans and not doing what's good for the country and democracy , And after their Coup to over throw the country fail , their crying like a bunch of babies , " what about us" I laugh that even mega donors and corps are giving them the middle finger, not $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ shit even members are leaving Margot logo
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