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  1. Stand corrected on the economy , todays GDP growth from CNBC GDP growth is barely positive in the fourth quarter, according to two Federal Reserve measures. The Atlanta Fed’s tracker is at 0.3%, while the New York Fed’s is showing 0.4%
  2. I love how our fearless leader is GREAT at picking on woman , from the squad to porn stars and now,: Trump Witness Intimidation In Real Time! A major development at the impeachment hearings. BUT the dictators of the world have him wrapped around his little hands, Putin, XI , Kim , leader of Turkey and the list goes on . He is such a DICK!
  3. Trump: Impeachment has been 'very hard on my family' Then do so all a favor and quit like Nixon did!
  4. First of all the economy is not the stock market, The stock mark ( s&P 500 ) has double under the Clinton ( I'm not a Clinton fan) then halved under Bushm ( I voted for) Then thiple under Obama, and so far under Trump it's only gone up 1/3 which has been inflated by the Fed. read up on the REPRO ?QE going on with the big banks, So what previous era you talking about? Unemployment is a rigged #, by all admintrations nothing new. Also Malls and business's are going out of business left and right. The only thing that might be keeping the economy good is the debt that keeps goi
  5. As a veteran , I'm disgust how this country and this scumbag draft dodging president treats our veterans, I will not go to the VA hospital/ clinic's as there pig sty's, Yet people will thank you for you for your service , Well you want to thank me and all our veteran's "DUMP TRUMP"
  6. In Jupiter, which once was ( 10 yrs ago) a quaint sea side town , is now a concrete jungle , with more and more condo's going up, If global warming doesn't get it , it will sink form the weight of all the concrete and all the noodle ladies from Jersey.
  7. Funny you should say that , but I'm presently boatless but still have 2 Lewmar winch handles in my shed, and always carry one in my duffel bag when crewing. Also reminds me of a story of one of my (mid 70"s)first races , A paceship 23, we were in second place till the first place boat lose there only winch handle , so we won!
  8. If Trump loses or impeached , warning to all you trump cultist : Don't drink the kool aid
  9. Your in a race and the winch handle goes over the side ( never happens) A $100 metal one sinks and you keep racing, A floating one , you do your 360 ( penalty turn ) and pick it up , right!
  10. I made the mistake ! I just couldn't handle the snow and cold , and with all the younger woman looking for sugar daddies what could go wrong, have to write a book on that! and now that another invasive aminal moved here .....TRUMP , it may be time leave
  11. I guess that was the really scary part, who ever orders pizza in florida ;(p
  12. recieved one form my daughter, about bring home Pizza for dinner tonight, interesting cause she lives in NY and I'm in Fl, she never sent it
  13. Ok Boomer Meme Gifts Men Women Kids Funny Millennial Meme OK Boomer Shut Up Boomer T-Shirt Amazon for$ 16.99
  14. last time I crossed the pacific , south china sea, these are the guns I used
  15. old cars, I was in NY last week and my friend let me used his "old "car with 213K miles, except for brakes and tires , all he ever did was changed the oil,and he could do it him self, he didn't need Toyota to do it. So talking about smart phones, we pay a lot a money for "smart phones " and they come with all kinds of Apps I don't want and can't delete, Face book for one. and now the company that made the phone has to up date it weekly , monthly ......... or the phone doesn't work and you have to relearn how to use it , Also these phones track you on where you are , what you buy and va
  16. I wonder if he'll be put on the invasive spieces list , to be hunted in the everglades or maybe a gator will get him , you can only hope
  17. find it interesting that you by a product, ( Iphones) and then all of a sudden it's company decides they shouldn't work any more, probably just a SCAM to sell the new ones, should there be a law against that? never own an Iphone and never will
  18. Actually it's the miracle flight, 20+ wheel chairs at Islip wheeled to, but only 1 going off at PBI, as the rest healed during the flight
  19. A 7-year-old is in critical condition after being shot while trick-or-treating with her family, aren't guns fun?
  20. He may not be protected in florida against losing his home , As Mar a logo is a business not a homestead.also it was given to him form the federal government as they couldn't keep up with the expenses, so who's name is on the deed , ? Donald Trump or Trump enterprises ( corp/ LLC) ?
  21. Trump celebrates 1.9 percent GDP growth. He blasted the exact same number under Obama. Donald J. Trump ✔@realDonaldTrump The Greatest Economy in American History! 7:38 AM - Oct 30, 2019 Seven years ealier same GDP Donald J. Trump ✔@realDonaldTrump Q1 GDP has just been revised down to 1.9% The economy is in deep trouble. 3:24 PM - May 31, 2012
  22. Bravo Zulu - navy term for well done
  23. The lastest job report is a bunch of lies, Companies are either laying off or closing , but the number of workers is gaining WTF. US manufacturing contracts for a third straight month ISM Manufacturing data is also released Friday morning, and it actually may be more important since the manufacturing sector has been in decline.
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