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  1. Veterans like me that fought in the vietnam war , not the GOPER's draft dodgers like pussy Ttump and followers, warning don't drink the Koolaid at the WH
  2. I wonder if he'll have a flare up of BONE SPURS, for this war?
  3. Thanks Gouvernail I was just writing this same post, mine was titled Trump the poor victim 24. His father rented out the office building (on Hillside ave, queens ,NYC) to the doctor that signed the deferment for favorable lease terms! 26. He cheated on ALL his wives , and even used a hooker ($130,000) while the last one was with child 27. belittled members on the House and senate of those that didn't kiss his ass. 28. Belittled a a 16 old that is trying to save the planet , from the oil companies he supports 29. Belittled menbers of the armed services , Admirals,
  4. Interesting Ted was a draft dodger , for a being afraid of guns , WTF
  5. Hanging out at a local tiki bar in jupiter , which is mainly conversative GOPer's , I'm hearing more and more of them saying , "They Fucked up and voted for Trump in 2016 but won't , in 2020, but hopefully he'll be gone before then"
  6. Been retired for 12+ years , like others here just trying to past on idea's so you don't make the same mistakes as we did. My main ailment was sailing related " MT Gay RUM" interesting that live is in the word , Liver, the only organ you get one of, wtf But a couple of more things , Get out of your comfort zone, Also when you finally sail away, have in your bank ZERO $, as all the kids do is fight over what's left any how. back to comfort zone, DO IT, and don't judge or answer to any one , if people don't like that living out of the box, screw them (argo) , their just Je
  7. Love , where can I get a hat, t-shirt
  8. Definitely don't let Politic's get in the way of our investing. When I moved to florida I had an IRA only a small part of my retirement, I kinda got hooked up with a broker , as my account was passed on, All he want was talk about was politic's with my holdings , I call his boss and and fired them and put all monies in Vanguard, Had I stayed with him I would losed a ton money in the 07 recession. Interesting I've been thru enough clowns on both sides of the fence,
  9. I invest in the most important thing I have ME! Today is the yougest you'll ever be : Manage Your Time. ...Travel. ...Choose Your Friends Wisely. ...Take A Course & Learn A New Skill.( My analysis wanted me to take up knitting , I fired her) Read Books. ...Take Care of Your Body. ...Expand Your Network. not face book or twitter... laugh at yourself and make other's smile To Quote Aivicii: "when I die I want to be remembered for the life I lived , not the money I made" Thankyou for the enlighting question , it did make me think about the important of Life and retirement.
  10. FYI , I got completely out of the market in 07, didn't lose a dime, got back in in 09 and double my money, I also got out at the highs of 1/2018, which the market has been pretty steady since then, I just don't like some of the under lining issues the economy is showing now. I really don't trust the bankers and this REPRO thing . I feel now the market is being rigged to make the economy look good so what his name gets reelected.This act with him and Powell is such a con job, like playing good cop/ bad cop, I guess at my age and being retired for 12+ years I don't trust too many, It's all a pon
  11. On a serious note, if you've retired or thinking of it, Get out of the stock market ( DJ, S&P500.....) before the bankers steal all your retirement (ira, 401K) .
  12. I was orginally against Impeachment, as I don't think it is good for the country. But I don't want to live under a dictatorship, which is what trump wants, on the other hand he will have some kinda of break down on 04/23/20 DUMP TRUMP!
  13. Retired at 60, I didn't have the million they say you need , but did make some mistakes, do you home work! 1- retired at the end of the year, I did it in sept, and was getting all kinds of back pay, used vacation , sick time kinda screw up my taxes , so start with a clean slate the first of the year, 2- Retire debt free, sold my house in NY pay off the yacht , and cars, and have been renting ever since, Renting good and bad, but if something break call the landlord. 3- Claim Socail Security as soon as you can , if you don't need the money, buy taxfree muni bonds, so when you sta
  14. I'm a Dyslexic Agnostic , I don't believe in DOG
  15. The Drowning Man A fellow was stuck on his rooftop in a flood. He was praying to God for help.Soon a man in a rowboat came by and the fellow shouted to the man on the roof, "Jump in, I can save you."The stranded fellow shouted back, "No, it's OK, I'm praying to God and he is going to save me."So the rowboat went on. Then a motorboat came by. "The fellow in the motorboat shouted, "Jump in, I can save you."To this the stranded man said, "No thanks, I'm praying to God and he is going to save me. I have faith." So the motorboat went on. Then a helicopter ca
  16. Correct me if I'm wrong , But Trump is Potus and leader of our great country , It's his job to take care of all american's , What he's spending on the Wall, could easily fix the problem of Tangier with money to spare. Even the people of Tangier said they need a SEA wall! Hillary is just a grand mother in NY , so it's Not her Job ! so why even bring her up? I love you trump lovers, will praise him when things go good which are ???? , but it's others fault when he fails, I guess that why he keeps firing everyone that works for him!
  17. Agree, the Irony is that Trump is one of the biggest employer of illegals, from magot logo, and his golf courses/ country clubs. Also many other Conversative types hire illegals, from Big Sugar and lets not forget the "Bad Koch " brothers , Every week armies of illegals with leaf blowers in are out in force making florida beautiful for the GOPers that come down from the north. so why do these types, that use cheap labor want a wall?
  18. The terrorists flew into the east of US with proper visa's and trained in Florida , "The September 11 Travel Operation," is a detailed account of how each hijacker acquired a visa and entered the United States. In all, they had 25 contacts with consular officers and 43 contacts with immigration and customs authorities. They began acquiring their visas in April 1999 and began entering the country in December 2000. They successfully entered the United States 33 times over 21 months, through nine airports of entry, most of which were on the East Coast. So what wall did they climb?
  19. Professionals couldn't climb the wall, I guess these are amateurs:
  20. another multi Trillion dollar ( debt) war that will last for years and kill many americans, When are ever going to learn, This is what Trump said in 2014 : Donald Trump insisted that Saudi Arabia “fight their own wars” — or “pay us an absolute fortune to protect them.” But that was in 2014, when Barack Obama was president. before his dementia set in
  21. You can't fix stupid, but ............ God will fix it , ........as their home float away Ground Zero on the Chesapeke MD.
  22. I was only using 10 lb test , and becareful how much drag is set at
  23. The WALL is a expensive joke that the United States is paying for , ,, Over 200+ tunnels have been found (AUTHORITIES ALONG U.S., MEXICO BORDER FIND TUNNEL WITH RAIL SYSTEM, SOLAR-POWERED LIGHTING UNDER CALIFORNIA) Wonder how many haven't been found??? Then there are ships,even submarines , 3 states that have the highest # of illegals don't have a border with mexico, Florida, Georgia, Louisana and even parts of texas. Sailing off the coast of florida , not far from Margot-logo I've seen square groupers, ie bales of weed and bricks of cocaine Then the Wright Brothers invited thi
  24. You put out some interesting thoughts, True one average person can't do much, But our current leader of the free world could put idea's things in motion and some small steps he says could change a lot, He has elected to go to the dark side of climate change, Some things in 2.5 years have set this nation and the world back decades, He pull us out the paris accord, over ridden states rights, on car emissions, brought back the orginal light bulbs, (surprised he doesn't have us burn candles again,)and what about wind mills ( oh they mess up his hair) and other things the greedy oil companies want
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