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  1. Agree, the Irony is that Trump is one of the biggest employer of illegals, from magot logo, and his golf courses/ country clubs. Also many other Conversative types hire illegals, from Big Sugar and lets not forget the "Bad Koch " brothers , Every week armies of illegals with leaf blowers in are out in force making florida beautiful for the GOPers that come down from the north. so why do these types, that use cheap labor want a wall?
  2. The terrorists flew into the east of US with proper visa's and trained in Florida , "The September 11 Travel Operation," is a detailed account of how each hijacker acquired a visa and entered the United States. In all, they had 25 contacts with consular officers and 43 contacts with immigration and customs authorities. They began acquiring their visas in April 1999 and began entering the country in December 2000. They successfully entered the United States 33 times over 21 months, through nine airports of entry, most of which were on the East Coast. So what wall did they climb?
  3. Professionals couldn't climb the wall, I guess these are amateurs:
  4. another multi Trillion dollar ( debt) war that will last for years and kill many americans, When are ever going to learn, This is what Trump said in 2014 : Donald Trump insisted that Saudi Arabia “fight their own wars” — or “pay us an absolute fortune to protect them.” But that was in 2014, when Barack Obama was president. before his dementia set in
  5. You can't fix stupid, but ............ God will fix it , ........as their home float away Ground Zero on the Chesapeke MD.
  6. I was only using 10 lb test , and becareful how much drag is set at
  7. The WALL is a expensive joke that the United States is paying for , ,, Over 200+ tunnels have been found (AUTHORITIES ALONG U.S., MEXICO BORDER FIND TUNNEL WITH RAIL SYSTEM, SOLAR-POWERED LIGHTING UNDER CALIFORNIA) Wonder how many haven't been found??? Then there are ships,even submarines , 3 states that have the highest # of illegals don't have a border with mexico, Florida, Georgia, Louisana and even parts of texas. Sailing off the coast of florida , not far from Margot-logo I've seen square groupers, ie bales of weed and bricks of cocaine Then the Wright Brothers invited thi
  8. You put out some interesting thoughts, True one average person can't do much, But our current leader of the free world could put idea's things in motion and some small steps he says could change a lot, He has elected to go to the dark side of climate change, Some things in 2.5 years have set this nation and the world back decades, He pull us out the paris accord, over ridden states rights, on car emissions, brought back the orginal light bulbs, (surprised he doesn't have us burn candles again,)and what about wind mills ( oh they mess up his hair) and other things the greedy oil companies want
  9. first we would have to get a leader that know show to use one
  10. Not sure where the mid west is to you,but didn't they have record rain falls and a big down turn in harvests,and sadly it seems like a record number of farmers commited suicide? I retired 12 years ago to god's waiting room , and most summer days were in the low 90's , well this year we have had a least 2 months at or near 100. Interesting to see what a 20FT storm surge can do! also didn't parts of the world have unbelieveable heat waves , ie: France Germany UK Green land? Isn't Greenland where all those Ice cubes are melting? Yes weather is where your at but clim
  11. I agree , But until we get the MORON out of the WH , we're heading for a sick polluted planet for our children and grand children, I bet the golden one is really pissed that a 16 year old GIRL, can get bigger crowds then he could, LMAO. Another interesting fact some American Billionare also care about the planet, Bezos , Gates .......... also parts of the country ( much the dismay of DT
  12. 1- I think a lot of sports have been ruined by "instant replay", and mirco managing the ref's 2- having done committee boat, many times , your on a rocking boat that moving with wind , waves currents, so to get a start line perfect ( within 0.01 ) I would say is impossible at best, A blink of an eye is:The average human's eye blinks at a speed of 300 to 400 milliseconds or 3/10ths or 4/10ths of a second. or 3/4 times your 0.01, will with in any margine of error. DON"T MAKE SAILING A VIDEO GAME!
  13. surprised not one started a topic on Rudy melt down, so how long before he meets the fate of over trump's suckers ? Rudy Giuliani Melts Down On Live TV In Bizarre Chris Cuomo InterviewThe former New York mayor denied asking Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden. Then, he admitted it.
  14. From Sydney To San Francisco, Millions Are Striking For Global Climate Action The day of protest precedes the United Nations summit on how to rein in the worst effects of climate change.
  15. Guess you went to the Epstein/ Trump child care center in Margot-logo
  16. Down here in GOD's waiting room , lots of Dotards ,and there problably vote for IT!, You keep hearing our next generation will fix the world problems, Well there here, look at the 16 year that Sailed across the Altantic , for the fight on climate change Look at the studends taking to the streets for safe schools (gun control) , Listen to them before you vote . On the current POTUS , he preaches hatre, pollution, and everything for allmighty dollar, I would like for once hear something truthful come out, of his mouth ,Never happen, reminds of the scorpion and frog story , from
  17. I feel that trmp will have some kinda mental break dow on 4/23/2020, but if not see how the dems fair and who's running then put all time and $$$ ,to beat him, if he still alive !
  18. ok so who did it? Iran probably not, too much to lose nothing to gain Yemen , probably not ,don't have the tech Isreal maybe , some to gain if US goes after Iran Saudi's lots to gain , price of oil goes up, US spents trillions fighting another fake war Trump another distraction on his bid to win 2020, he's buddies make lots of money, where's Bolton Now? he probably planned it then got canned Exxon , we have a winner, they benefit the most , high oil prices, more greed, Trumps runs to their side , throwing tax ( petro ) dollars at them
  19. I have a feeling that He will have some kind of break down on 23/4/20, if so they'll get a clone to fill his shoe's/tie, Boris will be out of work by then, or maybe alex Baldwin, or Epstiens new face lift who ever they get might need a frontal lobotomy or people will catch on .
  20. Had a similair issue, Today's GFI seem to hook all GFI outlets to one breaker, A night light didn't work , changed bulbs, still didn't work , check GFI breaker and it popped, so checked all outlets that maybe on it , bathrooms, kitchen , and outside socket, unplugging every thing, still wouldn't reset? turns out we had a driving rain from one of the sharpie hurricanes , and water got in the outside outlet, it dried out in a day , got new outside cover from home depot ( $2.11) and put it on , problem solved. Breaker reset! Was going to use a hair dryer on an extension cord to dry it o
  21. T. Boone Pickens, the ‘Oracle of Oil,’ corporate raider and billionaire philanthropist, dies at 91 T. Boone Pickens was a wildcatter, corporate raider, hedge fund founder and billionaire philanthropist. He also pursued clean energy solutions with wind power and natural gas.
  22. If Exxon gets billions what is it, GREED! and if Christ was a capitalist what company was he a CEO of? and didn't he kick the bankers and brokers out of temples, feed the hungry ( food stamps )and healed the sick ( medicare) , if that's not socailism what is ? ARGO............
  23. Sharks would follow the boat when I used a razor , so I went electric and their gone?
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