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    legal/illegal immigrants

    The daily show took my lines , WTF
  2. First of all it's O's fault, Let see the great deal maker, and self made business man , doing what he does best. Borrow money, build useless companies , then file for bankruptcy , this time it's not of his companies , and daddy can't bail him out , so we have tooo!
  3. Not for nothing


    thanks for the input , I did see a dragon fly 25 in stuart for a good price?, I'll look for any f-27 , there's also a condor 40 on the west coast of florida , price seems ok? I really think I need a bigger " escape pod" , if the market tanks
  4. Not for nothing

    Epstein Commits Suicide

    Watch video at the end , a president picking out girls at a party at ........
  5. Not for nothing


    what about a condor 30 or 40?
  6. Not for nothing

    The debate over assault weapons

    how to shoot an assault weapon
  7. Not for nothing

    Epstein Commits Suicide

    Trump retweets conspiracy theory about Bill Clinton after Jeffrey Epstein’s death by suicide
  8. Not for nothing

    Who really believes tariffs are good business

    Ttump wins around round ,WTF Apple spikes after Trump administration delays China tariffs on electronics until December
  9. Not for nothing

    The Mooch Calls Trump A Demagogue

    MOOCH 2020
  10. Not for nothing

    Epstein Commits Suicide

    Ttunp , lastest tweet and Conway backing him , put him at the top of my list, Also JE would train his girls at Margot-lago, and they were BFF
  11. Not for nothing


    again thanks for the input, I think ( living in Jupiter ) cruising is limited , so probably mostly ICW and some day sailing off shore You mentioned fboat ? I was going to cruise the G 105mc , to NY and back , but health got in the way. Also found cruising the islands , moorings or sunsail is the best way to go , fly into an island (s) sail for a week then fly home, also slips are really $$$$$$$ here , if you can get Where you sail out of ? Bill
  12. Not for nothing


    thanks for the input, Think I might just look at a corsair at Finish Line in stuart,fl. which is right up the street from me. The Telstar is in Conn. did you ever get a boat? I had a olson 30, j-30 , j-37 all of which i raced on long island, had a Gemini , which was Ok but sold it a year ago,
  13. Not for nothing

    Epstein Commits Suicide

    lastest rumor , He's alive in a witness protection , ?
  14. Not for nothing

    Epstein Commits Suicide

    so who had him killed Ttump,BC,HRC, Moscow Mitt ,a prince , money brokers, all the above I wonder if he died like KateSpade or Anthony Bourdain?, if he was on suicide watch , someone watched him commit suicide?
  15. Not for nothing

    Hey, Gun Nuts, This Is On You!

    I just read a perfect solution for gun and gun ownership, The proposal is simple: Anyone purchasing a gun should be required to enlist for military reserve service, spanning the entire period of their gun ownership, Gun advocates tend to talk about the Second Amendment as if it provides the unlimited freedom for any individual to own and carry weapons. The actual language is very different: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." full article:
  16. Not for nothing

    Moscow Mitch

    Mitch the BItch is the scum of the earth, He doesn't care about being an American " SEND HIM BACK" he just wants to line his pockets with what ever $$$$ the lobby will pay him. and will suck anyone cock to do it, Starting with Wayne LaPierre, ( nra ) then Trumps ,putins and the list goes on, also there all draft dodgers : Ttump - bone spurs La penis - July 9, 1967 to August 15, 1967 (37 days) (medical separation,anxiety around guns, LOL
  17. Not for nothing

    Hey, Gun Nuts, This Is On You!

    Mike Huckabee: Thoughts And Prayers Are ‘Only Thing’ That Will Stop Mass Shootings, WTF is he smoking, or snorting? If guns don't kill people , but people kill people ,then take the guns away for people who want to kill, which is any one with a gun, I'm for the 2nd Amendment , every house should have a Musket
  18. Not for nothing

    What A Gorgeous Day For A Bloodbath

    Give Texas back to Mexico, didn't they kick our ass at the Alamano?
  19. Not for nothing

    What A Gorgeous Day For A Bloodbath

    The Gov.of Texas it's a mental Health issue , I kinda of agree If you buy a weapon ( GUN) ,you are crazy So ALL gun ( except single shot hunting rifles )owners are crazy and shouldn't own guns ( catch 22). Assault weapons a only good for killing school kids and walmart shoppers..........
  20. Not for nothing

    Just another shooting

    Just recieved this T-shirt from Amazon Joined org Vets against trump
  21. Not for nothing

    Just another shooting

    If you you own a gun then pick one I'm a.......... 1- Killer 2- Coward I haven't touch a weapon since Vietnam Funny most gun owners I know never saw action in a war.
  22. Not for nothing

    Food Stamps

    Trump wants to cut food stamps but then turns around and gives farms $$$$$$$ to grow or not, So why doesn't he just give food stamps ( for food only) and then that $$$$ would go to the farmers? just answered my question, senator Chuck Grassley wants a share of the $16 billion in federal aid to farms and ... Like many who receive farm subsidies, Grassley is a millionaire. Two U.S. Senators applying for bailout money for farmers
  23. Not for nothing

    Screw the health care industry

    My wife is uncovered by United Health care and pays 600 a month, yet every time she goes to any medical stuff, they cover nothing wtf The CEO of United Health care, is against Medicare for everyone , as he says it will screw up the health care system in this country, Well, this suck bag mades 17 million a year, United States has the highest Cost for Health care, But we live the shortest, have the highest infant morality rate, and hundreds of thousand die each year for the drug companies and doctors giving us things like Oxycon. The system is broke and medicare may not be the answer, but we need to fix this broke system and we all no , our elected ,President, congress and Reps , are all on the Take$$$$$$$
  24. Not for nothing

    run Alec run’s a thought: Alec Baldwin could run for president, and Donald Trump could play him on “Saturday Night Live.”
  25. Not for nothing

    Newport: on a rainy afternoon

    The Red Parrot used to good drinks closed it down many of times , we called it the dead parrot