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  1. In St Pete. have the huge meat ball at the Holland, sit on the patio and chat, If you can geta room there even better. also, a walk away " the 5-dollar buck bar," good cheap food and drink
  2. Interesting that you mention that, just read this; Puerto Rico: low taxes, island life make it hot for bitcoin fans (cnbc.com) Bitcoin millionaires are moving to Puerto Rico for lower taxes and island living
  3. ok one more Fifteen years after "An Inconvenient Truth" documentary, Al Gore speaks about climate change - YouTube We wouldn't be in the bad state of the nation and world, if the election wasn't stole from him by the Bush's, Jeb (and GWB
  4. Was just on Zillow looking at condo's San Juan PR, Avg temp 85 degrees, Florida this morning 40, make it a country with her as Queen I'm there!
  5. I met so newbies to Florida from Boston Mass. and they freaked out that people were wearing mask here? (Think they were told there's no covid in Florida) Then they announced they were RED! But they have a lot to learn about paradise, she saw her first large roach in the lady's room. Wait till they find some kind of animals living under their double wide. or their little pets are chase by gators, bobcats and.........
  6. Yesterday a volcano erupted on the other side of the planet, no big deal right well 11 hours later some people were going boating in calif. well how that work out? not too good, Tonga destroyed their marina WTF, so what does that have to do with the climate, who knows. But it does show that we live on a small fragile planet and no Wall can protect us. So, things that go on in the Artic, Antarctic, Amazon rain forest, Perm frost melting and so on. affects us. But lobbyist spend billions of dollars to get their puppets elected to continue polluting our home (earth)and we're stupid enough to beli
  7. got a point, can't remember the last time I worked on a car, on wait I replaced an alternator on a scion, thanks to Utube
  8. Back to Fantasies , who would you do AOC or MTG?
  9. double posting ! Fried compares DeSantis to Hitler: 'In a lot of ways' (wptv.com) ron De Satan raises electric rates SCOTUS Morphs Florida Into Cesspool & Your State Is Next - YouTube
  10. Fried compares DeSantis to Hitler: 'In a lot of ways' (wptv.com) ron De Satan raises electric rates SCOTUS Morphs Florida Into Cesspool & Your State Is Next - YouTube
  11. DeSantis says he regrets not speaking out 'much louder' against Trump's recommendation to stay home
  12. How Many People Die From Hunger Each Year? (theworldcounts.com) Around 9 million people die every year of hunger and hunger-related diseases. This is more than from AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.
  13. why are the macho republicans? turned into such pussies about 1/6, didn't they take an oath when they took office, Their silence is deafening, what do these cowards have to hide? They should all be fired or shot for treason!
  14. spoiler alert The Ending Of DON’T LOOK UP Explained - YouTube
  15. yes, it is! some just won't accept it's happening
  16. Charlie Chaplin - Final Speech from The Great Dictator - YouTube
  17. The only saving grace is that 1/2 Florida will underwater in 10 years, then do we call Ron DeSatan "Capt RON" Captain Ron's philosophy on sailing - YouTube
  18. Is Florida the First State to Lose Democracy? - YouTube
  19. About 65 million years after the last mass extinction, which marked the end of dinosaurs' roaming the planet, scientists are warning that we are in the early throes of another such annihilation event. Unlike any other, this sixth mass die-off — or Anthropocene extinction — is the only one caused by humans, and climate change, habitat destruction, pollution and industrial agriculture all play a hand. In mass extinctions, at least three-quarters of all species cease to exist within about 3 million years. Some scientists believe that at our current rate, we could be on track to lose that num
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