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  1. 2 hours ago, ShortForBob said:

    Absolutely there is.


    To quote Steam Flyer

    In general, I can do without country music. Most country singers are cowboy-hat wearing posers with flat nasal voices. But there are a few bright, high, peaks in any genre.

    To me it's !the same song over and over again , I guess like art it's in the eye (ears) of the beholder, With no diversity

  2. On 10/12/2021 at 7:48 PM, The_Real_XYZ said:


    Thoughts and prayers for the bridges.

    In Florida on Rte 1 , two major bridges have failed in about 40miles of each other, a third to schedule to be knock down and rebuilt,

    so any one against the bill should think twice before driving over any bridge

    Roosevelt Bridge only in Florida with corrosion issues, but reform aheadimage.jpeg.3580d5a142d7434bd95b272ce89ac2b0.jpeg


  3. When I HAD to stop drinking , tried O'duls ,which sucks. The a bartender starting making a Lime ( from real limes) and soda water, Then Heineken came out with a zero , fine if you like regular Heineken , Budweiser came out with a Zero which is much lighter and cheaper. The problem is a lot of bars don't have them. Asked one Bar to change to Bud 00 and I would be a regular, They said I would have to drink all the O'duls first, never went back.

    Luckily the pub ( on the water) has Bud 00's so I'm a regular

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  4. 49 minutes ago, Burning Man said:

    I personally think this ^^ is the biggest issue that is wrong with our country.  Almost Every ill stems from $$ in politics. 

    we live on a delicate rock floating thru space , and all politicians/corporations are worried about in some fiat money, well when the this rock can't support life any more what will money buy?

    Here's a video that shows now fragile we are; I find it relaxing and scary at the same time, turn up the volume to hears the fury of our rock!

    Live Now: Volcano Eruption on La Palma, Canary Islands - YouTube


  5. On 10/11/2021 at 9:44 PM, 00seven said:

    You go Gouv. Work hard at keeping the country divided. Attaboy!

    I've tried to make amends with my Republican family/friends and it hasn't gone well, First of all I'm in the middle ,I try to vote who I think would do the best Job, some times right and sometimes left, and I try to keep my mouth shut , But just the fact your not a righty makes you a liberal, and worst names . Even been threated by a GOPer, (1/2 my age, to be beaten up cause I don't like Trump )yet I voted many times in my life for the right and still split my ballot on local issues. 

    It seems many of the right political wing wants a civil war, and to over throw the US Constitution ,  

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  6. 38 minutes ago, jzk said:



    Interesting , The one thing in your charts I found interesting was "  Adjusted Gross Income", so is I guess that's after deductions? also Capitals gains is much lower then Income taxes .

    The point I was trying to make was in what is wrong in the USA is basic GREED , or how I can screw my fellow country men out of a dollar, where it's their own workers or the customer.

    It would be nice if our elected politicians, would do the best for their voters ,not the super PAC's or the  corporations  

    Here a dated video 2012, that spells out what's wrong with our country, and nothing has changed

    "America is not the greatest country in the world anymore" - The Newsroom 2012 - SUBTITLES - YouTube

  7. Basically, Money is the biggest failure of this country, How many Billions of dollars do you need? 

    The middle class is falling apart, their the ones that pay all the taxes, and the best ones in debt .and it's our fault, From sportsman , sink a little white ball in a hole or throw, hit catch kick a ball  and we give you millions And the word actor says it all or give your money to churches to get into a fake fairies' land.

    Here are 2 good video' explain some of it:

    EXPOSED: These Rich Wall Street Billionaires Profit Off The Extreme Poverty They Caused! - YouTube

    Why Is Everyone Quitting Their Jobs? - Getting Back To Normal-Ish | The Daily Show - YouTube

    Why are we working so hard to buy the things we see on TV/Internet

    To quote Robert Zimmerman "The Times are a changing"


  8. 13 hours ago, Cal20sailor said:

    Youngest hit man in history.  Florida plans to try the 2yo as an adult and are already modding sparky to satisfy the masses.



    The toddler will get off, as he was "STANDING HIS GROUND" as he didn't want his diaper changed,

    oh wait that was the fathers excuse 

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  9. On 10/4/2021 at 5:11 PM, Trenice Brown said:

    Sailing from Long Island to fl in a 23ft Ranger how dangerous is it? When in November is it best to leave? Do I need a chart plotter or is the one I downloaded on my phone good enough? Is weather radar a must or can I do without?

     Big question is where can I moor freely on the way??



     a few years back I moved to Florida, and I sailed my J-37 here , via I-95 and a hauling company, , save money and time , Who really wants to go offshore in Nov. on a small sail boat

    Answer to your question Get a trailer and moor it in any Holiday inn along the way.

    actually plan the trip on the ICW and then drive and stay in those ports pretending you sail there or sell it up there and buy one down here,

    1984 Ranger FUN sailboat for sale in Florida (sailboatlistings.com)

    I would say fly , but southwest just cancelled all flights from ISP tp PBI

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  10. Rip up the Constitution, either way way it looks like trump will be our leader in 2024, either by a fixed election or a civil war


    “I See A Civil War Coming”: Trump Finds Receptive Audience At Iowa Rally


  11. On 10/4/2021 at 4:33 PM, sledracr said:

    I'm so confused....

    Anything anything interesting happens in my life, I share it with all my "friends" on FB.

    How do I let them know how I feel about this.... if I can't post it on FB?


    How can you do anything of interest or important , if you always looking at your phone/FB?

    And what you think is interesting to you is just bullshit to your Fake Friends ,

    I was on FB once years ago, what a nightmare, friends of friends reporting om my doings, A lot of lawyers use it in divorce cases. I've heard people not getting jobs from their posting Then the Z man makes $$$ on subliminal ads , to get you to buy things or worst how to vote. Now young girls are killing them self's, do to negative postings. 

    The Z-man is the anti-christ  

  12. 5 hours ago, slug zitski said:

    A flat tax on income does nothing to tax assets 

    Rich folks don’t have income , they have assets 

    no country has figured out how to tax assets 

    Good point , some states have a tangible property tax, but they have a lot of loop holes, also many rich , yacht owners register them over sea's to avoid sales taxes! 

    another fact, tax write off's, My Brother in law (ceo type) would always pay for everything, boxes seats at sport events, Kentucky derby trips, Grand children going to catholic school, dinners, drinking, drinking oh did I mention drinking, WHY? all tax write off's

  13. 2 hours ago, Saorsa said:

    Regardless of what the accountants say they don't pay taxes anyway.  Taxes are simply passed on as cost and the end consumer pays it.  The tax on Diesel fuel is an example.  Gasoline is 18.4 cents per gallon and Diesel is 24.3.  If the pols tried to raise gas tax there would be hell to pay.  Diesel is OK though.  Those big trucking companies have to pay that.

    The government doesn't have any money that it didn't take from someone; corporate or personal.  The difference is that the corporation just passes it through in the form of higher retail prices.

    Zuckerbert, et al don't actually have all that wealth until they sell their stock and pay on the gains.

    If you want a wealth tax be honest about it and try to pass a law to tax wealth.


    how about a flat tax, everyone pays the same dime , per dollar made.?

    Get rid of God going scott free , have the multi million dollar temples/churches/cults pay taxes, no deductions

    Didn't Jesus kick the money lenders, bankers and stock brokers out of the temples ( churches ) 

  14. 14 hours ago, Ease the sheet. said:

    So no takers on tax vs interest?


    It's kind of the same difference, either way it will either fuck the middle class. Rich don't pay taxes and buy things cash, it's us in the middle High taxes screw us and we won't be able to buy things on credit , homes ( which prices will go down) and who will be able the latest f-450 without loans. 

    The Indians had seashells wampum, the rich have bitcoins and we'll be stuck with FIAT , fake dollars, Print baby print 

    Remember nixon/reagan took us off the gold /silver standard

  15. 7 hours ago, bridhb said:

    Ragtime is still there but I have not been in over a decade.  That whole corner is too trendy for my unsophisticated butt.  Vilano, South PVB and Flagler were having the most problems with erosion.  Some home owners have bulkheaded or brought in rip rap to slow the process.   St. Augustine Bch had to get down on some home owner who brought in a bull dozer to level some dunes that were blocking his view of the beach from his breakfast nook.

    The whole area has had increasing issues.  Old town St. Augustine floods reguarly on just high tides and some NE winds.  San Marco in Jax has flooded a few times in the past couple of years.  It is getting worse.

    Would go to Ragtimes mostly on my Brother-in-law's Dime ( tax write for him) But Troy and I hit it off and he would take care of me, But haven't been there in years.

    As far as the million dollar beach front homes , Vilano, South PVB and Flagler, let them turn into lobster condo's and make  it a barrier beach again, funny how mother nature takes care of itself , sands would come and go. but then you get rich stupid people that want the " their view" and screw it up.

    Too bad about the "Old St. augie"  love that place, would be ashamed to lose one of the Oldest cities in the country  to the Ocean


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