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  1. 3 hours ago, Steam Flyer said:

    This is what happens when those goddam big-city libby-rulls bring their intrusive environmental regulations into God's country!

    - DSK

    blame big sugar , which has been screwing up Dog's country long before big city libby's, 

    actually it's gotten worst since the Repul's have been running the state 

    also wasn't carpet bagger Drump from the big city ?

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  2. I started this, I guess for earth day, The fact of the matter most people don't care, Everyone is walking around saying/ doing . It's what I want not what they need. They want their 1000's $$ rat dogs , They want there fancy tattoo's, they want there high power pickup trucks to haul grocery's  from Publix's? and the list goes on . and saying what's global warming ? Climate change ," It's just an extra warm summer" . if this Covid thing was a test, we as a species got a D, what's the next test going to bring ? 

    Love the earth clock, we only have less then a second to go


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  3. I know republicans are getting stupider by the day but this one is too funny, what's beer made from Larry? 

    04/24/2021 10:20 pm ET Updated 9 hours ago

    Befuddled Larry Kudlow Rails That Biden Will Force Americans To Guzzle ‘Plant-Based Beer’

    So no more beer made of grains, yeast and hops? Oh, wait ...
  4. 38 minutes ago, Mike in Seattle said:



    The cities all look the same-different  now


    Tent City

    Fred Trump would be proud of Donnie's new tenement  housing  low cost , high density and profit,


    Trump's 2024 slogan" A house/tent for All, I solved the homeless problem"

  5. 11 hours ago, SloopJonB said:

    No you didn't. In the 70's it was going to be global cooling that was going to do us in - human activity was going to trigger an ice age.

    Back then people actually worried about overpopulation too, not about having a high enough birth rate to pay for pension plans.

    Your talking about the general thoughts at that time , being a contrarian, I didn't.                                                                                                                                               Being on the water most of my life ( ie crossing the pacific 4 times )and a sailor Maybe I saw things differently, Read an article in the early 70's "limited Growth" formed a lot of my opinion of the world/society , to quote George Carlin , the earth will be still here after MAN is long GONE,

    God (if you believe him) Gave the us/ People a beautiful place to live ,then some snake (todays CEO's, Politician's pope's...........} gave the bitch an apple to take a bite of which screwed us all , if you believe in that comic book?

    Then being a father/husband got caught of in the pension thing as noted.


  6. I would have thought that more from us sailors on the subject, This isn't a right or left issue, it's a mankind problem , what do we want to leave our children and grand child with plenty of money or a clean habitable planet? It's our choice. by time it's their problem it will be too late!

    I used to think it was just global warming  back in the 70's now I consider a global pollution problem which includes many issues!

     Thinking ahead: the greatest long-term threats facing mankind (msn.com)

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  7. The News media making the news instead of reporting it!

    • A crash and subsequent fire of a Tesla Model S this past weekend quickly caught attention online for its"four-hour" blaze, but that's not exactly what happened, the fire chief told Car and Driver today.
    • The initial fireball was contained in a matter of minutes, and it was just tiny flareups that were a longer-lasting problem, chief Palmer Buck explained to the Houston Chronicle and C/D.
    • Although the chief acknowledges EV fires require different tactics by firefighters, Tesla and government safety data asserts that traditional internal-combustion vehicles experience one fire for every 19 million miles traveled; for Teslas EVs, it's one fire for 205 million miles traveled.
  8. Maybe this should be in PA, But the 1st amend is not in Florida, Join a Hoa and you lose rights, You lose the right to protest as the governor sign a bill that you can illegally run people in groups of 3 or more 

    Now the sheriffs are telling you how to vote , 

    A sheriff in Florida told new residents at a press conference on Monday that they are welcome in the state, but they'd better not "vote the stupid way" like they did when they lived up north. The sheriff made the comment while standing next to Republican Governor Ron DeSantis as he signed a bill that destroys the First Amendment rights of Florida residents.

    Talk about Nazi Germany and Desanta wants to be next furher  

  9. Power restored to Lower Keys after sailboat hits transmission lines on Seven Mile Bridge

    Power restored to Lower Keys after sailboat hits transmission lines on Seven Mile Bridge
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    (WSVN) - Power has been restored in the Lower Keys.

    Some 30,000 customers lost electricity after a 32-foot sailboat hit transmission lines near the south side of the Seven Mile Bridge, Monday morning.

    Rescue crews were able to safely remove those on board the boat.

  10. 4 hours ago, Sol Rosenberg said:


    yes and no , at least the east river is clean enough to swim in, St Lucie river isn't

    STUART, Fla. — A rainy week is expected in South Florida, and that's making some advocates for clean water nervous.

    Bright green algae blooms are already popping up in Lake Okeechobee and more rain elevates the risk for freshwater releases into the St. Lucie Estuary.

    SPECIAL COVERAGE: Protecting Paradise

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