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  1. Bob Dylan - Like A Rolling Stone (RARE 1965 - Forest Hills, NY) - YouTube Bob Dylan's infamous 1965 Forest Hills concert, where he booed by the audience when he played electric ... 5:30 Bob Dylan's infamous 1965 Forest Hills concert, where he booed by the audience when he played electric ...
  2. According to research… GOOGLE I've also heard gun shows don't require or buying one from a friend/other (off the street) no check? Think most Gun nuts would fail the pet adoption check Application. The first pet adoption requirement is to submit an application. ... Home Visit. Shelters and rescues may want a specific environment for the cats or dogs that they adopt out. ... Age requirements. ... Valid identification. ... Family meet and greet. ... Adoption fee. That's why background ch
  3. I wonder if the sexually frustrated long white male had background check , before he killed the Asians in Atlanta last week?
  4. Is This Ancient Religion Turning Men into Killers? Is This Ancient Religion Turning Men into Killers? - YouTube
  5. Too many Nuts with Guns, I seems that with Americans guns is the solution to all the problems of the planet, So 216 in 3 days, people kill 432 of every 3 days , If you want to adopt a animal back round check , drive a car back round check and testes, But any idiot can buy any gun and kill something , including each other and it's their right
  6. what about Hermaphrodites? or some one born with both sex organs or miss identified at birth as the wrong sex or intersex? Hermaphrodite - Wikipedia Think I read some where that about 2% of the world population is identified as Hermaphrodites or intersex, which is the same percentage a people born as redheads , so then can redheads play sports?
  7. Not being there , The Tank is outside above ground , about 25 gals of water/oil was removed , not leaking, Delivery guy should have noticed either during or after the delivery of the leak, Sounds like a heavy leak .The tech that came shortly after noticed the leak and started filling garbage cans with oil till a removal truck showed up . he then called the DEC, best guess is about 90% recovered, remainder either leaked or was left in the tank? My mistakes trusting the company verbally and not getting things in writing ie; tank inspection report, and what exactly they what they were goin
  8. thanks, kind of my next thoughts, Dealing for my daughter , I wanted to get the DEC to give a clean bill of health so no fines would Happen , Will proceed with a letter, Do have some sailing lawyers up there, so maybe even a phone to DART from them , would get the ball rolling.
  9. Yes I agree , things would have gone differently, I ran many an oil burners from 10 gal diesel can till I got my tank filled, but I'm 1200 miles away and with this stupid bug flying around it was hard to get there from here, I also was a nuke inspector , so I know a little about inspections I just have gotten more things in writing, but I also trust what I thought it was a reliable company and true to their word , not some bitch answering a phone , I tried numerous times to talk to "the Male owner" .I'm still puzzled how an oil company can get away with putting oil in an above ground ta
  10. Being in florida and not inspecting the tank my self I trusted them , ( no ones word means shit today) I think there was only about 25 gals of water/oil when they pumped it out, and they did say they were going to inspect the tank prior to oil delivery which was only suppose to be 20 gallons to run the the burner not the 100 gals they put in, Luckily a removal company removed around 90- 95 gals , so the spill was little
  11. My Daughter lives on Long Island , she had a fuel tank with water in it, so as a good dad, I call a fuel company "Dart Fuel Oil" to have it cleaned out , inspect the tank and run the burn ( wanted to make sure it ran) and then if need be replace the tank, So they clean out the old oil/water and suggest replacing the tank, But before that I wanted to make sure the burner ran. They said they would inspect the tank prior to installing any oil So burner guy and an oil truck show up , putting 100gals of oil which proceeds to leak on the ground, so Dart calls the DEC (EPA) to report the spill
  12. all the Snowblowers from Jersey are in florida
  13. Does that include a port tacker , if your on stbd?
  14. guns are still by far the # 1& 2 of killings See this chart: • Homicides by murder weapon in the U.S. 2019 | Statista from a Reuters article: Guns are the most commonly used weapons in both murders and suicides, according to the analysis of data from 2007 released on Thursday by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. these are just a few of many studies on Gun deaths, Going back to the 10 commandments , I don't remember any sub Paragraphs of good and bad killings, We are the most heavy arm country in the world and therefore have the most deat
  15. Typical GOP'ers Blame some one else , instead of doing your job of running the country,
  16. What happen to the good old days when you just gave your fellow driver the finger? Thank the NRA Christopher Michael Maassen died as a result of a shooting that happened on Feb 19th around 1:45pm on NB I95 at Donald Ross Rd. We know there was an altercation between two adult males.
  17. for all you gun loving Christians, VI applies for guns
  18. Ran into her at the Walmart in Jupiter , think it was the last tiger took nap at the wheel , she was shopping for him, WALMART? wtf Didn't realize it was her ,
  19. Trumps signs order for Chips Biden signs order for Chips
  20. Wrong U.S. Senate: Congressional Pay Who pays the salaries of the House of Representatives and Senate? Article I, Section 6 states, “The Senators and Representatives shall receive a Compensation for their Services, to be ascertained by Law, and paid out of the Treasury of the United States.”
  21. Here's the house that Exxon pays for and a snowflake
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