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  1. You have the right to disagree , and comment on it , but to fucking change my post is bullshit,maybe I'll start changing your post's and see how you like it!!! It won't be pretty! ARGO!
  4. Today's health care is pure capitalism , you pay alot and get nothing in return, My wife has UHC , pays 600+ a month and they cover shit, but the CEO makes 18 million a year with benny's but if you mention medicare to the rich , your a socialist or communist , or what ever name comes out of their mouth, Interesting I have a 50 old male friend that works odd sailing jobs ( trump cultist) that hates socialist but has rich mother pay for his health care wtf
  5. This week Peurto Rico has been hit with a series of earthquakes , are these just after shocks or a precursor of the big one ? How far away will the tsunami reach? florida? https://www.msn.com/en-us/weather/severeweather?trackertype=earthquakes&ocid=mailsignout
  6. First of all ,all Dems aren't liberals , a lot are independents, or moderate's if you have call names. I just don't understand this cult status trump has on people? If your for the enviroment how can you be for Trump , He has not need for the EPA, funny I have fishermen friends that make a living off the water, and he doesn't care about our waterways/oceans, but love him If you a woman how can you be for Trump " grab them by their pussies" says it all about his view of women, He's cheated on all his wives even while they were pregant? He gives tax breaks for the 1%ers and t
  7. did trump have taken out for soleimani money laundying in BAKU , hotel run by his daughter? Trump 'did business with' organisation Soleimani was part of years before death of Iran general The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps established a network of sanctions-evading entities TThe Iranian general whose killing sparked a week of heightened tensions between the US and Iran ran an organisation which Donald Trump once indirectly did business with, according to reemerged reports. THE PLOT THICKENS!
  8. We went to war 2003 there, to make it a democracy , now their democracy wants us to get out, we won ?
  9. Trump Officials Had No Idea When Or Where ‘Imminent’ Iran Attacks Would Happen Secretary of State Mike Pompeo insisted Friday that despite the lack of specifics, the attacks were really, really imminent.
  10. This whole thing was just a distraction and a setup by the IMPOTUS and his cult following to keep americans from looking behind the curtail of what's really going in this country, to you TRump fans you may just get the Dickator your looking for, just keep believing his lies! IT"S ALL A SCAM,
  11. ‘Grease’ and ’77 Sunset Strip’ Star Edd Byrnes Dies at 87
  12. to add to the SCAM: ISTANBUL —An Iranian military commander said Thursday that a barrage of missiles fired at bases used by U.S. troops in Iraq were not aimed at inflicting casualties,
  13. The whole thing was a scam, according to some of the talking heads , the US military bases were given up to a 6 hour warning of the Imment attack by the Iranians, Then Iran used some of it's old missile's with expired due dates. Wonder how much impotus paid the iranians for this scam , Didn't Trump use this from the Obama game book have a fake war (2011) to get reelected, that's what donnie said. - In media appearances prior to the 2012 election, Donald Trump repeatedly predicted that then-President Barack Obama would start a war with Iran in order to win reelection. A
  14. Buck Henry, Frequent ‘SNL’ Host And ‘The Graduate’ Screenwriter, Dies At 89 Show business mourned the comic giant, who also co-created “Get
  15. Not to go on too much about this, but: Donnie was never offically had bone spurs, the doctor that signed his draft notice never saw, x-rayed or treated him, His father own the building on Hillside ave in Queens ,NY and the doctor did it a favor for his landlord Fred Trump for certain perks, as per an interview with the doctors daugthers, I used to work on hillside ave and also heared this. My thought is if you have bone spurs now can you play tennis , golf and any other sports ? it usually shows up in older men ! Back to your regular schedule forum posts. on the subject of Iranain missil
  16. What a sad state of affair, Don't pick on my scumbag family , but I can show a person I dislike on a mazagine , ( I'm not a clinton fan) but have a coward of a father ( bone spurs ) the rotten apple didn't fall from that tree! Your dad wanted a war, so be a man and enlist and use the weapon what it was made for, what a coward .
  17. Is FAUX losing it? Hannity Rants About ‘Stupid Commentators’ Minutes After Carlson Contradicts Him The Fox News hosts are battling over a possible Iran war narrative. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/fox-news-hannity-carlson-iran-trump_n_5e143ea4c5b6b5a713c00f3b
  18. Not sure where , but Any Trumps propteries would be a good start, as a pick But when the most sacred holy day in the USA, yes, super bowl sunday 1/2 time, wonder what the point spread is? does vegas have any odds ?
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