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  1. New rules coming out 1/1/2020, which could/will change much of your retirement distributions , so depending on your age , working/retired ,401K ,IRA, SS, these rules my change some or all your retirement investments, DO YOUR MATH, video below may help you get started. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/retirement/a-new-law-is-bringing-big-changes-for-retirement-savers-especially-parents/ar-BBYgJcZ?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=mailsignout
  2. The LIE is now the parking lot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWwUJH70ubM
  3. Guess as an average worker bee, it's hard to fathom that a company worth $350billion with a CEO making $ 17 million income , why they need any money from the government ( tax payers) at all, and that probably doesn't include all the other monies we pay , like military spending and wars to protect them ? and all I want back is the money I paid into the system for SS ,medicare and the VA . I don't want anything for free just my monies back or what I was told I would get if I play the game!
  4. seems like I found the right forum to cover all the bases, He doesn't understand wind , but knows all about wind mills , that is bizarre , when was the first windmill built , guess he provided the $$$$$$$, and of course no unoin workers Wind at port jefferson would pick up ay 1537 at about 237.5 degrees magnetic at 12.5 to 16 knots and shut down 1946, did enough races and committee boats there. plumping and flushes I know little about, ref to the (im)potus, I once saw a IOR boat doing 55 , he had his AIS/gps on and being trailered on us 95. he knows words? real ones or
  5. I stand corrected it was part of the spending bill signed by trump to avoid a shut down
  6. Wasn't sure what forum to use , this one , sailing , general. I just heard at the lastest Trump rally he was an expert on Wind, so I guess he know's how to sail, ? Being a fellow NY'er I could have used his expertise when I was racing in long island sound!
  7. Ok question for you and others , when the government hands out money what do you call it? The government of both parties just SUBSIDIZED the fossil fuel companies ( oil, coal ) 1.4 trillion dollars, is that socialism ? Why do companies that make trillion of dollars in profit need our tax dollars, ? The homeless vets, sick starving children , that's the horrible socialism but give CEO's of exxon millions of dollars for yachts and that's the american way and that's good. And some one said something about teaching the hungry to fish, then all our schooling should be free! no
  8. Fun fact if your a christain you know Christ was a socialist, he didn't believe in bankers and brokers, kick out the churches/temples, he feed the hungry with loafs of bread and fish=Food stamps. He healed the sick =medicare for all, he turned water into wine for us drunks, He was against guns, thou shalt not kill, And the best for last "thou shalt not have false gods= money and Trump
  9. Ok 62 you get it and can still go sailing and enjoy life, tax rate about 12% counting all other incomes so you get about $1500 a month after taxes 66 things start going down , taxes and medical cost start adding up Tax rate up a little bit 15% so you get about $2000 a month after taxes 72- shit hits the fan, your RMD kicks in and combining all incomes your tax rate 30% so you get $1960 after taxes so what have you really gained , If you do the math the best savings is not having a sailboat at 72 , which is about 2k a month and then your liver fails which saves another 2k amo
  10. So all english man come here and all canadains come here for health care? so how come if our health care so great ( expensive , 18 % of the gdp) does the people of canada and england live longer, oh that's right they ALL come here, maybe we need more walls , one to the north and one to the east! life expectantancy:
  11. One there are many forms of socialism, We basicly live in a socialistic society, Our schools, police force , roads, water, CDC ,government, NASA, weather data, military, USCG. Medicare, medicaid, SS.we pay taxes to maintain things that are good for society, which is are forms of socialism ,there are about 20 or 30 forms of socialism. read :https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Types_of_socialism, and if you have the time watch : very informative about socialism!
  12. Well if was able to carry on interviews 15 years ago, He can't now, so what is going on? Drugs , health reasons, dementia, lack of nookie....... even his tweets half the times don't make sense , from poor wording, grammar , using the wrong words ,
  13. A socialist program , maybe , but basicly you only get out what you pay into it. Kinda agree , but you and your employer put a lot of money into , what happens to that money. As we support our elders now the young have to put in to keep the system running, maybe some kinda of phase out or buy out? same footing as health care , that's fucked up, today's health care, you pay in and don't get any or little return, The only ones benefiting from today' health ins. is the CEO's of the likes of United Health care.
  14. He was useless on the bow during a Jibe , whinning about his bone spurs
  15. It's not that how people are treating him, fairly or not , it's now he treats people ,You reap what you sow means you must eventually face the consequences of your actions.When he leaves office , Impeached, lose the election, Dies, in jail, has a nervous break down , or becomes too sick to govern, What will his Legacy be? Children keep taking from him , like he did to his father, wife divorces him , The republican party has enough of his usefullness, to fulfill there own goals and pockets. So if he wants to be treated fairly , treat others how you wanted to be treated. Look in the m
  16. very well said, ( I'm writing this more for me !) I see so many "rich " friends that are slaves to their life style , big houses with an ocean view , luxury cars, what the stock market is doing, showing off by buying people drinks,. I wonder now many can afford it? and more important are they happy. The happiest time for me when I retired 12 years ago , why? I was debt free! When every one else was sweating the great recession, I saided what recession! I've made some mistakes, got married , sold my paid off boat ( to a fucking friend ) who screwed me over, brought some cars one for
  17. Trumps new title IMPOTUS as per george conway, !has a nice ring to it
  18. Isn't there some commandment about FALSE DOGS , from a dyslexic, agnostic,
  19. go to multi forum if you have any comments,
  20. Age from birth DT 72 Trudeau 47 =25 Health age DT 92 Trud47 =45 considering what they eat and excerising Mental age DT 17 trud 47 =-30 How they act in their public DT 12 Trud 47 = - 35 Rallies/friends allies How they treat the planet 7 Trud 47= -40 Think that covers it all , pick one Now for an important topic, I see you sail/race Multi's what type , thinking about getting a tri.
  21. Isn't math fun, Interesting that all you learn at school/ college or what ever education recieved ,nothing is taught about money and this phase of our lives, I made up excel spread sheets prior to retirement, gave them to my boss and co-workers, I started this forum to get people to think about their dollar future, with out having to listen to all the millionaire talking heads , in books, on CNBC, on youtube.......
  22. charge that the 45th president abused the power of his office by enlisting a foreign government to investigate a political rival ahead of the 2020 election. The House then approved a second charge, that he obstructed Congress in its investigation.
  23. I'm sure the followers of Jim Jones , said the same thing , Another round of kool aid on the House !
  24. Orginally I thought clintons ( katie spade Anthony boudain) Then thinking about it two new yorkers had enough clout , then Donnie ( seen partying with epstien and young girls ) and the X mayor of NYC , his lawyer
  25. you sound like the gopers I was talking about, Simple question ; Is he guilty or not? yet to hear a goper or any one else say he's innocent? just a bunch of name calling as his defense, Never voted for a b clinton , but all he got impeached for was a blowjob , unlike treason for donnie boy?
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