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  1. so who do you believe about anything any more ? what is really , people are dying by the thousands , unemployment at record levels , companies are filing for bankrupty and the market up the whole week and the Emporer has not clothes ,WTF either this the worlds biggest con job, or we're all fuck
  2. First the stock market DOW is only 16 stocks, so only about 50% of americans +/- are in the market, the market is also be controlled by the FED Repro $ , and QE, to shore it up. Also the market is not the economy as 50% are not in the "market", Homeless #'s up, People not making car payments, is up, unemployment #'s up. The bond curve is is in the gutter, Major stores and Mall going bankrupt, so I guess Trump is doing a great job
  3. stuff at home watching reruns, SOPPRANO"s you can't be a big realestate broker in NYC with out the mob ( not man over board) so what the difference between Tony Sopprano and Donald Trump ?
  4. thanks for the laugh. Like your pun apple /core, I this case apple is rotten to the core. I tried to save the Pass words on the computer , till my cloud got hit by lighting , and some little girl with a dog Toto! flew by Paper and pencil seems to work the best
  5. thanks for the info, I have a android computer, and it won't work with or even down load itunes, think going to have to wait till things open up and bring it to a Apple store, this is the exact reason I don't want anything to do with Apple.
  6. Interesting , socialism is what good for society, think of a bee hive, there are many forms of socialism,Christ teaching were socialism, heal the sick, feed the hungry , do away with money lenders and so on, Our early country was found around churches and the good of the community "socialism", If your over 62 and on social security, medicare isn't that socialism? Our armed forces ,police, fire fighters teachers, doctors, nurses,........... were formed to protect our society ,socialism,! so if socialism is for society what is capitalism for capital or money? Here's a 20 minute video a
  7. I printed out all my passwords, it turn out to be over a page long, I try to update them , including your key words , hobbies , schools ............... I usually tell to to put important papers , in a plastic bag , and then in the freezer,, so when she ask for things , look in the freezer, works some times
  8. question of the day? My daughter send me her IPAD.which is disabled due to password issues, So I go on line ( google ) how to reset ipad without itunes, So my computer won't load itunes, ( and even if it could I don't want it, ) so any great minds out there think they could help. It's just amazing how these companies make you buy there product, to make there product work, and then you have to update them to make them keep working, bring back the old rotorary phones,
  9. Thanks , I need that , made my day LMAO
  10. couldn't agree more, Trump/Biden 2 old guys , suffering from < lets just say old age, Then you have Pence, he's scarier then trump,, so it's up to Joe to chose wisely, Lets say some not a boomer, that can speak , and has a brain between their ears, That maybe can unite this country,
  11. Trump always wanted to be #1 , guess he won this one? now all the trump cultist want to go out and play, ★United States 1,158,393 ↑ 54,932 (4.98%) 16,475 67,290 ↑ 2,347 (3.61%) 160,668 930,435 ★Spain 245,567 ↑ 32,132 (15.05%) 2,386 25,100 ↑ 557 (2.27%) 146,233 74,234 ★Italy 209,328 ↑ 1,900 (0.92%) 1,539 28,710 ↑ 474 (
  12. when all the cultist start wearing them , he'll say it was his idea
  13. A good stay at home game, since Trump took office how many and who has been fired , resigned, quit , ask to leave,............... I thought he only hired the best? Trump Chooses Replacement For Top HHS Official Who Embarrassed Him
  14. I thought , probably as many do , that Trump wants the meat packing plants open for the good of Americans WRONG! The man is a fucking scumbag Trump push to keep meatpacking plants open comes as pork producers profit from China trade deal
  15. We are a nation /world of greed and control, we always have to have more and more , more aminals on chains, in cages in zoo, every one has to have a DOG!, how good is that for the planet, when all they do is eat , shit and piss on every thing, Plants at least in florida , always have to be trimmed to a square , weed whackers and leaf blowers just keep blowing shit around . I just moved into a furnish house , with shelves of knickknacks (a small worthless object, especially a household ornament.) and last count at least 15 plastic plants, and about 20 lamps, thats all in a small 2/2. Every car/
  16. Watching this film , it basicly showed " there's no free ride " with making /using energy. working in nukes for many years to produce clean energy, what a joke, Millions of cubic feet of concrete , miles of piping, and copper cables , but it was CO2 free. As mike pointed out even wood fire plants, cut down forrests , using diesel machinery, And even solar panels use tons of fossil fuels to produce Even us sailors ever wonder how much oil goes into making a sail boat , from the fiberglass hull , mile of Lines , and even sails made of Mylar /Kelvar. I not a fan of mr Moore , but
  17. I wonder if they used Lysol? New Zealand claims 'elimination' of coronavirus with new cases in single digits
  18. why Trump wants to get rid of the Post Office , mail in votes? or Lobbist for fedex?
  19. don't abortion protesters use the it's my body my choice expression ?
  20. does this count as exercise , I guess it depends if your the giver or taker?
  21. Jim Jones used Koolaid, donnie boy uses lime flavored Lysol
  22. so if your right why do we get a flu shot, I thought a small amount of the flu is injected into your body , to build your immune system to prevent the flu?. Guess I'll just stick to lime flavored Lysol , works for me and donnie
  23. Yes, Vermont DID Restrict the Sale of Seeds in Some Stores ‘cuz COVID-19 I think there were a few other midwest states , but couldn't find them on a google search
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