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  1. I had one with Prudentail, rate it so/so, cash it in last year as it peak it's growth, It was supposely one of the better ones? It was 7% for 7 years, They stopped it cause they were losing money on it, 1- do your homework, there all not the same 2- go with a know company 3- a lot of talking heads finance guys are against them, 4- what's your short and long term goals ? 5- Do the math, how old are you, what's your other incomes, ( SS, pensions, debt versus income ratio, inflation .................) Very important what's your RMD at 72?
  2. not for nothing , I just realize that market is traded in points not dollars, da! like a ponzi scheme! If the government is bailing out , Cruise liners, Airlines, oil companies , who's paying for it? annd who gets the bail out $$$, CEO's stock traders. how about the average worker/ Citizen getting some or that's right we can't cause that's socialism . we just have to pay the capitalist pigs (aka gopers)
  3. Better or worse , we'll never know, But in typical republican form , it's always some one else fault, from his own aides , to O to hillary, Popularized by US president Harry Truman. The phrase is based on the metaphorical expression passing the buck, derived from poker gameplay, that came to mean "passing blame", or absolving oneself of responsibility or concern by denying authority or jurisdiction over a given matter.
  4. People love , worship , and know our POTUS will get us thru this crisis , to prove my point look at todays futures after his brillant, beautiful, knowlegable speech last night.............................................................................NOT , dow futures down 1500 pts or 5%
  5. hey keep hitting the snooooze button, cause their in lalala land
  6. I guess I've been called a liberal , I consider myself a independent, I don't like being put in any ones box, ( party , cult ......) your identified of who you are and what your looking at , ie; fire island ny, if your straight your weird, in annapolis if your a sailor your the norm, in jupiter a sailor is weird , but power boaters are the norm.................
  7. LMAO! that is too funny, made me laugh thanks
  8. ok a little time travel 2024; toyota MR2, hope they don't screw it up like the new Supra aka BMW
  9. Right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh claims the global coronavirus outbreak is being “exaggerated” and “lied about” in an attempt to make President Donald Trump look bad. He also compared the virus coverage to that of hurricanes, the Russia investigation and impeachment hearings. If hurricanes are fake , why did he board up his house on Palm beach and haul his Yacht when the last hurricane was coming, After The CPAC thing some of the senators put themselves on self-quarantine for a virus that doesn't exist or to quote there leader USA will only have 5 cases! Now the l
  10. The market triggered a ‘circuit breaker’ that kept stocks from falling through the floor. Here’s what you need to know In the days weeks months your going to see massive bail outs of big corparations , so the CEO can keep there huge salaries , and who going to pay for that, hint look in the mirror. The lobbyist now will get there reward for dumbing all that money in the GOP , Rich take care of the rich and steal from the little guy, so now do you "stand your ground " against the Banks/Bankers?
  11. DJIA23883.85 -1980.93-7.66% S&P 5002759.79-212.58-7.15% NASDAQ7970.49-605.13-7.06% or as drump put it :
  12. ROCK AND A HARD PLACE Nasa asteroid alert as THREE 170-foot space rocks to skim past Earth on Wednesday
  13. FLOCK OF BLACK SWANS=, Debt level, negative interest rates, inverted yeild curve ,oil price dwn 30% people working form home, cruise ships not allowed to dock, massive repro, QE, bailouts of corparate america, people stop believing faux news ,= depression , let's see trump tweet his way out of this Trump will leave office on 4/23/2020
  14. The lab was down the street from my house in RKY, pt tower long since gone.......fun fact worked at shoreham nuke building it , testing it, taking it apart
  15. Lets see a bunch of old Jerseyites in a traffic circle ,love to hear the google maps " turn left now, turn left now turn left now". They could put bleachers and call it "The Daytona Forever " NASCAR= Newark Adult Slow Cars Around Rotary
  16. have one! how can a vet support a draft dodger?
  17. IMPOTUS, lies and belittles many with his tweets and word , but that ok he's god chosen one , but have one Dem saying that the thin republicans can't handle there up in arms.I remind the the time ( voted for many) that republicans were about strenght and intergity , now they act light 2 year olds and cry at the drop of a hat. Shit not only look at what that POS tweets about the other party , look what he says about his allies of his own party when they disagree with him , How many has he fired of own staff?? I long for the GOP to return to the character and leadership they once had.
  18. NOISE: It has to be the worst state for noise, ie constant daily use of 2cyl weed wacker, lawn mowers , side walk trimmers and the worst leaf blowers , Leaf blowers are really stupid, they just keep blowing trimmings and dirt around and it never really goes any were, I watch one guy blowing against the wind for hours . Then you have motor cycles , they need loud pipes , why ? you only hear them after they pass you doing 90. or driving up and down the same street " look at me I'm an old fuck on a Harley, Then you have the noddle ladies all xxx#'s ( walking in the poo
  19. LMAO, didn't think they could motor that fast, Lets get away from real life and talk about the Ponzi market,
  20. Agree with your Drump thing, wonder how may sudfeds it takes to get that body moving: They have to be doing some good shit at the WH: Wall Street wants more than Fed rate cuts to deal with the coronavirus scare! “The Fed’s stimulus doesn’t fix broken supply chains or persuade people who are worried about being exposed to the virus to leave their homes,” PGIM’s Nathan Sheets wrote. from cnbc About the ALIR, had a J-35 on my stern from montauk down LIS, did a peel change from the 3/4 chute to the 1/2 oz. and walked away from him,hit the Conn. side and kept moving finishing that night, the n
  21. Tell me if I'm right /WRONG, The market seems to want to go down for a lot of reasons , but the Feds/major banks under trumps direction lowers rates so the market looks good to get reelected, So what happens when the trump fed runs out of ammo.and we get negative interest rates? you'll have to pay the banks to keep your money there? Amati said best "Money in the stock market can be like fairy dust," I hear all the time hear in Jupiter ( yes the planet) I made 50,000 to today as the market was up 1,000 pts, so I say to you sell ? "well no it's going higher" so if you didn't sell you m
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