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  1. Was always a Dylan fan, saw him at forrest hills mid 60's , But this song is on the money now more then ever , thanks
  2. Questions of the day: Has Donnie boy ever told the true about anything? I think it's funny that people that play the market actually believe him , or is just a big Ponzi scheme, that the big boys are playing? lowest gas price how much and where?
  3. Wow she was right ! planes stop flying and air pollution / smog clears up.
  4. This country " didn't elect a fool as president" the electoral college did. The republicans are the RATS sinking a desserted ship. So how's his tariff war with china doing these days , it was an easy win according to him. Now we can't get Medical supplies and drugs needed that they make ! Good win. Now lets talk about oil , I remember in the sixties , you fill up your car and bikini clad girls would wash your windows , then give you free glasses, are those coming back? Oil under 18 dollars a barrel , and how much navy $$$$$$$$$$$$'s, to keep the straits of Homez... open WTF Mean
  5. probably the only thing they'll hit is each other from the picture it looks like most are still in diapers, the young cause mommy take care of them and the old ones use depends
  6. I like the tuff ones wearing masks, that cracks me up,what a matter thet afraid of a little virus
  7. Trump's Saturday coronavirus briefing was littered with false claims, old and new
  8. what a great King; Trump's Saturday coronavirus briefing was littered with false claims, old and new
  9. always brought my sails from Mark , shore/doyle now OneSails North Atlantic. always a stand up guy, Dick "Quantum" Devos your wife Can't Understand Normal Thinking, don't buy there sails
  10. simple answer: 1- when you can paper goods ( tp /paper towels ) at the grocey store, then you know it's over 2- IMPOTUS is gone!
  11. Mine's going to BIDEN , I'm sure he'll cash it LOL
  12. That why the trickle down theory never works, The middle class always spent , the rich never do
  13. fucking spell check ,Dumb /Dump same difference my first laugh of the day thanks
  14. no DD yet, can I hold back that amount from what I owe the IRS If I get a check sign by the king, I'm giving it to Biden, to wave it , with a thanks to trump on the first debate!
  15. If Junk mail is the big money maker ,why aren't they showing a profit? that's about 90% of what I get! On Long Island , I would have a POB ( as they wouldn't delievered when it snowed?) but any how , at the POB building , there was a table to go thru your mail, next to the talbe was a huge Garbage can , at the end of the day it was full of junk mail, What a waste of paper and wood to make that paper, SAVE A TREE! Interesting enough I only get 2 bills a month that I pay with a stamp, most is done on line Another fun fact all postal workers I know love trrump and he's the one th
  16. So who got there checks so far? NOT ME! ‘This is such chaos’: Americans report continuous problems with the IRS coronavirus stimulus check tracking tool
  17. The government today says it's the CEO's. Well a good CEO takes care of it's workers! This country seems to have forgotten this ! Bravo Zulu =well done in the navy
  18. the post office , should be modernize , to say the least,, no it should be put out of business , just be made more efficent , do we really mail every day to get a box full of junk mail, ? maybe junk mail should all come one day a week ,and be charged full rate! but regular mail is slow as shit, ? Go to a 3 , 4, or five day work week, elimating overtime for the 6th day, tell me is there really any mail you need on saturday?that would cut down on the work force , overtime , sick time and vacations and then .There pensions ( from friends that are for th
  19. WOW it's over went from a hoax to the flu and now it's over, All you republicans should go out and shake each others hands , and let the rest know how that works out! Trump says US has ‘passed the peak’ of coronavirus outbreak
  20. CORONAsoVIRUS CORONTrump tells governors to stop 'blaming' him after they request more help from fedsAVIRUS Trump tells governors to stop 'blaming' him after they request more help from feds Trump tells governors to stop 'blaming' him after they request more helpw
  21. 25 him /his days are numbered only 9 more days 04/14/2020 01:52 pm ET Updated 4 hours ago Trump’s Cabinet MIA As Coronavirus Pandemic Rages It’s supposed to be “all hands on deck,” but it’s really not.
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