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  1. I heard there's a poll going around , who do you believe Trump or Satan , satan winning 2 to1
  2. The market is so rigged , when are these people going to stop lying to us? and we're suppose to be a christain nation , so who benefits from all the Bullshit, The avg working man or the rich CEO's how much money do you need to steal to make your life better The market tanks so the feds cut more rates WTF: The U.S. Federal Reserve’s emergency 50 basis point rate cut on Tuesday was not driven by last week’s market capitulation, but it was taken into account, Cleveland Federal Reserve President Loretta Mester told CNBC.
  3. Is anyone at the helm ? known unknowns.=10yr bond closed under 1% unknown unknowns =Black swan ,
  4. Thing that bother me is the overnight REPRO / QE ( printing of $$$$) coupled with the real low interest rates, also the inverted yield curve on the bond market There's alot of unknow's
  5. dual post, thought this needed to be on virus and market forums Cramer: ‘Unless the Fed can create a vaccine or beat the virus,’ rate cuts won’t matter
  6. Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO of GE, dies at 84
  7. we were both off, Synonyms for diverse | adj.different; various differing. disparate. distinct. divergent. diversified.
  8. Trump taunts Bloomberg and gets standing ovation https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2020/02/29/trump-mocks-bloomberg-cpac-vpx.cnn/video/playlists/this-week-in-politics/ That's it , the stock market goes down,the world maybe facing a pandemic , and all that fucking clown can do is make fun of short people , Fuck him , (yes I'm short) at least I'm not a fucking scum bag joke of a president, Is that better, any one that vote him is a retard like him
  9. Down here I've been seeing a couple of BLACK SWANS any by you? Why did gold/silver fall this week ? People selling to meet there margin calls! What will next week / month bring? like to here what our diversive group of sailors think?
  10. You maybe right , if only he would stay focus , stop your name calling/blaming of the people he dislike , it makes him look like a grade school insecure person.
  11. last words ,Edward J. Smith, the captain of the Titanic, said his last words to the crew: “Well boys, do your best for the women and children, and look out for yourself.” He was planning on retiring after the voyage. As compared to present Coward in Charge: It's the Dems fault, it's the virus, it's my lawyers , it's the stock market, it's all the people that I fired (too many to name) it's my bone spurs, it's my x wives, it's my hooker GF's , IT'S MY CADDY Well Donnie your the POTUS act like one !
  12. The virus is the " black swan " The real problem is the debt that the government and individuals have, I just read that car loans have hit 1 trillion dollars of closurers ? Some of the other problems is the low interest rates, the inverted curve , the REPRO borrowing to meet the daily borrowing, the Feds and big 6 banks keep printing money, A fake economy based on debt. The fake stock market was hitting new highs ( bubble). All so Trump will get relected, The matter is once he gets reelected will he care about the economy or the stock market NOT
  13. Market down over 10% , didn't some time traveller tell everone to sell, I guess some did!
  14. Maybe or Maybe not , that O man spoke with out a teleprompter, he's not our president,' So Drump ran on MAGA, from the likes of O, hilary , bernie, ,so it's easy to say their failing of the past , but we're living with todays clown , not them! So my question is what has been done to MAGA? The only thing I've seen done is the rich got richer with the tax breaks, and the planet got dirtier! For me the economy was 10 times better with the O then with drump,
  15. who's Drump going to blame it on? crooked hilary, O, bernie, shorty bloom, turtle mitch, seems that all he's good for blaming others, like he did in high school , college, home life, x wives
  16. as a boomer playing the market game is too stressful, I did sell about a year ago then got back in alittle in sept. for reasons I'd rather be in a fixed income, Yes timing the market , doesn't work , Watch a movie "the Hummingbird Project, " These funds/banks/ brokerage houses are dealing in 10's of microseconds , also the old adage buy low sell high , How many record highs before the bubble pops? remember you only make money when you sell the rest is just jagged lines on the computer screen
  17. In 2006 Ludlow said we're in a goldilocks economy , and then !!!!!!!!!!!!! Today: Trumps $$$$$ guy; Larry Kudlow says US has contained the coronavirus and the economy is holding up nicely as the market down another 800 pts warning signs : Inverted curve, Repro , QE, Feds printing $$$$$$$$$$$$ fake record highs on the market, Just my thought for the day! I sold monday morning as I did in 2006.
  18. If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you, Fact , the Dr that sign his draft notice was on the 800 block of Hillside ave Queens NY, That doctor never treat him , but quess who the landlord was , donnie's father, If he had this bad foot disease how could he play tennis , golf , football ? If he did a great job in school , why to he sue that school not to release his grades?
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