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  1. Question of the day; Did IMPOTUS sink to Rush's level or did Rush sink to IMPOTUS level?
  2. Obama did a pretty job of it considering what he inherited from GWB, Trump’s stock market rally is very good, but still lags Obama and Clinton from Newsweek; On Obama's first inauguration day in 2009, the S&P 500 closed at 805.22. Over the next three years, the S&P index increased by 57 percent to 1,265.33, according to an analysis of stock market data. During the same time period under Trump, the index grew from 2,271.31 on Inauguration Day 2017 to 3,224.01 three years later, an increase of 42 percent. While certain indicators during the Trump presidency have undou
  3. MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. — The Florida Highway Patrol says Trooper Joseph Bullock, a 19-year veteran of the agency, was shot and killed on Wednesday in the line of duty on Interstate 95 in Martin County. FHP said that around 10:15 a.m., the 42-year-old trooper was assisting a disabled vehicle in the northbound lanes of I-95 near mile marker 107, just south of Martin Highway. A suspect who was with the disabled vehicle opened fire, shooting and killing Trooper Bullock. "A Riviera Beach police officer who was passing by engaged the suspect, fatally shooting him," said Col. Gene Spauldi
  4. not a Rommey fan but good to see one senator not voting as per the direction of their Cult, United we stand divide we fall, 2 more days left for Trunp 4/23/20, should be a day not one mentions his name, that will drive him crazy, Pass it on! election day
  5. Trump says he will award Rush Limbaugh with Medal of Freedom THIS IS FUCKING BULLSHIT! I HOPE DIES A PAINFUL LONG DEATH!
  6. Every one was up in arms at kneeling for the NA, but it's Ok for the IMPOTUS to make fun of it? He just gave the finger to all americans and servicemen, is he a retard or just doesn't give a shit about this country?
  7. Thanks for the chuckle this morning, don't take life too serious , laugh and have fun , life's too short
  8. Seems like a cowards way for both parties, the R's can vote for but still keep face and the dems it's a half win ,sounds like a football game that ends 14-14 with not overtime
  9. Tom , it was a joke ! , lighten up, or are u....................
  10. Karma!, I hope for a recovery , but can't speak,
  11. Sailed a Olson 30 , LIS and fall series MBFS, over 30+kts took one knock down that bent the spin pole in half, never remembered a race cancelled! I was going to get T-shirts " I survived a Garuda knock down ",, but I would have made 100's on them for the crews , some of my crew would call them a tactical knock down's , also did the ALIR in her 220nm What a fun boat to sail in heavy stuff, think we had it planning over 16kts
  12. noted , if that's the case you would think he would show a little respect for a fellow serviceman , that did 2 tours in NAM
  13. so what did the can do to you, you drink your beer or soda out it , then you have to kill it? now that's how to get rid of cans, lot cheaper then ammo
  14. telling me to fuck off, sounds like I hit a nerve, lol So what branch of the service were you in , and what was your body count ? So what's the purpose of assault weapons? just for killing the school kids in school, church goers , night club patrons concert fans ? and do tell me what the 2A is about? fun fact, United States has the most killings in the free world , think about 50,000 a year, compared to other civilized countries , So to answer my question if your a assault weapon owner and haven't killled any one , then your a COWARD! ARGO!
  15. I believe in the 2nd amend. and every one should have a musket, That being sad, assisinations are killed by a single shot ( JFK) comes to mind.and hunters even use single shot rifles. As being a vietnam vet, I feel the only people that own assault weapons are either killers or cowards, which are you ,if you own one
  16. donald duck was saw kissing a black young swan, See what the PERFECT Economy is like on election day
  17. this always reminds of the Twilight zone series where the boy turns a man into a jack in the box
  18. sounds like your smoking some good shit, the whole system rigged , just don't understand you and any other R'arts think IMPOTUS , is a decent person, He cheats and lies to everyone, wives, senators , generals , admirals , his own staff, (Can't wait kelly conway writes her book, ) the Fed. and his fake economy, I had a much better life with the O man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's made us the laugh stock of leaders around the world,
  19. we're all fucked , good to see the R senator's supporting the their CULT leader. not even hearing witness , he's right he can kill some one and get away with it , just ask his pal epstien or the general that had dirt on him
  20. little fun fact , who was the president the last time Kansas city was in the super bowl , ?
  21. Was sailing ( motoring , no wind) back from Block years ago with the auto helm on ,all of a sudden the boat starts doing S turns,wtf? Then a mile in front of me a Boomer heading for Groton ct. comes up in front of me, I guess he past under me and his electromagnet waves messed with my Flux gate compass. it was pretty cool!
  22. NO !Trump said Thursday U.S. officials have the coronavirus outbreak “all under control,” adding that it’s a “very small problem in this country. He will always blame it on some one else, I think he might have also said it's a PERFECT virus..............
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