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  1. What's your opinion on the senate trail , fair / whitewash, Will it change your view on Trump
  2. My daughter was attacked by a neigbhors dog , and got permant scare on her face, if I had a gun I would have shot the dog! Where we live in long island , people would come out from the city in the summer, get a dog and in the fall let it go, these dogs would form packs and kill the deers , rabbits and yes even attack children, The local police were given permission to shot these dogs ! some fun facts Dog attacks in the US kill more people then Jaws (sharks) and gators Fatal dog attacks in the United States are rare, although non-fatal dog bites are not unusual. Typically, betw
  3. I heard all the late night talk show hosts , fired there writers , for laughs all they do is quote the IMPOTUS
  4. Are you sure? just recieved this from the martain rover
  5. another question can trump serve , in a weightless atmoshere , he'll be about a perfect 180 and marching with bonespur NOT A PROBLEM, and as Commander and Chef , hopefully he'll visit the barracks on Mars, it should also improve his driving game.
  6. With all the forums on Iran, Impotus ................... fiqured I lighten things up up with a litle humor Ok are there deserts in space, ? so why have Camouflage unit forms in space , if so shouldn't they be black with little white lights?
  7. Interesting Soleimani was involve in a money laundering scheme in a hotel in Baku, and quest what family was also involved in the same hotel: is that why he was killed? Ivanka, Trump-Azerbaijan Tower, And Money Laundering The Trump-Azerbaijan Tower project is a notoriously shady deal and for some reason nobody seems to care. By digby
  8. I agree and disagree, I don't think an Impeachment is good for the country , but I'm afraided that Trump trumps up situtation where he has to stay in office and become a king, also if he's convicted ,and the empty suit takes his place , I don't think he'll be able to f things up until the elections and we get a new potus, wether it be a dem or goper
  9. You have the right to disagree , and comment on it , but to fucking change my post is bullshit,maybe I'll start changing your post's and see how you like it!!! It won't be pretty! ARGO!
  12. Today's health care is pure capitalism , you pay alot and get nothing in return, My wife has UHC , pays 600+ a month and they cover shit, but the CEO makes 18 million a year with benny's but if you mention medicare to the rich , your a socialist or communist , or what ever name comes out of their mouth, Interesting I have a 50 old male friend that works odd sailing jobs ( trump cultist) that hates socialist but has rich mother pay for his health care wtf
  13. This week Peurto Rico has been hit with a series of earthquakes , are these just after shocks or a precursor of the big one ? How far away will the tsunami reach? florida? https://www.msn.com/en-us/weather/severeweather?trackertype=earthquakes&ocid=mailsignout
  14. First of all ,all Dems aren't liberals , a lot are independents, or moderate's if you have call names. I just don't understand this cult status trump has on people? If your for the enviroment how can you be for Trump , He has not need for the EPA, funny I have fishermen friends that make a living off the water, and he doesn't care about our waterways/oceans, but love him If you a woman how can you be for Trump " grab them by their pussies" says it all about his view of women, He's cheated on all his wives even while they were pregant? He gives tax breaks for the 1%ers and t
  15. did trump have taken out for soleimani money laundying in BAKU , hotel run by his daughter? Trump 'did business with' organisation Soleimani was part of years before death of Iran general The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps established a network of sanctions-evading entities TThe Iranian general whose killing sparked a week of heightened tensions between the US and Iran ran an organisation which Donald Trump once indirectly did business with, according to reemerged reports. THE PLOT THICKENS!
  16. We went to war 2003 there, to make it a democracy , now their democracy wants us to get out, we won ?
  17. Trump Officials Had No Idea When Or Where ‘Imminent’ Iran Attacks Would Happen Secretary of State Mike Pompeo insisted Friday that despite the lack of specifics, the attacks were really, really imminent.
  18. This whole thing was just a distraction and a setup by the IMPOTUS and his cult following to keep americans from looking behind the curtail of what's really going in this country, to you TRump fans you may just get the Dickator your looking for, just keep believing his lies! IT"S ALL A SCAM,
  19. ‘Grease’ and ’77 Sunset Strip’ Star Edd Byrnes Dies at 87
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