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  1. The problem with this trade war was there was NO game plan , including what to do from the coin toss to the 2 minute warning Seems like our great leader tweeted one morning on the bowl , lets have a trade war , we'll win , never consulting , his aides ( to busy firing them) US business's , and even the people in proverty that it would effect the most. Seems like this weeks trade deal , benefits china the most, but donnie claiming it a victory? to boost the stock market, ( not everyone is in the market) Tarriff's are nothing more then a taxed passed on to the american people, ie; put a ta
  2. My wife watch a couple of hallmark , talk about the an unreal world and relationships Stole this line from SNL, go to 55 sec " mom's if you kids are watching the Hallmark ch. there already gay as hell:
  3. Melania defends her husband for picking on a young girl (bullying) but don't pick on her little mommies boy, cause he doesn't have an opinion about any thing and only does what he is told to do, WTF ,
  4. then fun becomes scary , when you buy the car they want you too, or what stocks you'll invest in, Then comes the real "HERE'S JOHNNY " controling who you'll vote for , maybe give your DNA at the polling booth, to see if you ballot is even counted, That's if we still have elections
  5. maybe cause I'm a Boomer, yes we all know about the "red head kid" but that's not the point, why do we need to DNA test everyone and air all our dirty laundry. some secrets should be left in the closet. ( a pun) The real point of this lastest DNA testing is not about the past , but now their going to use it to control your future. ie would be health care , who gets what based on your DNA, or how children are educated based on their DNA, Who really know's what the these people have planned for you based on your DNA. I think it's funny, all the sci-fi movies and comic books of the 50
  6. So I just completed my first tank of 89/93 , and there's the results gas mileage around town up from 22 mpg to 25 mpg. Car seem a little quicker, actual burn rubber for the first time since a got the car , and that was in the ECO mode, will take it easier from how on ! savings per tank full was about $3. which would equal $ 200 to $300 a year. Next car I buy will burn 87! thanks for alls input.
  7. Getting caught? well everyone lives a perfect life , according to who, you. maybe you health insurance is raise or canceled due to your DNA, maybe one of your parents is not yours, maybe your not relate to your brother or sisters ,maybe one of your children is not yours, maybe your DNA shows up at a crime scene , that you didn't commit. maybe your nationality is different then you think, that your boss hates, maybe even your sex is different then your birthcerticate ( hermordite or an extra Xor Y chrosone) or if some kid from vietnam shows up at your door and says Hi dad? or you donate sperm t
  8. Lets see what president open trade with China? Today, the U.S. has an open-trade policy with China, which means goods are traded freely between the two countries, but it wasn't always this way. On February 21, 1972, President Richard M. Nixon arrived in China for an official trip. and what president was impeached after trade dealings with china! you can't make this shit up
  9. Trump can pick on women young and old, But he's no match for the Dictators of the world: "Trump halts new China tariffs and rolls back some of the prior duties on $120 billion of imports"/> as per CNBC
  10. There HERE! Under a Defense Department contract, scientists at the Battelle Memorial Institute here have been helping the Army design the plastic tag. It would contain medical information vital to decisions medics might have to make in a foxhole. If a soldier were wounded, such data as drug allergies, chronic conditions, inoculations and a record of recent illnesses and medications would be accessible by plugging the dog tag into a reader the size of a pocket radio. The information would appear on a liquid crystal display. The medic could even insert into the dog tag the nat
  11. Stayed either Essex yacht club or Essex island marina, closed the Gris a few times, some good stories of those times !
  12. Apple is offering free genetic tests to all its Silicon Valley employees looks like a start of a good steven king book /movie, how apple controls , employee's / users with DNA Here's Johnny!
  13. Use to sail from Port Jeff, CT river, essex, hamburge cove then out to block , new port.
  14. Anti - bullying should be taught at home, or in this case the WH, A good parent or in this case wife should take the phone away from the moron using it!
  15. Premium , for the few extra buckets , oh well, It is good on US95, to do the speed limit 95 Ok so I'm driving on Alligator Alley doing 100, I look in the mirror and see lights flashing, so I nail it 110, 120, 130+ , so I say this is crazy , so I pull over, The highway patrolman gets out his car pissed and ask why I was going so fast, Well officer "my last wife ran off with a patrolman and I thought it was you" trying to return her, he let me go with a warning !
  16. Having done 2 tours of duty in Vietnam, and it wasn't till I got home and years later , I found out what a bullshit lie we were told. So now seeing how badly we treat our vets. We send our boys to far off lands to protect what? OIL , EXXON........ We haven't won a war since WWII not bad for the most expensive military in the world. Funny the company that made the most money in the Iraqi war was Haliburton and who was the CEO, Chennny, We created a vacum in Iraqi and who filled it, ISIS!
  17. Thanks for all the input, I think for now , I'll mostly use 93 or 91 , and every other 1/2 tank fill with 89, 2 interesting things the 93 might have been a deal breaker , I only found when the sales man showed how to open the gas cap , you need the key pod , paper work wass done, The second the finance department sold me a extended warranty which I didn't need as the orginally warranty was still good, When I found out I made a very loud stink in the showroom and got my money back, Warning DON"T LET THE FINANCE DEPT sell you ANYTHING it's a total rip off.
  18. Watch "Charlie Wilson's War" based on the true story and where we failed in Afghanistan after beating the Russians in the late 90's Which was also there longest war!
  19. Reflecting on his meeting with Malala last year, the President released the following statement to congratulate her and Kailash on their remarkable accomplishments in the pursuit of peace:
  20. I brought a used 2016 Lexus RC 200T, basicly a 4 cylinder turbo, pretty good on gas mileage but when the turbo kicks he does take off. My days of street drag racing are well over so really don't care about the 0-60 or 1/4 mile times. So my question is : the manual recomends 91 octance, , but can't find it, so 87 , 89, and 93. my problem is 93 is about 70 cents more a gallon , I've read that if you mix 89 and 93 = you get 91, so I've tried always filling the tank when it's 1/2 full with alternating 89 / 93. So is either 89 or 93 bad for the engine? any thoughts?
  21. Jeff Bezos named businessperson of the decade by global finance chiefs lets see he could hit the trifecta, cover of time, businessperson of the decade, the greatest president to be impeached
  22. Boomer here! When I was growing up I saw some great things for this country, with JFK president, to space travel and men on the moon. and over the years we have had good and bad times, but we always seem to be the world leader. I voted for good and bad presidents of both parties, To me this country has been about diversity, an
  23. not sure if this belongs here, just a picture of a tough NYer going to work with a cup of joe , maybe a new ad for ? https://www.msn.com/en-us/video/animals/rat-carrying-coffee-cup-on-new-york-city-subway-track-goes-viral/vi-BBXPeOL?ocid=mailsignout
  24. the president of the US shouldn't be mocked by anyone, if only we had one
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