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  1. if your referring to your high standards of $$$$$ I probably didn't make it, but I retired 12 years ago, early and been living the dream, with good sailing and friends........ To quote: Avicii, "when I die , I want to be remembered for the life I lived , not for the money I made!, Never seen a rich person that's happy, Their too worried about chasing the dollar, and wake up it's all rigged, wait till the next market crash and see who made it,
  2. President Donald Trump on Monday insisted he was right to warn Alabama of a non-existent hurricane threat and attacked a TV reporter who pointed out the fact that the state was not at risk from Dorian. Of course he blamed it on FEMA as he is so fucking perfect. at least it is a state! However, Trump on Sunday did not refer to “certain original scenarios” but instead said after a FEMA briefing that “this just came up, unfortunately” as he spoke about a supposed threat to Alabama. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/donald-trump-hurricane-dorian-alabama_n_5d6dde95e4b01108045
  3. Interesting that self proclaimed billionaires made there $$$$$$$, they 2 things in common: 1- they all got all there money from daddy 2-There hire illegals to keep profiles high and they don't follow OSHA regs 2 come to mind Donnie "golden hair , and the bad Koch Brothers Koch Foods, one of the country’s largest poultry processors with more than $3 billion in annual sales and with plants around the country, employs more than 10,000 people. The company was subjected to immigration enforcement action in 2007 and 2019.
  4. good to see our ...................( fill in the blank) is following the "Cat 5/4) or as he puts it a lot of wind and wet stuff would be nice if he care about US
  5. just saw this on Mike's weather site, dark funny
  6. enlighten me , you seem to be an self proclaimed expert, There both GREEDY in my book. and thieves that steal from the working man, Yes we need corporations , but they need to share with the working people that make there company . Pure capitalism and pure socialism don't work, How about some place in the middle!
  7. It's capitalist GREED , A wonderful thing , Any Lie to make money, Probably a good Christain , What would christ think of all this GREED, Interesting Jesus was probably a socialist: Thou shalt not kill , guess the Greedy NRA, Trump , and all our congress did get that message , Christ Healed the sick , Medicare Christ feed the hungry with loaf of bread , and fish , Food stamps Thou shalt not steal, Didn't Christ kick all the Bankers and stock brokers out the temples But I guess all these things are forgotten as long as your a billionaire
  8. good luck to your family, hope they rebuild Nippers
  9. 0800 cat 5 160kts , but still heading up the gulf stream
  10. european model shows it going to about 160 Kts, ( 210 mph)
  11. On another note , land fall the SC,NC,Virg?
  12. to quote Ron White , you can't fix stupid. What happens when he stops short , while smoking ?
  13. Actress Valerie Harper dies at 80
  14. Xi is playing Trump, next year before the election China will push Trump into a corner, so Xi will go along with the trump bs and then next august They'll come out firing , which will make him look like the moron he is, and Xi doesn't want trump elected
  15. still looking good for Margot largo, west palm beach is f.....d, looks like for now the european model is winning out, as that bermuda high is pushing south and west that's the case it might not even make land fall but hang off the coast and follow the gulf stream north Abandoned boats could cause havoc during Hurricane Dorian, interesting article from local news , and good video, My old J-37 ( which I sold ) is at a mooring off the Palm beach sail club.That whole lake worth lagoon and ICW will be a mess, to say the least, https://cbs12.com/news/local/abandoned-boats-could-caus
  16. still looking good for Margot largo, west palm beach is f.....d, looks like for now the european model is winning out, as that bermuda high is pushing south and west that's the case it might not even make land fall but hang off the coast and follow the gulf stream north
  17. What do you expect from a fucking draft dodger. He loves our armed forces, He's illegal wife gets hers and so do her parents , but our soliders kids don't , WTF. actually the orginal trump (Fredr Trumpr) came here illegal after being a embezzler and drafter dodger from his motherland guess the rot apple ddidn't fall far from that tree. He was also approaching the age of eligibility for conscription to military service in the Imperial German Army. He quickly decided to emigrate to the United States, later saying, "I agreed with my mother that I should go to America."[3]:3
  18. so where he/she going to make land fall, your best guest? My $$ is still on margot -largo , which is only a few miles south of me, That sucks!
  19. If it hits Margot lago, he can nuke it then, hopefully the illegals will have the day off to save him some $$$$$$!
  20. Key yield curve inverts to worst level since May 2007, 30-year rate under 2%
  21. Think Trump has it all fiqured out, so the fires heat the plant , which melts the Ice sheets and floods the plant which puts out the fires and he moves to the sunny beaches/golf courses of Greenland , where he is King ,
  22. The solider in the middle , looks like "WTF I'm I guarding these asshole , one shot and the worlds a better place"
  23. I don't think larry and donnie have half a brain been them, XI is ten times smarter them Everything China does is thought out unlike the knee jerk reaction from the WH, even if your cut a head off( no brains) the knee will still reacts Trump is playing checkers ( king me) and China is playing chess White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said on Sunday that he doesn’t believe China will retaliate against additional tariffs on Chinese imports that President Donald Trump announced Friday. Trump said the U.S. will raise existing tariffs on $25
  24. Love the picture , Little role reversal ,Macron’s taking Trumps usual pose, thumps up and smiling, with trump prouting
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